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  1. I want to add a light in the bottle locker and wanted to run a 12 volt supply from the spare fuse in the PSU. It seems to be hemmed in by a plywood cover with no easy way to get at the screws. Has anybody tried to do this and how is it done please. Peterjohn
  2. As Woodentop says, the MTPLW is on a separate plate inside the locker box, I wish I had seen it before buying the weight upgrade because it was the higher upgrade weight on the locker label, identical to the weight stated on the new upgrade label. when you think about it, if you were pulled up and weighed, you could show the locker plate and that should be the end of it, but I think it would be worth pursuing to find out before being dogmatic about this. BTW. I would like to know how Squash managed to remove his sticker intact as when I peeled mine off the printing came away from the backing leaving it totally unusable. no way could that sticker be used again. Or maybe it is only Coachman that have this type of label?.......Peter
  3. We bought our Specialised Cover custom made for the Coachman VIP. The reason being not particularly to keep the front clean but to stop those annoying little pebbles and chippings from damaging the front windows or front panel. Our reasoning being that if we were to damage one window, it would cost us more to replace than the initial £200 for the cover. The elasticated sides hold it in position, no road noise or lashing and as long as you use it as specified, easy to use and light to store. One thing that did annoy me was when we fitted it, the offside clear patch for the road light was not in the right place and when we got in touch with them they didn’t seem as if they wanted to help or offer to put it right. .......Peter
  4. I am a bit reluctant to use adhesive at the moment because my dealer is going to get in touch with Coachman to see what’s what, My fear would be that if it was stuck down permanently it might expand and crack instead of bowing. To be honest I just wish this shaped panel did not exist as it’s only a P.I.T.A. I just wonder how many more are out there that we don’t know about, how many are bowed and how many are cracked.......Peter
  5. Kia boy, how did you manage to get the adhesive behind in order to glue it back?....Peter
  6. Right, here’s an update, I went outside to the van this afternoon and the black Perspex piece on the door had bowed out near the bottom about 10mm gap. I have been back in touch with my dealer to ask where we go from here. I’ll see if I can upload a photo I took I have inserted a couple of 10mm drills to show the amount of bow in the Perspex piece......Peter
  7. Take no notice, the door is part of the body, this is a known fault, get in touch with Elliot Hibbs, the C.E,O. at Coachman. Explain that you know others who have had a similar problem and have had it replaced under warranty, it seems as though your dealer cannot be bothered arguing the toss with Coachman. A gentle reminder that you are covered under SOGA. Not fit for purpose. See how you go, Elliot is usually a reasonable man......Peter
  8. We can recommend Regal Furnishings, they too will provide a hook up so you arrive one day, they have you choose your fabric, everything is checked, next day all is done and off you go. .......Peter
  9. Hi, Our 2016 VIP had the same problem, The door is made by Dometic and it is a known problem. As for not being covered by warranty, RUBBISH . Not fit for purpose is the route you should go down, a door should last more than 3 years. My dealer had no trouble having the whole door replaced (apparently you cannot just replace the outer plastic shroud. get it replaced under warranty, it is a 10 year body warranty after all......Peter
  10. If the ATC is an optional extra then I feel this is a retrograde step, safety should never be an optional extra. When a proved safety device is available, it should be fitted as standard, like antilock brakes on a car. My friend picked up his new van this year having never had ATC on his 10 year old van, On his way back he came across a particularly bad bit of road near the Avonmouth bridge which he swears would have resulted in a very bad snake had he been towing his old one. He became an instant convert, so am I because I have experienced the help it gives in certain situations. i would say to Coachman “build the price into the van, but don’t let them through the door without ATC!”.....Peter.
  11. We often use the CMC sites but not at peak times as the prices are exorbitant. They say they need to put up the prices over school holidays to make sure they get a good return on investment, We have now got to the stage where the prices are much higher than independent sites and where this is the case, you cannot blame people for voting with their feet. Some sites are well over £30 a night for 2 people which is a lot of money for a bit of electricity and a shower. maybe it’s time the club revised their pricing structure? Peter
  12. I hope that they have done away with the bathroom tap that sticks out from the wall, a swivel tap would be a far better proposition as they used to be fitted successfully on the pre 2017 models. Peter
  13. Hi Kiaboy, I have just had a look at the item you responded to regarding the battery back up. I made up my own unit and fitted it and all went well for a time then the clock would return to Monday at 00:00.. and I would have to reset the time again.

    It appears that the way to make sure it retains the time is to first switch off the master 12volt switch, THEN turn off the control panel, is that what you were getting at?  If so it would explain why mine worked only sometimes. It’s just a pity that Alde don’t put that information into the public domain to avoid confusion........Peter

    1. kiaboy


      Hi Peter, it did not matter which way the unit was turned, it still lost the clock settings. Very frustrating, Alde could only offer Coachman had wired the 12v system up incorrectly 🤔. I have the 2019 model and fitted the battery back up and it works perfectly. 🤸‍♀️


  14. Unfortunately there are those who do not realise that the law states that you MUST be able to see down BOTH sides of your caravan. Some think that having one on the drivers side is enough, that is not the case. Caravans are getting wider but vehicles are also getting bigger, it is up to the driver to make sure that the outfit is legal by checking to see that he or she can see down both sides of the caravan, if not, then they will be liable to a fine if caught........Peter
  15. I never thought of that Durbanite, of course it won’t be covered by NCC. although they would have been as much use as a chocolate teapot if it had been an English caravan. Get stuck in and do as you have been advised...Peter
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