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  1. That’s the problem joining a thread late. You think of a good point and comment then reach the end and realise it’s been made. Note to self: read whole thread before commenting 😁
  2. If you used diodes you would lose 0.7V extra and the battery would struggle to charge even more sorry. This has already been said
  3. Is that a fact or your opinion? The tow ball has a name plate with 175kg-ish on it. Also, they are not shy about using the word maximum elsewhere in the manual.
  4. My weighbridge is at the household waste recycling/ dustbin wagon emptying site.
  5. That wasn’t from my own handbook just an internet search. Maybe they have modified it for newer models. Here is my manual.
  6. If it was recommended maximum nose weight I would agree but it is only recommended nose weight
  7. Just check your car handbook. Mine stated recommended nose weight not max nose weight so my max, after checking the towbar name plate and the caravan handbook was the caravans stated limit of 100kg.
  8. Is it running on gas or electric? The spark igniter usually affects 12V things.
  9. Is a PEN earthing system more susceptible to being lost than a conventional 2 core + earth system?
  10. But then again if you don’t make a path to ground you won’t get a fatal electric shock. if you are stood in the doorway of your caravan and get a shock from the caravan chassis due to a fault and you create a fault current path to earth the RCD will still protect you. The test button only proves the RCD works. If we didn’t earth the caravan by having only L+N then we would trip the RCD through ourselves. If we keep the earth cable then at least a short circuit to metal work will blow a fuse before we touch it.
  11. How? If the oven has no path to earth and you are stood on Lino
  12. You could say the same about your entire house. If the main earth connection falls off or the earth cable on the back of your oven falls off it’s the same risk.
  13. Personally if the socket that the adaptor is plugged into has an RCD and the test button works then it’s safe to plug the caravan into. I would imagine the caravan chassis and exposed metal work is earthed and this impedance would have been measured and shown on the electrical test certificate at the last service. This proves the RCD will trip on a fault.
  14. I think there is a distinction, N1 has to have a lower speed limit but M1 doesn’t, mine is M1. I read for VW transporter Combi vans it can be hit and miss what it gets registered as.
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