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  1. Hi all what is the best roof cleaner for mould dirt really stubborn marks etc. Have tried fenics. Won’t touch the marks. The van has being under a tree
  2. Hi all can’t get alarm switch on with the remote have changed battery’s in remote and pir. Any help please. Or if I have to purchase another one what is the one to buy please thank you guys
  3. Just had renewal. In. Gone up £100. From last year. Not used the caravan. Think the charging extra for. coronavirus furlough So beware.
  4. Hi guys what do you use to inflate tyres
  5. thank you guys for all your help. Anyone. Know anyone selling one. Please pm me thanks all
  6. Hi all what makes do bathroom in the middle and island bed at end. Daughters looking to buy one. So I am looking for here. Just not sure what makes to look for thanks all
  7. Mr plodd thank you will give it ago thanks guys for all you help
  8. It’s cheaper get second hand window. There price is ridiculous lol
  9. Hi all can anyone help noticed condensation between the window. Opens window. It has come apart around the window. What I an looking for is how do I take the window off the hinges so I can glue it back together also what glue do I use thank you all
  10. Thank you everyone for all your help. Fitted new toilet today thank you
  11. Hi guys looking to get a fresh up kit. For our caravan What model is in the. 2011 Valencia please thanks
  12. Thank you was wondering if it’s the seal
  13. Hi guys noticed pink fluid at bottom of where the cassette fits any help please what’s the cause
  14. Toilet cassette what model thinking of getting refresher kit for it. Where’s the best place to buy please guys
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