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  1. Cheers guys and girls......I always have taken a basic Tesco’s policy in the past and it’s on my list to do today, just wondered what others did.....enjoy your travels 😉
  2. Hi, off to Holland on Saturday for 2 weeks with tourer. What if any travel insurance do you buy?
  3. Hi Kend740 we’re near Lincoln to.....welcome. Please feel free to PM me for advice 👍
  4. Cheers Bubble2015. ..... that’s good to know as we did it a few years ago and nobody said anything. Went to bed about 11pm on our own and woke up at 6am surrounded by others. Last year we stayed at a small site outside Harwich. ........
  5. Does anyone know if you can still turn up at Harwich at night and pitch for the night waiting for the morning Hook of Holland ferry. We did it a few years ago and nobody said anything, even the security van drove around us. .......
  6. Hi, this week has been the first time we have used our heating in this van in anger. The problem is that the front vent under the drawers and wardrobe blow out about 90% of the heat leaving little for the bathroom and rear of van. There are 4 outlets from the heater which go to different parts of the van. There are no individual butterfly controls on the outlets ( being a budget van). My question is can this blown air be balanced or do I need to swap the fittings for butterfly fittings. .....
  7. Has anyone else had their caravan break cancelled this holiday period due to the wet weather. Had a call from Tattershall Lakes, Lincolnshire today who have cancelled my booking for 10th April. ......
  8. Rubbish, they should supply the correct decal or replace the lot 🤡
  9. Agree honesty is best, maybe consider trading in. We had a 10 year old bailey that had “dry rot” according to our dealer but he honoured the phone offer when he saw it. .....was blown if my seat but they marketed it as arriving for £3k more and had a sale agreed before they had it. We even got a better deal on a “previously owned” 2017 model with a motor mover already fitted and it was cheaper and un-used, I think it was a cancelled order. We f lt like all our christmasses had come at once. Oh it also had an extra external locker and external 240 socket and BBQ point. ...... honesty pays i
  10. Lucky you. .....you have the whole market available to you greater than 2 berth. ...... now a growing family of 5 is a different task
  11. Off to Holland in the summer and normally drift off to sleep listening to Radio 5 live at home. What’s the best way to ensure I can listen to 5 live in Holland without using data. Suggestions for reasonable potable radios that pick up signals on Europe please or alternatives
  12. Yep we’ve uses one of these for 2 seasons till we changed van and got an air awning and custom annexe. Fit well and never leaked water are drafts. Down side if your picky is that it doesn’t look pretty from the inside. ....... does the job well though, we’d still be using it if we hadn’t changed vans etc
  13. STEP AWAY FROM THE VAN. ....... I had a Ranger 560/6 2007 which developed these cracks and cost a fortune to repair and still didn't keep out the damp. Inherent fault from new with the fixing of the awning rail with out pilot holes for the screws so stresses cracked the caravan sides which can lead to water ingress. Wish I'd read forums like this before buying. Got rid now thank god. ......please heed warnings
  14. Yep, fantastic small portable charcoal BBQ. .....even big enough to cook a small whole chicken in . ......👍
  15. We have 3 kids, 12 and twins of 9. .....it takes us nearly as long as the time away to load the van. That said we take far to much stuff but can’t stop the OH. I do take things out after she puts things in 🙊🙉🙈
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