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  1. its a big job taking the carpet up and you can do it from underneath if you can get the van up high enough. A lot of dealers do them from underneath. I wanted a new carpet in mine and re laminated all the floor with one shot. If you do it from below you will be better with the two part as it is not as thin. Follow above instructions and you wont go wrong .
  2. Green flag for me with double journey cover
  3. that is why I like the old 7 pin connector easy to repair if that happens and did happen to me once when buying a second hand caravan from a private seller he coupled it up to the car and we had not gone far before the caravan detached fro0m the car . Luckily the cable did its job and the 7 pin plug detached with no damage
  4. Put masking tape on the bit you will be drilling and you should end up with a nice clean hole.
  5. I think its easier to work on two 7pin plugs if there is a problem with wires coming out. Anyway I lucky as went to van today and were the wires are connected inside they have had coloured tape put on and only 5 wires in use so will be able to sort it . As far as the thickness of the wire goes it is slightly thicker than the original wire. Thanks all for your help
  6. Many thanks for the diagrams but someone must have put their own wire into this van as the wires are all black but with numbers on. It looks like I will have to do what rodders53 suggested
  7. Sorry but not for me I prefer the 7 pins Sorry that's for the 12N
  8. I have just bought a caravan that had a 13 pin connector on. I have taken this off to put the 2 7 pin connectors back on but my 12 s wires are all black except for a green and yellow one. I have put all the black ones with corresponding numbers on and the only spare pin for the yellow green one was the middle pin. The only problem is when I put the switch on the caravan to car I get a noise from my charger like a fan running so I am not using it as I don't want to damage my charger. The black wires were numbered 1 to 6 with no number on the yellow and green one. Can anyone convert the numbers
  9. What a ding I am got my measurements wrong . Maybe he could get a big enough locker door for it
  10. Fill it smooth it put a reflector on top and put one on the other side in the same place if you can
  11. Thanks for that Not for my model but thank anyway
  12. Hi. Can anyone help with a manual for my van that I have just purchased. Thre are a few bits and bobs that are different to our Sterling. Thanks
  13. Leave well alone and keep an eye out for damp as soon as you see any then take action. But that is just my opinion. I have replaced the mastic on one or two of my old caravans awning rail front window rail and round the door. Its a pain to get the old stuff off but you don't want to leave any and finish cleaning off with methalated spirits not white spirits
  14. http://globalgps. co. uk Found this site when I was looking for a garmin camper sat nav and saved a lot of money fast delivery to.
  15. The AA will have to fork out for the damage and if a write off cost of a replacement. As said above see if your insurance has legal cover and get some advice of the CC if you are a member. Hope it get sorted soon for you and you can get back out there
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