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  1. I must concur with the much earlier post about the Bailey Pageant range of vans...mine was a 2009 Bordeaux and a mobile service engineer went around every likely spot for ingress and found none..he was most impressed. Unfortunately the storage barn fire completed the final drying out process and turned everything to ashes....Arghh.
  2. Many years ago I went through all the complexities of trying to fit 2 adults and growing kids into a limited space that we could all feel comfortable. At first the children were small enough to enjoy demountable bunks in the middle of the van ( Award TriStar) ,but as they grew and wanted their own space a bigger Bailey was purchased, and then the final insult for us was that they wanted to be alone in the AWNING. So two inner tents were purchased ,which were used once, as Ibiza beconed the kids. So there's your answer my friend ,just be prepared to be flexible...cos your kids won't be.
  3. John ..with reference to your observations about the American RV in the image you used... £25000 ??? Show me where this beast is for sale cos that looks like £100000 worth of metal . eBay you say...I say be careful...
  4. I joined this forum about 15 years ago and back then there were many many posts about build quality. .. And still the same subject keeps popping up. I cannot believe that this industry keeps getting away with such bad practice with what seems utter contempt for the customer. It would be great if one of the many consumer programs in the media did a feature on thr state of the industry . ..but it seems anything to do with caravans and the clientele involved are subject to derision and fair game to be mocked. Glad I gave it all up
  5. The van was a Bailey Pageant Bordeaux . .so. Aluminium sides. ..was our ideal layout and have seen nothing new to match the interior design, so not interested in replacing it, especially with no where to store it locally. We had virtually stripped the van for the repair works and refurb, but when you add up movers, gas bottle, battery hitchlocks, alko locks, new tyres, awning interlocking rubber mats, floe, trauma water inlet pipes, grey and fresh water tubs and a big box of all the awning bits & bobs and poles. .amazing how it all adds up. The trauma was bad enough, but had it been loaded, as it normally was, well, could have easily added another 2 grand.
  6. Raymond James Caravans of Atherstone Warwickshire did a wonderful job of filling and pulling the Dink's out of the body . .such as awning pole damage and general small damage . The van was polished then to a very high gloss finish. ..brilliant job, can't recommend them enough. Re the insurance . ..got all, and no more, of what I was entightled to . ..should have read the policy more carefully as there was a limit to what I could claim and overall i lost about £1500 on the deal. Now im being bothered by ambulance chasers insisting they can sue and get the missing moneys for me. Seems a step too far to me as Im not bothered about getting back in the saddle.
  7. Me and my better half chose the option of checking each others departure arrangements . .in other words she checks all the locks on outside lockers are locked after I have done them and I check all the internals for security and balance. ... But both of us failed to notice that the battery locker seemed to be secure, as much as pulling the door etc . and was held in place by a keyed lock that had become worn and enabled me to lock it in a reverse motion. This resulted in some where along our return journey the door came undone, battery fell out and ripped out all the mover wiring and control box . £1250 later caravan repaired and I paid an extra £250 to have all the battle Dink's removed and it looked stunning. .. All in vain because two weeks later my van was destroyed in a barn fire where it was securely stored. Been a exceptional year .
  8. With my ongoing problem of algae in the water tank I have immersed the system in baby sterilizer to try to contain it, but I feel so much safer to just refill a 5l. plastic bottle each day and use this for any drinking or washing food and teeth etc. I would never consume water from a stagnant system. ..my daughter is an Environmental health officer and has shown me the science of water containers . .Ughhhh !!
  9. You want advice . ..get off the Stowford site, the place where I endured my worst experience of a caravan break.
  10. "Satellite" TV . ..doesn't exist. The only thing that changes is the method you use to give it a signal.
  11. Im still trying to find a super caravan where i can connect a tented tunnel to my manservants ariba puck.
  12. Pop along to my place . ..I have a garage full of everything you would need as my lovely van got destroyed in a barn fire just after I had stripped it for repairs. . Its all waiting to go to new home.
  13. Hope your negotiations work out and yes it was an accident. ..Witnesses saw a haystack self ignight and massive lumps of burning hay were blown onto and into the barn and because everything is tinder dry. ..well you don't need me to tell you what happens next. Apparently there was only one small square of hay in the barn, but that was enough to start the chain of events.
  14. Monday afternoon, my wife looks out the back window to my house and remarks " look at that big cloud of black smoke over there, I wonder if a field or grass is on fire"? Monday eve about 8 I get a phone call " hello Mr.*":;: you need to come to the farm there has been an incident regarding your caravan. Incident is a very mild word describing the utter carnage that greeted me on arrival. Where once had been a very large barn containing 3 new caravans and my recently refurbished sparkling Baily, plus horse box, trailer, transit van and a collection of classic cars was now looking like scene of flattened devastations. Heat generated was so intense that nothing was recognisable, I could not find one single part of thicker steel parts eg hitch and alko wheel locks in fact I thought maybe they ha rescued my van and it was hiding somewhere outside, such was the utter destructive furnace heat that was generated. Gutted as I had just took delivery of my van from Raymond James Caravans who had completed some damage repairs and I added to the work by paying to get most of the battle scars removed and respray . ..it looked brand new fantastic and had been back in my hands fof four weeks and we were planning to enjoy what is left of the present heatwave. So insurance people are now involved and the payment negotiations begin with proof of purchase invoices, cost to replace the van research and trying to remember what was on board at the time of the fire. Just what I needed to be doing at this glorious time of year.
  15. The above incident re car parking, happened to me in the market car park of a Welsh town at 9am . I had only stopped cos I needed the loo and was the only car in this very big market area . Despite there being no car lines only cattle pen lines this idiot parked so close to me that the only way I could squeeze in was to rub my door up against his Jag. Obviously when the rubbing was noticed by the occupant, he jumped out and tried to admonish me for the perceived damage. ..even though he was partly to blame. Well 40 years in the building trade and I don't take prisoners and don't suffer fools easily. .. A few well chosen Anglo Saxon phrases delivered at a volume to awaken this Welsh town and I think I got my message across. .. Idiot.
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