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  1. Assumining tha it is a similar layout to the older Lunar, I’d check the hinged window bars at the top. The sealant here deteriorates after 5years so the additional constant water spray whilst towing is likely to work its way through. easy enough to fix but for a quick fix run a thin line of sealant along the top of each bar.
  2. Yup I have to agree with that also the bathroom chrome towell rail is showing rusting through the chrome. Having said that I cant say I'm surprised being in the dampest room. Maybe plastic might have been a better bet.
  3. I have a 2014 Willerby Avonmore and in general I think the quality is pretty much OK. No real issues just some annoyance in that the bedroom carpet was fitted with a slight gap where it butts up to the ensuite wall.
  4. Seems to say that it only lasts for 30 days then you top up for another package. My 3 24gb data card is valid for 24 months.
  5. Does it matter if rippled or not as you cannot see it. Standard to have rippled roofs on all lunars to allow for expansion and contraction of the aluminium sheeting. The bonding around the bedroom and toilet roof lights needs monitoring as movement puts stress on the mastic. OK when the mastic is soft but if it dries out it will leak. I renewed the mastic in these areas every 5 to 7 years. It is also good practice to leave the caravan in a slightly nose down setting to allow for rather water to run off and lessen the chance of pooling.
  6. I changed all of mine to LED's on my Solaris. The light fittings all came apart with a bit of persausion by way of a small flat bladed screwdriver. Whilst the LED's improved the lighting intensity I did find that in some cases it was a bit too much and I should have used a lower wattage bulb. My Lunar Solaris was 2006 vintage so I am assuming that your Lexon is similar.
  7. Obviously a very different experience to the norm. I do not understand the need or relevance for the flippant comment .
  8. I simply cannot understand your comment I know many people who have been there and all without exception think that it is an excellent site for its location, facilities and cleanliness. The staff there cannot do enough to make you welcome and are always friendly helpful and approachable. If you had issues with where you were pitched then why didn't you ask to be moved? If you look at the reviews for the site you will see that most of them rate it highly. Your experience has to be the rare exception and does represent the norm. I am baffled but each to their own I suppose.
  9. Not entirely true there is one small area that has a circular zone at the top of the site. Most of the site is tiered so that you only have one row of caravans and then the next row is on the tier below so your view is over the top of the next row of vans. Yes the A35 does run past the top of the site so it is possible to hear the traffic if you are near the entrance. Most of the site drops away and as it does so the traffic noise dramatically decreases. By the way, the C&CC site at Monkton Wyld is also right next to the A35 so traffic noise will also be an issue.
  10. Great show, great presenters I seriously don't know why people get so uptight about them - it's just a very funny show. The Grand Tour on Prime is just like the original Top Gear and is just as amusing.
  11. Sorry, I don't agree. It is difficult to walk from the site to anywhere of interest. Even the nearest pub is an uninteresting walk along the main A road.
  12. Yup totally agree we have stayed at both sites. We much prefer the Wood Farm site which is only 20 minutes walk from Charmouth, it is a beautiful site very clean with excellent facilities. It has a cafe, indoor swimming pool, 2 fishing lakes and excellent dog walks. The staff are so friendly and helpful in fact we liked the site so much we bought a static caravan there last October. It opens this coming Thursday. https://www.woodfarm.co.uk/
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