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  1. Our waste outlet is on the SAME side as our kitchen (offside). We will have a better look ourselves in warmer weather!
  2. Our Lunar sink is the same, very slow! The dealer has given it a look and thinks the waste pipe is routed behind the oven housing then outside so unless we want half the kitchen taken apart, (not at present!) we might just live with it for now.
  3. Sorry to sound sceptical, but 'dealer back up'? Who gets that?!!! Sorry perhaps that's just us having had 6 months of stress with our dealer. On the continent perhaps they have a better reputation.
  4. Would just like to give an acknowledgement to Protec. We have a full cover to use over winter and it has been really great. Unfortunately our dealer, whilst doing a repair, ripped a hole in it!! 'Shall we remove the cover while you do this work? No sir, it won't cause a problem, you can leave it on', sadly that was not the case! Anyway, contacted Protec to arrange a repair, the price quoted was excellent they arranged collection the next day, repair took 5 days and the cover was returned by courier. Amazing customer service and an excellent repair done. If only our caravan dealer was a quarter as good!!! Well done and many thanks to Protec.
  5. Just seen this very OLD post. We are dealing with Ebor (Catterick/ Leisure World) at present and would love a reply from someone there ourselves. Yes, correct email address used as well. The customer service is appalling/ non existent!!!!! Even though this thread is 18 months old, nothing has improved.
  6. Yes hp100425ev is correct Bazalab. We have all the same screw fittings that we assumed would access the required area. Unfortunately these screws do not allow you to remove the whole light fitting, only the bulbs! That requires removal of the back of the caravan, or a hole made under the reflective red triangle to get to the wiring loom. We got ours back from dealer yesterday (unfortunately still with some other outstanding issues to be looked at!!!). Apparently it took one of their guys around 4 hours to find that our problem turned out to be a screw having worked through some sheathing and shorting between brake and indicator, half way along the run between the fuse box and the rear lights. At least we hope he's correct and that has solved the issue; we have yet to check that in use, fingers crossed!!
  7. Lunar Rear lights - really??!! Follow up news about our caravan rear light cluster. We 'email bombed' Lunar to previous contacts, relevant or not, with our frustration and the idiocy of having to return the caravan to factory with what appears to be a short circuit on the rear lights (brake and indicator) and guess what - result!! We were contacted by someone at Lunar, yes really, who had spoken to our dealer with some ideas for a fix. This appears to be a sort of keyhole surgery solution, making a hole through the bodywork, behind the red trailer triangle, to get to the wiring loom. Much better than removing the whole rear panel of the caravan!! Being as there now appears someone at our dealership who seems more knowledgeable than most, he has tried their method and found that a screw had worn through some insulation and caused a short as we have hardly used the caravan yet this fills us with much confidence for the future - not! Anyway, we have had another email from the person at Lunar who stated that their suggested repair had been successful and our dealer will be contacting us, which they did this afternoon confirming the outcome. How good was it to get some response from a manufacturer - you see, Lunar, it wasn't that hard was it? Our dealer is still working on some other outstanding warranty work, too many to list here, most of which should have been picked up on the PDI. That was nonexistent as far as we can see, as attested to by a floor full of water on our first outing, but that's a whole other issue! Lunar, apparently, has known about this possible fault with the rear lights, and the resolution, for two years! As it's not just our caravan to have suffered with this problem, it beggars belief that they are still making them with being unable to correct a simple problem without major work. It remains to be seen how this hole in our bodywork will bear up without causing a damp issue, but we have been assured that it’s been sealed… We are now hoping this is a good outcome and everything will work correctly. Sorry if I sound a little negative there but from previous experience with this dealer we sadly have little confidence but hopefully, this time, we will be proved wrong. Unfortunately, due to other commitments, we will unable to use the caravan for a few weeks now but perhaps next time we can get away we can report back with good news, not only from the caravan perspective but that the dealer had performed better as well. We have our fingers crossed but, my OH especially, is without much hope or expectation all will be well and it's really sad we should have to feel like that.
  8. We feel for you johnb45! It's absolutely ridiculous this industry and as you say the customer appears to be the one last in the queue! Read our 'Lunar rear lights' message! It seems no forethought or common sense is applied anywhere. We are getting so fed-up, stressed, and frustrated that we are 90% thinking of just not having a caravan at all anymore. Where is the pleasure with so much hassle and time just to get simple jobs done.
  9. Easy to change the bulbs, but cannot remove the sub-cluster to get to the connections, or remove the whole offside light fitting. Crazy!
  10. We have a 2017 Lunar Delta TI bought in August last year. We have used it twice since then and on the last trip one rear light cluster started playing up. On braking, the offside indicator would also come on and vice versa. The dealer tried to fix it by changing the light bulbs(??) but to no avail and they have also checked for cross-connections between the 13 pin plug and the main control unit. It now appears that these light clusters are not able to be removed from the 'van to ascertain the problem (short circuit, crossed wires, etc). The only remedy is to remove the whole of the back panel to get to the lights!! Unbelievable to us. We did phone Lunar and, after someone speaking to someone else, confirmed this was the only way to get to the light fittings. Our dealer didn't want to undertake this major work so we are currently waiting for Lunar to authorise a 'return to factory' so they can do it. I wondered if anyone else had had a problem like this and, if so, was it dealt with like this or is there another way? We are booked to go away in March and at present the van is still waiting to be sent back to factory as the dealer has had no date for that yet!
  11. We have a Protec cover we have used 3 winters and it has been excellent in all areas. It's made to measure so no flapping about, breathable, so we have had no damp internally. We have the 'easy fit' one with the opening back, much easier fitting. As long as the windows, etc. are clean there is no problem with scratching of the surfaces. If you have a solar panel for battery charging during the winter, (as we have) a clear panel can be inserted. Highly recommended.
  12. We had a Clubman SE until last year. The caravan is great in all aspects, we really enjoyed using it, except the bed!! Really comfortable but we got so fed up with the climbing over (my wife) during the night. If you are lucky enough not to need to get up a couple of times a night I would recommend it. Our pump was quite noisy too, would wake us up if it came on during the night. We now have a Lunar Ultima 640 and the pump on this one is much quieter.
  13. Got our van back from Robinsons this week. (No 132 above). Windows done but nothing else as parts didn't come in, would have helped IF they had ordered correct parts in the first place!! We could have left it there as they hoped the front blind would be in next week (or not!) and as for the wardrobe door they had no idea as it has to come from Italy apparently. As we want to use the caravan, not store it at Robinsons just incase some parts arrive, they will now send us the parts, as and when they arrive, and my DIY skills will kick into action - hopefully. Hope you got your floor looked into Oldtimer265.
  14. How do some of you find dealing with Robinsons, the Chesterfield branch. We needed 3 front windows for our Lunar Ultima 640, 2014, NOT due to the warping issue but some idiot had cleaned inside the windows with a dirty cloth BEFORE the units were sealed together so they looked smeared in certain lights, agreed to be changed under warranty. We also have a badly warped wardrobe door in the bathroom, also to be changed under warranty. We also had a broken centre front blind all 3 have been changed under warranty, although the centre one was still faulty so now back in for a second replacement. We received an email saying all items were in so please call to arrange a fitting date; duly done, had to wait 5 weeks but ok. Took van in last week, (we have to come from York) to find that actually only one window had arrived, a side blind NOT the faulty centre blind, a bathroom door ordered NOT a wardrobe door!! We have left the caravan with them in the hope some of these problems can be rectified before our next trip away in a couple of weeks. Anyone's guess if they will. This is the first time we have ever dealt with Robinsons as we thought they were better than our local dealer. I think we were wrong, are they always this bad? We feel 'never again' at present!
  15. We have a Protec cover for a 2014 van and we DO have metal eyelets for the sides as well. Hope that helps.
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