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  1. Hi am i right in thinking that the ACSI books arrive in December if so has anybody received there's yet
  2. Hi does anybody use ADAC if so how do you join as all seems to be in German
  3. Thank you all for the Answers it's basically as I thought the UK you will get away with it but over in Europe its a NO NO
  4. Hi can anybody help me a friend has gone to the Darkside and bought a motorhome and is Hoping to tour Europe with it only thing is he plans to tow a small car on an A-frame I believe it is illegal to use A-frame in Europe can anybody throw any light on this thanks Les
  5. I am insured With Hastings Direct who cover me for 90 days at a time as long as you come back into the country you can go straight out again and 90 days starts again I am insured with Hastings Direct 90 days as standard this is can be done as many times a year as long as you come back into the UK you can turn round and go again this suits us as we go out Jan Feb March come home for the summer go again Sept Oct Nov
  6. I have done mine both ways the only thing I can see is if you do it overhand it tends to roll tighter as you let it roll the weight presses down underhand you seem to be lifting as well as rolling does not seem to do any damage and mine unrolls the same both ways
  7. Thanks for the replies will give it a whirl on the way north
  8. Mine lives in the car boot for the same reason as Disco Kid when on site under caravan
  9. Hi can anyone tell me what the road is like from Huesca to the Somport tunnel and on towards France Got double axle van someone i was talking to thought there was also a new Tunnel now as well Thanks Les
  10. Hi I pull a Lunar Delta TI which is around the same weight with a Mercedes ML 350 Auto don't know it's behind you and averages about the low to mid-20s to the gallon Les
  11. Hi thanks for all the suggestion will explore them further Thanks Les
  12. Hi looking for recommendations for a site around Valencia Area April May June would prefer the smaller Quieter type sites but will consider anything only 2 of use OAPs and small dog Thanks Les
  13. Hi just reading about the ATMB tag on here thinking of getting one can you use in Spain as well as France or do I have to have two or is there one you can use for both countries Les
  14. When i bought my used Mercedes ML the Merc dealer Quoted something similar to your{£1500} and told me they did not do retrofit towbars as i was leaving the Dealership a fitter approached me and said he had overheard the conversation and said that if you bought a new Merc they would fit the tow bar and tell you it was done at the factory he then directed me to the towbar company just around the corner that do fit to new Merc cars so i whent to see them and was quoted £400 fitted with Electrics it also included the upgrade to the cooling system done by guess e{Merc Dealer} came to the towbar c
  15. There is a pub on the left between Malton and Pickering called the Black Swan think there is a CL attached to it Les
  16. Hi do you know if they allow Dogs now as they never used to so we have never used it
  17. IMO most caravans on the road must be overweight I sit on site and watch people come on and set up its unbelievable how much gear some people carry even worse when in Spain when they come for the winter you really need a removal van as well for all the stuff that arrives in the van Having said this i am not perfect
  18. Just booked Feb out May back dog friendly cabins £70 cheaper than last year direct BF with club voyager discount
  19. As the above post in the off season you should always ask for their rates especially if you are staying for longer than a couple of weeks on a lot of sites in Spain the longer you stay the cheaper it gets if you ask
  20. Hi we are the same traveled with it on for 4 years now as for removing for winter i have opened up the awning rail at the front so it can be slipped off without unrolling
  21. And make sure you have the marker boards on the back just to be safe an old boss once told me when you are running illegal look as legal as possible
  22. The answer is don't use the C&cc look else where as there are plenty of Deals to be had if you look
  23. I think the Halford branded batteries are made by Yasu which are very good brand
  24. Hi yes i was not very clear about that yes it fits between the back of the ball and the tower frame
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