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  1. Is it diesel? I put a bluespark tuning box on mine. It made the world of difference. Took it from 95hp to 125hp but more than the numbers say it just responds far better. I tow a 1420kg caravan.
  2. The test uses a relatively small trailer. So after towing a massive caravan the trailer test felt like just driving around, the trailer was pretty irrelevant. As someone else pointed out, a CBT like they do for mopeds would be the solution.
  3. Sounds like the tank height is wrong. The control panel will have a hidden menu where the probe length is set. The PDF above shows how to enter the hidden menu.
  4. Ok update. It was too late to back out so I am now the proud owner of a bradcot aspire Annex. The zips are different but surprisingly they are compatible. The annex zip gets 2 teeth squashed together every 10cm or so but besides that they go together nicely.
  5. Anyone know why the bradcot aspire annex is incompatible with the rest of the bradcot awning range? Do they have incompatible zips? I’ve an old active awning and have found an aspire annex.
  6. Vango Sonoma 380 here. Super quick to put up on my own. Does suffer from condensation in cooler weather but since learned to leave the outer open a bit to let it breath over night.
  7. Create a gmail account and just email it interesting notes and photos. Every now and then you can download the whole lot to make sure you don’t go over the storage limit.
  8. I tow with a 95hp spacetourer and a 1420kg caravan. It was underpowered until I fitted a bluespark tuning box and now I never feel underpowered. Bluespark said I should have 123hp-ish now. Car is full of bikes 3 kids awning and all other stuff so no big weight items in the caravan. Oh it is semi-auto too so I don’t have to work the gearbox, it sorts itself out.
  9. It would be better if people read the posts in detail and didn’t skim them then make a comment 😂 I assumed it was a motorway. Ok I will join you in condemning the truck driver
  10. Big artics can’t over take when you are sat at that speed. Its really the worst speed to be at. They can’t sit behind because you are too slow and can’t over take because any hill they lose their momentum. If they try to overtake again just slow down to let them past. Everyone can get on with their day then. I learnt this from this forum.
  11. It was unreadable when I bought the van. As long as it’s not a statutory requirement for a 2004 van I will ignore it.
  12. My question was because my sticker is faded and just wondered what would happen if I was pulled.
  13. What happens if the sticker with those weights is faded? When you get pulled cover I mean. Do the police do a google search?
  14. BCA supply coachman with the same charger but that also does 14.4V for a limited time to top up the batteries. Pair of wires to the battery and a separate pair for powering the appliances. When mains is lost a relay joins the pairs together to connect battery to appliances. Not sure if Bailey take that version or the single voltage version.
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