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  1. Our Isabella awning. Has being in 80mph gales have stud in the door of the caravan and seen the carbon x poles go up and down on the roof never any damage I think it what make awningnyou have got. Isabella are the best
  2. Do I have to be careful not to get waterproofer on the windows and zips etc
  3. Hi guys do you use spray or brush when waterproofing. Any tips guys. Thanks
  4. Thank you that reply you have given is fantastic. Thank you. So much
  5. Could anyone please tell me what model aerial is on the roof of the bailey unicorn Valencia. 2011. Thanks guys
  6. Free view. Move Fromm in the van
  7. I have a 2011 unicorn. From new. Tv aerial being no trouble. Got all the channels 144. Now only get 68. Nothing has moved at all. Any help
  8. Hi all tv was always good now can only get 68channels Not moved same place. Any tips. Have tried moving it same
  9. Hi all. Can the rubber ladders. Be use on the Isabella awnings
  10. Hi guys can anyone tell me if it’s ok to leave it connected to the power charger. Plugged in permanently. As leave in the van connected Thanks
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