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  1. Just for a short break.
  2. Are there any suitable laybys for a car and caravan on the A47 between Peterborough and Kings Lynn please? The service areas seem non-existent on our route from Coventry to Fakenham. Peterborough Services don't appear to cater for caravans.
  3. Have any members used scales you can buy from Reich to weigh each side of the caravan separately? How does the accuracy compare to a weighbridge?
  4. Does the kerbweight for a Mondeo include anything for the weight of the driver and a passenger, or weight of fuel, or is it just for the car only?
  5. Has anyone made a claim through Lifesure Caravan Insurance, and what kind of service did you get from them during the claim? I ask because their quotes are much less expensive than most other insurers.
  6. When taking the weight ratio between car and caravan, we are advised to use the kerbweight of the car to measure against, but shouldn't the actual laden weight (ALW) of the car, rather than the kerbweight be used, also the ALW of the caravan be used to calculate the ratio?
  7. I've looked at the Witter website and the only information I can find is the S Value (kg) 90, and D Value (kN ) 10. 11. What do these represent please?
  8. Where can I find the weight of my towbar? I imagine the towbar is quite heavy, and this would surely increase the kerbweight of any car when not fitted as standard.
  9. We have the 430/4 on order, due for delivery by end of June. There are only two of us, but we decided to go for the four berth fixed bed model mainly because it has loads of space under the bed, and we thought that provided slightly more storage space than the 440/4. I assume it was pre-production models that had the door window as indicated in early pictures and videos, but probably Bailey decided to keep costs down and omitted the window from saleable vans. Steve
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