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  1. I see the one of the moderators has lost there sense of humour again. Absolute p take this over moderating atm.
  2. Which was the whole point of lockdown in the first place. To make sure the NHS could manage.
  3. If only everyone thought the same way instead of moaning about trivial things preventing life currently carrying on so to speak. Be interesting to see which age groups are the most impatient. 🤐
  4. They don't only do Witter bars btw.
  5. I know it's an hour away but Witter towbars at Deeside have a fitting centre.
  6. I didn't realise that. It's the NI payments from what I can Google. But even still the principle of asking someone who has worked or lived toward a pension to take a cut is still impo not on. There is a valid reason some are only on 80% pay. Hopefully they all have jobs to go back too so we can get the economy back on track. Better than being jobless then claiming benefits.
  7. Anyone trying to steal a van is more than likely not in a vehicle they own. So they won't give two hoots about using it to gain egress for the van. I have seen chain set into the concrete plinth to the van sits on, all four corners and the axle before now. That's a lot of padlocks to remove. But also a lot of money in chain and padlocks if you want something decent. Same as house alarms. It's all about hoping the deterrent moves them onto someone else.
  8. I think if people knew more about "security products" (in general not just caravan) Andy, they would become paranoid Tbh. (And I did it legally btw 🤣)
  9. clairendave

    Bike lugging

    Something like that if you bent the slotted ends at 90 degrees may work.
  10. clairendave

    Bike lugging

    You can get adaptors Allan. In fact for what your after an adaptor (eBay etc) maybe able to be drilled and secured to a 4x2 and even save the need for a trap. The traps use a 9mm qr so drilling one out wouldn't leave enough material to be very strong so that ruled out that suggestion.
  11. Only way thats going to be 100% is weighing and vehicle/caravan weight plates.
  12. I'm going to go out on a limb here. It seems to me (48yo) there is some rather blinkered "younger" generation folk about. To complain the people claiming pensions are being supported by the current work force is just dumb. As some of the older folk (sorry guys) on here have pointed out you pay towards your pension whilst working. And yes I do understand some people get a pension that haven't worked. Do you even know how much that is. I would be more inclined to moan about the lazy sods that falsely claim benefits, never work because they cba.
  13. Logically thinking here. Don't trailers have to be type approved now. To which adding a dwelling onto a pre-built trailer is not the same as having a type approved caravan that I imagine covers everything not just the chassis.
  14. Why should anyone able to claim a pension take a 20% reduction. It's not like they are doing it to keep a job position retained. Or am I missing something because I'm not quite there yet.
  15. Before we moved our van was on a pitch ready to use CW awning for 3 solid years. We didn't have to move it as the site was available to use 365 days a year. There was a period of stay restriction but we can't remember how long it was.
  16. I have the best of both worlds. Both the front and rear dinette can take a double 8" memory foam mattress. If were away without the full awning we use the rear next to the bunks. But otherwise it goes in the front and leaves the smaller dinette for the girls to use
  17. clairendave

    Bike lugging

    Have a look at Saris Traps. You maybe able to mount to a piece of ply to use as a stand.
  18. See if you can get a small tub of graphite powder. Take the barrel back out and use a small amount to lubricate each wafer. Don't use too much or it will end up in your pocket when you withdraw the key.
  19. Oh, has the pandemic stopped the unfortunate deaths caused by seasonal flu?? I was under the impression the Covid19 figures were on top of the usual deaths from seasonal illnesses.
  20. Iirc they have to be licenced for residential. Otherwise there is a maximum stay I one go limit.
  21. But in the event of an accident they will look at everything and from what I believe use the lowest value found. (Axle load, tyre index, weight plates) etc. And that is why advice to a newbie that's confused should ideally be plain and simple. Don't exceed any plated weights or licence restrictions. Don't use loopholes or grey areas even if they are logic. Then your legal in every way and that in its self gives peace of mind.
  22. It was the towbar guy that mentioned 1500kg.
  23. Don't get too hung up on power output. We went from a 150hp petrol to 115hp diesel and far more weight in the vehicle itself and the diesel wins hands down.
  24. clairendave

    Bike lugging

    So funny.........
  25. Logic says Lutz is correct with the nw being carried by the vehicle. As to it being a risk worth taking if stopped that's a different matter.
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