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  1. The DV6 is built by PSA I believe and used by Ford.
  2. AC current flowing through a wire creates a constantly changing magnetic field emanating from the wire. A constantly changing magnetic field creates AC current in an adjacent wire. The direction of the original AC current will decide which way the north south of the magnetic field is. The current “created” in the “current transformer” will flow in a particular direction depending on the north south of the magnetic field. This is how you can detect direction of current flow.
  3. What type of engineering are you doing? Mechanical? Mechatronic? Electrical? An integrated weighing scales would be fantastic as it is mostly guess work how much the ‘van weighs and if it is heavier on one side than the other. If it’s over weight the police can get involved.
  4. The wiring for 12V will have thinner insulation and only be single layer of insulation. 240V must have double insulated wiring so you cannot put 240V down a 12V wire. But you can put 12V down a 240V wire although if the Copper wire is too thin, even if it is capable of carrying the current you want to send down it, might create too much Volt drop. 240V you don’t need to worry too much about volt drop but 12V suffers badly with it when carrying more than an amp or 2.
  5. The annoying thing is when you watch B+E YouTube videos most of them don’t give the trailer a shove either when going to re-couple. No wonder people don’t do it on the test even though the so called professionals are creating these videos.
  6. Hi, I have just come out the other side of a noseweight forum thread so I feel pretty well informed, 😂. I would suspect the limit will be the A Frame of your caravan, they are usually limited to 100kg anyway so best to check your handbook.
  7. And the battery lasts longer without hookup. All new fangled technology has to pass the wife test. It has to work every time first time or at least the same amount as it’s analogue version or it is banned. 😂
  8. Not saying this is the best method it’s just what I did.
  9. 😂😂 please don’t do that. I can’t believe there is now a third option of recommended_max limit. 😂😂😭
  10. Sorry to keep spinning this same wheel but, would you look in your cars manual and see if it states recommended or max noseweight? Personally I am only limiting my noseweight based on caravan hitch limit as this is the lowest of all “limits” I can find.
  11. Just to be more precise, clean with meth before sticking the tape 😂
  12. Make sure you clean the area for the eternabond tape and then clean it with methylated spirits after.
  13. You can get number plates made and shipped via eBay with no V5 required (I think they are registered in Guernsey). I did it for my caravan. Have a look at camplify, people rent out their caravans and motor homes privately.
  14. I have run a 4” width strip of eternabond tape across both roof straps. It stopped leaking then. The tape has fantastic reviews and should never need replacing in the vans remaining life time (or so they say) it was £50 for 7.5M though.
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