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  1. Cheers guys, picked some up from large DIY store, 2 packs managed to get 1 o ring from each pack that fitted. All secure and in place took some time though to get them in properly. Nice clean pads new o rings hopefully the creaking and grinding will go now the pads were heavily contaminated with diesel and muck which I believe a lot came from a break down vehicles tow hitch, a couple of years ago in France, the hitch is only a couple of years old so pads are in good nick.
  2. I'm getting a blank screen, if that is the alko website I couldn't find the size, thanks anyway.
  3. Hi, does anyone know the size of the o rings that fit on the friction pad shaft, just cleaned mine and they are broke, can't find an answer anywhere on the internet .
  4. Thanks for all the replys and tips most helpful. Cheers.
  5. Thanks for the replys, is it simply a case of sliding the bag into the rail, I wouldn't need to have anything screwed into the van to secure it I trust they don't slip while travelling.
  6. Hi has anyone used the fiamma awning canopy that slide in the awning rail on the caravan and stays there while travelling much like the motorhomes use, then simply unzip and roll out upon arrival. I am looking at these because in the summer we are finding we tend to use the awning as more of a sunshade and when the weathers grim I don't like sitting in the awning anyway. The fiamma would save us taking the awning and poles in the summer and provide shade. Do they have any water resistance and are they quite secure if the wind picks up,
  7. Hi folks, we are off to France this summer and intend to take our little dog, I have read to get a pet passport we have to get him microchipped wormed and anti rabies vaccine here in the uk,It also says that we have to get a vet in France to worm him about 120 hours before our departure from France, my question for those that have done this, is it just a case of taking him to a vets in France so they can give him a worming tablet then certify what they have done, or is there more to it. Thanks.
  8. I think you have to be careful posting videos like that mate especially when it shows your speed in the corner, and that your commiting a speeding offence your video shows you doing 66 mph at the very start of the video and that's decreasing. Stones and glass houses springs to mind.
  9. This weight issue is the sole reason I don't have a motor mover fitted we dont have the weight to spare,We are a family of 5 and the weight of clothes alone is frightening, we always thought it was tricky with a 20 kg baggage allowance to fly x that by 5 and your stuffed with a caravan, now add weight of bedding wash kits etc and if not careful you can nearly be at your limit before your essentials, gas, aqua roll, toilet chemicals EHU, chairs awnings table groundsheet s kids toys cutlery barbecue etc etc.
  10. pete5508


    True I was going to wait for it to dry out a bit first.
  11. pete5508


    Interesting that guys, thanks I'm going to have a crawl under the van and have a look.
  12. pete5508


    This may be a silly question but what do they actually do to upgrade the payload, as it was mentioned earlier.
  13. Thanks for the suggestions folk some decent looking sites their, spoilt for choice .
  14. Hello again folks, following on from my last post we have been looking at the vendee area has anyone got any top site recommendations or ones to avoid, we do like a spacious pitch and having a pool on site would be a bonus for the children other than that we are quite flexible . We are now looking at last week of June first week of July. My only hate is being crammed in like a refugee camp .
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