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  1. Yes Oxon touring Site is about £10 a night more expensive, we did get the age concession rate at the club site. would rather be closer to Oswestry than Shrewsbury too. I will have to have a look round but most of them are way off the bus route. The prices may not be too bad on the old site when they are taking bookings, I will phone them next week and see. Probably phone the club tomorrow and see what they say on the matter
  2. I have phoned the site to enquire about availability for later in March and have been told it is no longer to be a Club Site and to phone back in a week or two when the new owners have taken over. That was all I was told, I asked about prices and was just told to phone in a couple of weeks. Shame we used that site quite a lot it’s convenient for the bus.
  3. Perhaps it is a glitch but Oswestry comes under Central England not Wales in their book.
  4. I have been looking for Oswestry Caravan and Camping Club site on their website for a few days originally which ever dates I chose it said unavailable. I thought it was a glitch on their website, but have tried again this morning and the site has disappeared from the website completely. Just got an answer machine when I phoned the site. I have used this site many times and wondered if anyone knew if there were any problems there.
  5. I think we are just going to have to put up with the awning being partially over the window as buying another one is not an option. Thanks for all the helpful replies.
  6. o theWe can move them slightly but it cannot be at too much of an angle because it has to go into the fitting protruding from the frame on the front. The van is a 2009 but I still do not want it done
  7. I was concerned that the awning would rub on the window and mark it. My husband wats to drill into the caravan to put one of the old type fixings on, but I am not keen on that idea.
  8. I was concerned about it marking the window and there would be a gap down the side as we could not get the pole against the caravan. My husband wants to put a different fixing on the caravan one of the old type that screws on but I am not keen.
  9. We have bought a Ventura Cadet Porch, and the awning light strip is in the way of the fixing pad. If we move the awning further up the caravan id is over part of the window. Does anyone know how we can solve this problem please
  10. A CL site we have just returned from in Bournemouth was charging £5 per visit for visitors and they were not even allowed to park on the site, they had to park in a lane next to the site. They were charging £15 per night for a basic site, no toilets or showers just an electric hook up. When I questioned the visitor charge I was told that visitors were using the facilities which had to be paid for. My reply was what facilities, I was told water, electricity and elsan point. Needless to say I told my son (who lives on his own nearby not to come) They did offer to let him visit for a couple of pounds but I said no. That's what I call being ripped off.
  11. We had ours fitted by a local carpet shop they charged £30 for the fitting and they did a really good job. They removed the old one too.
  12. Iordered a free PAYG sim card from here http://www. gomobileuk. com/free-3-sim-card/?source=webgains&siteid=20363 It came with £10 credit which was activated after registering it online with Three. I put it into my Three dongle and used £5 of the credit to pay for an internet add on and it worked fine on my laptop and lasted for 30 days. i have the other £5 credit to use next time I go away. After that I can just topup with £5 when I need it. I used to have a contract with them which cost me £5 a month but I have cancelled that now as I only need to top up when I need it instead of paying every month
  13. We use Poppylands about 3 miles from Cromer it takes 15 vans and the pitches are large. There is a bus stop at the end of the drive with buses going to Cromer. The TV signal can be a bit of a problem on the one side of the field but they are talking about installing aerial points to each pitch http://www. poppyland. com/
  14. We have bought a shower curtain rail that extends with rubber ends. We extend it across the end bathroom about 2 inches below the roof and hang the towels over that. they dry while we are out in the day or overnight with the fire on a low setting.
  15. madmax

    Sink Tap

    we have the same tap which is broken. there appears to be a piece of plastic broken off from the base, and the spout keeps coming off when pulled up and down. Is it possible to buy a spare part for this or does the whole tap have to be replaced.
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