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  1. I'm assuming that you have a Sargent power unit under the offside seat. On the top is a black push button that switches the unit on. Give it a wizz, it may explain why you have no power?
  2. Seaman

    grandland X

    Hi Robert, I have the Peugeot 3008 SUV 1.5 bluehdi EAT8 which is a sister car to the Grandland. I tow a Swift Sprite Alpine 2 which has a 1208kg MPTL. My car has a maximum tow weight of 1300kg. If your Grandland has a similar weight limit, then being sensible I don't think you will have a problem. As for towing the 1.5 Bluehdi and EAT8 was a pleasant surprise. The outfit is stable and able to make headway with ease. I use Sport Mode when on the twisty and undulating roads, essentially just to keep the momentum going.
  3. I fitted Mad Springs replacement progressive springs to my previous 2010 KX2. The transformed the handling both towing and solo and achieved better confidence. Cost is approximately £315. Cheaper the loss incurred by replacing the car or fitting the SLS system. https://mad-suspension.co.uk/?route=product%2Fcategory&path=2#selecteer-dealer2
  4. We actually gave up caravanning 2 years ago after we became disgusted with the 2017 Lunar Clubman SB we did a 10 weeks tour in. In the summer of 2019 we met up with friends at the Knaresborough cc site and realised what we missing. The seed was sewn and we started looking for a caravan that our car could cope with. 1300kg was the limit for the car. We looked at a Bailey Phoenix, but was unhappy with the build quality. So saw the Sprite Alpine 2 and knew immediately it was for us.
  5. We have a 2019 Alpine 2 and are very pleased with it. We have only had one issue with a front blind not fully opening fixed by myself). We have found the caravan to be perfect in every aspect. You will have a choice is either a full awning or limited to 260cm (or lower) porch. We have opted for a Kampa Rally Air Pro 260 which works well. We think the caravan is very well equipped considering it is at the lower end of the Swift stable.
  6. rov, it shows all the versions on the settings page.
  7. We had a 2013 Avante 574 and had exactly the same problem. I had to retighten the fixing screws after every tow. The problem emanated from out of balance wheels, the nearside being the worst of the two.
  8. I log-in to my Sky account via my phone, then go to TV Guide. After searching for the channel and program I want, click on it and a box appears to record. David
  9. frontend, my Sorento is fitted with blind spot detection and has dedicated wiring. I had to switch the system off as it went into alarm due to it sensing the caravan as an overtaking vehicle. Even with it switched off the warning lights on the mirrors still activated, although the audible warning stayed silent. David
  10. Seaman

    Roof covers

    Pro-tec covers produced made to measure roof covers a couple of years ago. I'm not sure if they do anymore as they have nothing on their website now. Maybe a phone call or email will be needed Kathy. David
  11. Geoff, was there not the proper Alde owners manual in the pouch? Mind you, that wouldn't cover the Lunar specific buttons or switches. I guess you have it all sorted now? David
  12. Bubble, there are no silver dome heads on mine, just the six little LED lamps. I assume the screws are under the lamps? David
  13. Guy's, the cream surround that has the small LED down lights has come loose at one end. It has approx. 1/4 inch up and down play. Does anyone know how it is fixed to the ceiling? I'm thinking the fixings are hidden by the small LED lamp units? I'm wondering if this is a legacy of the severely out of balance wheel we discovered during our 9 weeks road trip? David
  14. Or not taking any notice of what was shown at the handover?
  15. Just a follow up. I took the Dometic Seitz blind to my local dealer to see if they could do anything with it. What a result, considering we didn't buy the Lunar Clubman from them, they were willing to have a go at fixing/rethreading the blind. We had a call from them the next day, saying it was all sorted. I was expecting to pay, but no it was done free of charge. Songhurst Caravans at West Malling, Kent are a small family owned business. A big pat on the back from me!!
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