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  1. Everything is OK now with the Eriba Folk Chatsite, the Admin somehow heard of my plight and immediately contacted me to sort out the problem,...Excellent Service and a very good Forum IMHO,...really friendly and in the future it will be my first "port of call", for all things Eriba. Thanks again to the Admin and for all the Welcome messages,...Chris
  2. Hi Andy It's a c. 1990 Familia with steel wheels Tried to register twice on EF, just now and the site keeps saying "incorrect password",...Given up now
  3. Hi everyone,...I have been a member of the Eriba Forum since we bought our Familia,....never really got on with the place. Very few replies to queries I posted,...Hope to have better luck on here,....Thanks for the PM,..SDA. PS,...Does anyone know where to get chrome hub caps for the Eriba,...Cheers,...Chris
  4. I know of one under cover right on Junction 12 M6, if that's any use.
  5. Where in Cannock does she store it?,....Just to eliminate that site,....
  6. Yes mate,...and you can install other satellite packages on there from the website,....Not that I've needed to yet. It may seem expensive, but I don't begrudge one penny!...Regards, Chris
  7. My Manhattan was £140 and it Identifies the satellite and indicates which way to turn the dish,....So there!,...;-)
  8. I finally gave up and bought a Manhattan DSM 4S, after a fellow vanner sorted my dish out in 60 seconds. Expensive, but now I'm viewing instead of satellite hunting.
  9. We have the 21. 5 and heartily recommend it. Speakers are optimised for use in a van, not in a large open space,... Record facility is fine, Avtex recommend a quality USB stick,..eg,..Sandisk. Picture on HD is superb. Lack of programme guide on Satellite is my only gripe.
  10. We have the Lafuma loungers and in the recent storms they got soaked and muddied. Can't shift the marks, but they are still as comfortable, the best we've ever tried and we don't enter "Best Caravan", competitions, so we'll stick with them
  11. How much did you pay, mate,...They're £129. 99 in Maplins Cannock (Staffs)
  12. The FM transmitter works great, I transmit the Cricket to my personal DAB Radio from it(TV muted),..while "ER Indoors listens to R2 in the van. I bought the Avtex for my in-laws to use whilst waiting a month for their TV to be repaired,.they got to watch telly, and we got a TV for the van ;-)),...it was on a TV stand half way down a long lounge,..the sound was a bit disappointing, but in the van it's superb.
  13. The Avtex has a glass screen and no provision for front-mounted speakers, they are at the back and designed to work close to a reflecting wall. Your TV will not sound good an a kitchen table. I would reserve judgement until you try it in your van.
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