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  1. Click where it says 'a video showing viewers how to make DIY heater' on that page and you'll see the vid.
  2. This thread seems to be going the 'Caravan Talk Way' with some members making 'heated' comments such as 'why should I . ...' rather than just politely stating an opinion and remaining 'good humoured'. Sad
  3. I just had an online chat with Tina on the CC website and she is unaware of any such charge being introduced.
  4. These guys do trade ins: http://www. orangewheels. co. uk/ or you could sell your car privately.
  5. I think you're getting too hyped up with reviews and supposedly high mileages. Doubt there is a car out there without a poor review from somebody and diesel cars can still drive like new with well over 100k miles on the clock. If you like a car and it can tow your 'van (% weight wise) just go for it.
  6. Or it could mean I'm just too lazy to take a more accurate reading I assumed (know better now after reading above posts) that 12v was almost fully charged so paid little attention to how far above the 12 it was.
  7. After leaving my negative terminal off over winter mine shows 12v+ when reconnected in the spring.
  8. I remove the negative lead from mine, only takes a few seconds. I don't have an alarm so no power needed.
  9. Am I the only on here who drives a diesel because they prefer it? Until fairly recently I was a boy racer (I'm old enough to have a bus pass) and after driving a tdi immediately decided diesel was for me. The 1. 9l tdi was quicker than the 2. 8l petrol car I owned at the time. I just love the low down and mid range torque, to me it makes driving much more of a pleasure. I swapped to diesel before I bought my caravan so 'being a better tug' wasn't a factor in the change. Can't see me ever buying a petrol car again but of course never say never!
  10. Love these cars, nearly bought one last year but with the CC discount on the XC60 it was a better deal. Who knows, might be my next car
  11. Wrapping is more durable than paint, would be my choice over a respray.
  12. Is the alarm flash the blue forward facing light? If so it can be turned off in Settings.
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