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  1. I never thought of that Durbanite, of course it won’t be covered by NCC. although they would have been as much use as a chocolate teapot if it had been an English caravan. Get stuck in and do as you have been advised...Peter
  2. I fully concur with both the above. Being a friend of someone who not only got his money back, but a further £7000 compensation....👍......Peter
  3. I totally agree with “Onewheelonmywagon” Dometic are best at fridges and Thetford should stick to toilets. There seems to be a lot of trouble doing it the other way around. Peter
  4. I have been watching you tube videos of people in America who constantly monitor Carparks then when they see someone parked incorrectly they will park either side so close that the offender cannot get into his car it is so funny to watch the antics of the individual trying to get into his car through the boot . The inconsiderate people who park this way are typical of the me first attitude of this generation I am alright Jack pull up the ladder .......Peter
  5. Now you have opened a can of worms😬. Certainly a 1 or 2 year old van will have had most snags done, also a proper damp test done whilst you are watching would be a good idea. Make sure you know what layout you need and the maximum weight you can tow with your vehicle 🚗 . Caravan Finder can give you a good idea of layouts and weights. its a minefield when you ask what make, my last one was German and leaked after 10 years, then the English one I had had damp in the first year, but that wouldn’t be the whole story. If you have a good friend who is a caravanner, ask him. Use your nose, stick it under all the bunks, lift any carpets. Best of luck.......Peter
  6. Perhaps he hasn’t got a motor mover anyway that’s another subject 😗..Peter
  7. I agree with James, just because a manufacturer says that is their terms and conditions does not necessarily make it so. Goods should be of merchantable quality and FIT FOR PURPOSE. I would say that not being able to stand up to a stone flung up or not having a mud flap correctly fitted would be classed as such. I would make sure the hole was made good but still pursue Bailey, through the dealer, to get things done properly especially since you have access to free legal advice........Peter
  8. JCF1966 has a fair point. The o.p. asked a question as a newbie, I answered as an experienced caravanner who spent years reversing the van on the car, until the motor mover came along and I got older and the driveway was steep and near to the house. The o.p.s house looked similar to mine so I advised he get a motor mover to help him. We didn’t need someone else to come along to brag about how good his caravan reversing was because quite frankly, it didn’t apply in his case. My wife does not gesticulate meaninglessly behind the caravan as most wives do when they haven’t got a mover, the van gets sited properly first time and we are both happy. You may carry on doing your own thing until eventually, one day, you end up in a sticky situation or you hurt somebody because of your cavalier attitude towards safety, which after all is what this is really about....Peter
  9. Frank, don’t be so silly, there is no comparison, no need for comments like that👿...Peter
  10. The lovely thing about caravanning is the variety. we all either need to have a motor mover or we decide to do without. Personally I wouldn’t be without, but on the other hand I love to watch others on site trying, sometimes without success, to position their caravan. All part of life’s rich tapestry😁....Peter
  11. I don’t know about removing jockey wheel! Most vans now have them fitted within the “A” frame and from experience with my van which is left on the drive with a slope down to the house, It is impossible to remove once I have gone it as level as I want it. Also, with nearly 50 years experience of caravanning, I would not risk the possibility of the van running down the driveway into the house just for the sake of not spending on a motor mover, believe me no matter how good you are at reversing, there will always be a time when you will need one. Hope the photo shows the slope on our drive and the nose is still up at the front with the jockey wheel fully retracted......Peter
  12. You DESERVE a refund or replacement new van, NOTHING less and some compensation for the hassle to date to boot. I wonder if you started to Talk about not just your refund BUT compensation for the stress and effort you have put in to resolving their problem would they suddenly decide that a refund was a best outcome for them!! I totally agree, A minimum of a straight swop for a brand new one is what should be offered as well as compo for distress. however, I can understand why you would want your money back, as others have said, stick to your guns, you will win, it’s just their way of trying to minimise their expenses.😠.....".Peter
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