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  1. The unit itself has 4 screws straight into the floor, then it has a further 4 screws into the backboard so 8 screws in total at least 4 of them look inaccessible. The back and sides are then screwed to the floor and the bunk front. I am just beginning to think this is going to be too much hassle and just take a + and - direct from the battery through to a fused 4 port distribution box next to the battery box then I can take off up to 4 accessories safely. I was just hoping someone out there could come up with the best way to get at the BCA charger, I only hope nothing goes wrong wit
  2. But the problem is that the front of the bunk where the drop down lid is, the hole is too small to get the front off anyway. The screws are darn near impossible to get to and there are 4 screws that you would need a 90 degree bend in the screwdriver. There are two screws on the top of the unit but I’m not sure what they are for, it’s a B.C.A. Unit if that helps.
  3. Bernard, I ordered a 565 in June but was told my new one would not be ready until August and would be the last van on the 2016 production line. I went ahead and bought it and was so glad I did because they made a couple of alterations to the 2017 model that would have put me off. for what it’s worth, stick with the van you fell in love with, you might otherwise be disappointed. btw you will love the layout, it is so nice to just fall into bed without the faff of moving cushions and sleeping bags/duvets around, plus you could even be saving yourself a few bob......Peter
  4. I have a Coachman 565 2016 model, I wish to take a 12 volt spare line out to fit an accessory but no way can I get into it because it’s surrounded by a plywood case which is impossible to remove because the unit is in the way. I cannot remove the unit to remove the case so one thing gets in the way of the other. i contacted Coachman who said they couldn’t (wouldn’t) help as it was a specialist job. I enclose photos in the hope that someone out there can enlighten me......Peter
  5. Th angle will depend on how much lock you can get on before the corner of the car meets the corner of the caravan 🤗🤗😇.......Peter
  6. As Dave says if you have BOTH the black and the grey sockets then by all means use an adaptor. If however you only have the black socket, I would recommend you change to 13 pin socket, it will be best in the long run believe me .....Peter
  7. I want to add a light in the bottle locker and wanted to run a 12 volt supply from the spare fuse in the PSU. It seems to be hemmed in by a plywood cover with no easy way to get at the screws. Has anybody tried to do this and how is it done please. Peterjohn
  8. As Woodentop says, the MTPLW is on a separate plate inside the locker box, I wish I had seen it before buying the weight upgrade because it was the higher upgrade weight on the locker label, identical to the weight stated on the new upgrade label. when you think about it, if you were pulled up and weighed, you could show the locker plate and that should be the end of it, but I think it would be worth pursuing to find out before being dogmatic about this. BTW. I would like to know how Squash managed to remove his sticker intact as when I peeled mine off the printing came away from the
  9. We bought our Specialised Cover custom made for the Coachman VIP. The reason being not particularly to keep the front clean but to stop those annoying little pebbles and chippings from damaging the front windows or front panel. Our reasoning being that if we were to damage one window, it would cost us more to replace than the initial £200 for the cover. The elasticated sides hold it in position, no road noise or lashing and as long as you use it as specified, easy to use and light to store. One thing that did annoy me was when we fitted it, the offside clear patch for the road light
  10. I am a bit reluctant to use adhesive at the moment because my dealer is going to get in touch with Coachman to see what’s what, My fear would be that if it was stuck down permanently it might expand and crack instead of bowing. To be honest I just wish this shaped panel did not exist as it’s only a P.I.T.A. I just wonder how many more are out there that we don’t know about, how many are bowed and how many are cracked.......Peter
  11. Kia boy, how did you manage to get the adhesive behind in order to glue it back?....Peter
  12. Right, here’s an update, I went outside to the van this afternoon and the black Perspex piece on the door had bowed out near the bottom about 10mm gap. I have been back in touch with my dealer to ask where we go from here. I’ll see if I can upload a photo I took I have inserted a couple of 10mm drills to show the amount of bow in the Perspex piece......Peter
  13. Take no notice, the door is part of the body, this is a known fault, get in touch with Elliot Hibbs, the C.E,O. at Coachman. Explain that you know others who have had a similar problem and have had it replaced under warranty, it seems as though your dealer cannot be bothered arguing the toss with Coachman. A gentle reminder that you are covered under SOGA. Not fit for purpose. See how you go, Elliot is usually a reasonable man......Peter
  14. We can recommend Regal Furnishings, they too will provide a hook up so you arrive one day, they have you choose your fabric, everything is checked, next day all is done and off you go. .......Peter
  15. Hi, Our 2016 VIP had the same problem, The door is made by Dometic and it is a known problem. As for not being covered by warranty, RUBBISH . Not fit for purpose is the route you should go down, a door should last more than 3 years. My dealer had no trouble having the whole door replaced (apparently you cannot just replace the outer plastic shroud. get it replaced under warranty, it is a 10 year body warranty after all......Peter
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