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  1. I think you will get free to air satellite which gives more TV channels than freesat. Downside is that it can be a pain setting up your favourite tv channels as each channel has at least 10 regional versions. If you are not bothered by this then the Aldi option is fine.
  2. Either way I think I'd be inclined to use a large diameter good quality hole saw to cut the bulk out and then a smaller ones and finally hand saw for the finer detail. I have this set which I find is quite good https://www.screwfix.com/p/holesaw-set-13-pieces/1511v
  3. Such helpful tips, We are lucky to have you on this forum
  4. I had a Lunar for 8 years - no leaks. Urban myth.
  5. Nope I don’t tow a caravan.
  6. Dying of lung disease now that's funny. IS IT ?
  7. Any dead asthmatics in your area?
  8. Poor assumption. No bbq as we use a teppanyaki so no toxic smoke fumes.
  9. Wood burning stoves seem to have become a fashionable craze these days which is quite surprising as it goes against the global effort to reduce toxic emissions and carbon dioxide. I'm not so sure that people think deeply enough about the environmental impact but are more focused on the heating cost savings especially if they have access to firewood. More people are now putting them in static caravans which to me seems like a totally unsociable act. Smoke and fumes coming from your neighbours caravan is an annoyance especially as most people buy statics to get away from the rat race and enjoy peace and quiet and the fresh air of the countryside / sea. Very much a case of "I'm alright Jack".
  10. My Lunar Solaris had a different separate set of bolts to be used in the event of a puncture and having to use the steel spare wheel.
  11. Yup agreed, check all of the flexible braded pipes to the taps and shower. I found mine were beginning to perish and dripping water so I replaced them all. Not a difficult job but can be fiddley due to the restricted space, you can get replacements from Screwfix or similar.
  12. Agreed, BCA chargers are known for unreliability. They usually just stop working but it is possible for them to overheat. A caravan fire next to your house is not what you want.
  13. My Lunar has been on constant charge through the hook up for the last 7.5 years. Charger voltage shown as 13.6v. Yes the onboard charger unit packed up during this time and was replaced by me which is a simple slot in job. The battery has just given up the ghost but not bad service getting 7.5 years out of it. I very much doubt that it would have given such sterling service had I let it discharge and only recharged it a week or so before my next trip. Recon I would have gone through a couple of batteries if I had done this. The new charger is a seargent and rated as intelligent.
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