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  1. We tow our 2011 Lunar 544 with a 1.9 diesel Suzuki Vitara, tow bar weight limit is 85kg. The 544 is nose heavy, we find we have to move things around a bit to get it down to that weight, but, it does tow ok.
  2. Thank you one and all, for your time, consideration and considerable knowledge. Some excellent information here, along with some great links, what a brilliant bunch of folks, cheers, Paul. ps. might even do Yorkshire another time,
  3. Just got back home, gosh thanks everyone, loads of informative replies, will respond in more detail later, cheers, Paul.
  4. Hello all, just wondered if the well travelled CT members have any recommendations for must see highlights along the Romantic Route. Thought perhaps spend just a few days around this area. Is the route mostly navigable towing with a 12m outfit, or is it best to travel and camp off route and tour with just the car, any thoughts and advice greatly appreciated, cheers, Paul.
  5. We usually buy euros over a period of time, to hedge our bets. A few weeks ago got 1. 17 at Tesco, today got 1. 148 at Debenhams plus 2 £5 vouchers to use today on our holiday clothes, ;} .
  6. Just a heads up for an offer we found today in Debenhams. Buy £50 worth of any foreign currency and get a £5 voucher to spend in store the same day, £20 minimum spend. You can repeat weekly. So any of you travelling abroad this year and also need/want some new clothes, nice little bonus there, cheers, Lambos.
  7. Once again, thanks for all the replies, some very useful information here. We will be in the Gothenburg area for 2 weeks at the start of our trip, got all this sorted, going for a very special occasion, something to do with our daughter making her home there, permanently, can't hardly flipping wait, . I like the idea of heading for the southern edge of the lake, somehow the warmer weather sounds encouraging, particularly after the cold north. We have in the past camped in the Italian Alps around the beginning of May and whilst warm during the day, was below freezing at night. Going to
  8. Pete, thanks for the info. Car 4. 5 m and caravan 7. 1, Black forest not important. Both retired so, just us, not going to book anything yet, travel will be leisurely, cheers, Paul.
  9. Hello all, could anyone offer advice on a proposed trip to Lake Garda? Route from Kiel in northern Germany through Austria to Lake Garda. Might also have a look at the Black Forest area in Germany on the way. Other than a Vignete for Austria, anything else required? Thought perhaps a campsite on the northern section of the lake, less far to travel, is it as nice at that end of the lake? Can anyone suggest a good campsite, we are about 12 m long? What's the weather likely to be at that time, last week in April to first 2 weeks in may? Thanks in anticipation, Paul.
  10. Today we received a revised quote from CCC and it seems there was some sort of mix up, so pretty much the same as last year, around a third of the first quote!
  11. Today we received our insurance renewal from the CCC, £1103, what the hell is going on? Lunar Quasar, new for old, paid £350 last year with them. Any suggestions for cheaper quotes really most welcome, cheers, Paul.
  12. Pete, haven't been there in september, but I have just returned from there, not caravanning I might add. We have been in the Gothenburg area a few times, april, May and august, april was bright but cold, may,last week, was very warm and august was very hot. Interestingly last week we drove our daughters car back home from Ljungeskile, around 40 miles north of Gothenburg. Stena overnight ferry to Kiel in northern Germany, drive to Calais and home. Another time I think we'll do the Gothenburg to Kiel ferry and Rotterdam to Hull ferry, the Gothenburg Kiel crossing was easy access in Goth
  13. Thanks once again for the comments. I was particularly intrigued by the 1. 2 3 cylinder petrol unit, in C4 130 bhp tune, and from yesterdays test drive turns out to be a willing little unit. We have owned diesels for 27 years, we just thought perhaps now may be the time to explore the new efficient Euro 6 petrols in a slightly smaller car, commensurate with towing our 1370kg Lunar. We have also towed with a variety of vehicles from a Skoda Fabia 1. 9tdi to a VW Transporter van and 4x4s, the Skoda being the most surprisingly frugal and punchy vehicle we have towed with, albeit coupled t
  14. Thanks for all the replies so far, test drove the car today and have to say the engine is a little belter, as good as our 125bhp Mondeo. We were ready to purchase until a quick outfit match with CC suggested a kerbweight ratio of 114% may lead to instability problems. We have been towing for 26 years, and thought perhaps a slightly smaller car would suit us better and the new puretech petrol might be the way to go. Still can't believe a car towing limit of 1550kg could be a problem towing only 1370kg.
  15. Has anyone any experience towing with a C4 130 puretech 1. 2 petrol. Towing figures at 1550 kg seem encouraging but the caravan club matching service are not so encouraging using our 1370kg max weight caravan. I'd welcome members thoughts, thanks.
  16. Hello, we have towed with a Citroen Xara Picasso 1. 6hdi 92bhp. It's quite a good towcar overall, even powerwise, but, Good points. 1 80kg towball weight allowance 2 fairly frugal 3 plenty of versatile usable space. Not so good points. 1 a little short of braking power 2 rear suspension a little soft 3 a little short of grip on the front wheels. Speaking from experience, if you want a stable and relaxing tow, stick to around 1200kg, we were almost at 1300kg and it wasn't the nicest towing experience, cheers, Paul.
  17. We have a fixed bed Lunar and the center drawer unit fits nicely under the cutaway corner of the fixed bed. We used to travel with it in this position to get the noseweight down, cheers, Paul.
  18. Yes the link worked fine, you do have a problem. Don't know what to suggest for the best, but clearly you'll have to go much wider.
  19. Oh, ok, what about 2 ten foot gates, perhaps this would make it possible?
  20. Hi, our gate is14 foot, the lane we drive out on to is around 13 feet wide and this seems just about ok. Our outfit being a mondeo and a 7. 1 metre caravan. We decided not to have a post at the opening end, but just a soft hedge as a barrier so if the caravan tail did just happen to swipe it then perhaps no damage will be done, cheers, Paul.
  21. Did anyone see the article on BBC news about Spain and the EHIC card? It seems the EU have instructed Spain to sort the system that allows people to be wrongly charged for health care, I wonder if it will make any difference, Paul.
  22. Hi, could I suggest perhaps polishing up on your reversing skills, it is always easier to reverse the outfit around a righthand bend. You can mostly see the whole outfit from the drivers window or indeed with the door open, a bit of practise somewhere quiet with plenty of space may help you and give you confidence, cheers, Paul.
  23. Hello, perhaps it would be advisable to ask if the seller is the owner and is there any outstanding finance on it? Has it ever been stolen, damaged or repaired? Do take an experienced friend along and ask about any damp problems current or in the past. Is the owner a smoker or pet owner and don't forget the service history, cheers, Paul.
  24. John, no security issues at all. We found the Caravan Europe-France book useful, available from the caravan club, shows sites open all year, particularly useful for early season travellers. Acsi a must for value for money sites. Credit card use for toll roads very easy and convenient, but there is a 2. 5% charge. Fuel stations now easily accept english credit cards along with an english button for instructions. Caravanners with fuel specific tank fillers on their cars watch out for truck or camion pumps, the nozzle is too big for a mondeo deisel fuel filler. Good sites as follo
  25. Hi all, during a recent trip through France to Spain it was quite noticable the difference in costs between the two countries, France seems expensive at the moment, whereas Spain seemed reletivley cheap. We used Acsi wherever possible and a few autoroutes, but it was the cost of foodstuffs we found prohibitive, fuel at supermarkets very reasonable at around 1. 36 euros, still a great month away, cheers, Paul.
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