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  1. We have a 2020 Swift Challenger 480. We are getting the PX300 charger tripping off spurious. The green 240v switch remains on but the led on the charger goes blank. If I turn off then turn on the green switch the charger led lights up red and the Swift Command battery charging shows the blue flash again. The caravan has a 80 watt solar panel and Truma Solar Dual Battery charger. Is it likely that the solar charger along with the Sargent charger is over-charging the battery which is why the PX300 is tripping off by a built in protection system? I have spoken to Sargent who could offer no help and just said contact our Swift dealer. Any thoughts on this please?
  2. I got them from an eBay seller for under £6. Search for:- 2 X 4G SMA external Antena 10dbi Huawei B880 B315 B310 B525 B593 B535 B880 E5186
  3. I have a Huawei B535 4G router and have had really good results with 2 of the rabbit ear type antennas. As my Swift has a GRP body, it doesn't appear to impact on the 4G signal. I have been using an EE sim purchased from Scancom for £33. This gives 60GB data for 6 months. I have a Poynting 4G-XPOL-A0001 antenna, but have had poor results as opposed to the rabbit ears.
  4. Wow logiclee, that is a very long list of customers for Aisin. Thank you for your research.
  5. logiclee, do you know if the 8 speed automatic gearbox is a Ford creation is is it a bought in from someone else like PSA? I had a Peugeot 3008 with the EAT8 and it was so smooth that the gear changes were hardly noticable.
  6. Our previous caravan was a Sprite Alpine 2 which was a lovely little van. We changed our car to the Tiguan last summer and that gave us the idea to look for a bigger caravan. We were considering a Coachman Arcadia 520, but when we saw the Challenger 480, we knew it was the one for us. The build quality is very good and it was 2 feet longer than the Alpine 2. We like the extra long seats, I can lay down full length and not touch the ends and there is a lot of cupboard space. The fridge is the tall Dometic 10.4S, which has plenty of storage, so no going food shopping every couple of days. There is a couple of niggles, but nothing serious - no ATC, - window stays are the push and click type.- kitchen work top is a bit limited, but there is the flip up extension. I have added an extra 230v socket in the front binnicle, easy plug and play job. Overall we are pleased with the 480.
  7. Bunce, we have both, the 2018 VW Tiguan 2.0 SE Nav 150PS DSG but with 4Motion. And a 2020 Swift Challenger 480. I have found the outfit to be stable and ideally matched. The Tiguan is very able in keeping momentum going up hilly roads. If needed there is the Sport mode and paddle shifts. I was considering having the Tiguan remapped, but have decided it's not required. Towing fuel consumption is averaging at 34mpg.
  8. When we had a twin bed Lunar Clubman SB we had Alde fluid spillages in our wardrobe when we were towing. I eventually had the wheels balanced and the problem was solved. The wheels were severely out of balance, the nearside in the wardrobe vicinity needing 135 grams.
  9. Outwell have stopped manufacturing caravan awnings from this year. I emailed Outwell in Denmark as we were looking at getting a Outwell Bay 320 but they had stopped showing awnings on their website. We have now bought a Vango Balletto.
  10. This may be of interest, posted on FB Caravan VLOGGER today.
  11. Thank you for your input rolandrat, you have been able to find out quite a lot of useful information. I will have a good look at ours now. I don't think Dometic will hurry to come up with a rectification. Look how long there has been an issue with the panel on the low level fridges, nothing has been done.
  12. Thanks Coachy, our dealer sorted out the problem, but didn't say what they did. All he said was that we weren't shutting the door correctly. The door is now behaving itself, but I'm expecting it to happen again some day. The manual is not a lot of help and is like an IKEA instruction sheet with pictorial sequences. Anyway, fingers crossed for now.
  13. As they have relaxed the lockdown today, we travelled down to Gatwick CC to check out our Challenger. My OH shut the fridge door and found that it was fouling the frame on the left side. The door was canted over as the top pin on the right side had popped out. It pushes back in OK, and the door is able to be opened from the right side with out any problems. I am failing to see how the double door opening system works. Is it magnet that hold the pivot pins in place? Any ideas guys? We have got the caravan booked in for a minor warranty job on the 14th April, so hopefully it will be addressed?
  14. It's the same with Peugeot, the built-in Tomtom is excellent, but sadly let down by PSA taking control of the updates. The process for updating is very long and laborious - 45 minutes to download - 30 minutes to unpack the file onto a USB stick - 45 minutes to install in the car. The install is supposed to be done with the car running and stationary. I have always done it on a journey out and never had any problems.
  15. When I had a NR awning, the carbon fibre poles were branded Campion or a word like that. I'm sure Isabella use the same?
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