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  1. Towing/Charging query

    Welcome to CT. We normally ask that you make an introductory without a query just to say hello. Then you can post any queries in an appropriate section and be more likely to get a knowledgeable and speedy reply. In answer to your question, there is no need to keep the master switch tuned on whilst towing as the charging system will start up by itself when it senses current coming from the car. Indeed, leaving the master switch off ensures that you're not running anything in the van off the battery whilst being towed.
  2. Which towbar for Honda Accord? New caravanner

    I'm no towbar expert but unless you're an auto electrician I'd leave it to the professionals to fit and ask them if it is possible to ensure the sensors aren't affected. There are usually two options re sensors. A manufacturer's wiring kit that includes a gizmo to shut down the sensors when hitched or a generic wiring kit that probably won't. If you fit a permanent hook it's pot luck really whether the sensors pick it up permanently or whether it'll be out of their scanning area.
  3. 2005 Wash Basin wanted

    As you probably realise Hobby's aren't exactly the largest caravan brand in the UK and weren't, even in 2005, though they are much better represented on the Continent. Three points to mention: Lots of caravan fittings are generic and often used by lots of different brands, so it's a possibility that your sink was fitted to other marques in addition to Hobby. If you can find out the manufacturer of the basin that may help It might be an idea to approach some Continental Hobby dealers. Dutch caravan dealers often have English speaking staff and are happy to supply to the UK. Well until March next year anyway
  4. 2005 Wash Basin wanted

    Just to clarify are you after the shower room complete or the shower room wash basin only and what potential sources have you tried already?
  5. New Cadiz S4 On, Off And Then On Again

    We've had a more relaxed position about naming dealerships and suppliers for a year or more now. I'm not aware of any ban on praising a dealership. What isn't approved are unsubstantiated claims and rants and folk who just post once in order to vent their frustration/anger and then disappear.
  6. Alko Axle / Bailey Caravan Problems

    They don't, and probably can't take up individual legal cases, that's for members to do, if they wish. After all if, as a member, I see Club money being thrown at QC's etc on behalf of just a few other members I think I'd have a right to be aggrieved. They do, however, take up issues within the industry. As a personal example I emailed the CC's technical people about the potential confusion of manufacturers fitting Type Approval plates with the maximum potential weight a van can take and labelling it MTPLM and fitting an exterior label with the published lower allocated MTPLM on the exterior of the vans. This without a word of advice or explanation in manuals/handbooks. They agreed it was potentially confusing and published an article in their magazine outlining how they were taking the matter up with the NCC. I believe that if a number of members brought an issue to their attention and either Club felt that a manufacturer wasn't fulfilling their commitments on an issue they would take up the matter at the highest level. If I recall the Clubs had something to do with the problems of loose wheels on some vans a few years ago.
  7. Over 85% on twin axles

    Owners of twin axles say they are more stable when being towed, as I've only towed singles I couldn't comment about twins, though I've not had a single axle stability problem either. Generally twins are a bit longer, a bit more expensive, a bit heavier and unless you go for more than 4 berths and/or upgrade the payload will be similar to a single. Because they sit on a sort of 4 wheel platform I've seen CT twinners say it's more difficult to adjust noseweight either up or down, compared with a single
  8. Dealer thanks

    I appreciate you speak from lots of experience over the trade side of the counter P and I'm not trying to put you down. The trouble is that in a lot of dealers the attitude that all customers are trying to fiddle us has gained total traction. In reality, in my experience as a customer, there are a few out to screw merchants/retailer/dealers for everything they can get, and more. By the same token there are sales people and dealership doing exactly that to customers too. Where the rot starts is hard to define, but all too often the few bad egg customers slant the view of a dealership, so that they're wary of everybody and friendly and helpful to none. Of course the other pressure is financial and if a dealership is having funding problems they can start to operate on the basis of 'spend nowt, give nowt' and that attitude weaves its way into every customer interaction. Of course it's difficult to spot a customer telling lies to save themselves cost and embarrassment, but that's absolutely no reason why all customers should be tarred with that particular brush.
  9. New Van Final Rejection Fight

    Can we stand back a bit from the rants please. The law says your dealer is responsible. If they do not provide satisfaction within the terms of CRA then reject. There should be no need to work yourself into a lather, no need for rants, no emotion, just reject the product. Forget the back story about manufacturer's and their warranties, reject it. Don't accept shoddy repairs and restitution, reject it. You're not rejecting a family member, it's just a shed on wheels. If the dealer's did proper PDI's then a lot of small faults and some major ones would be resolved before collection, but it might delay matters. Delay in taking delivery can sometimes lead to folk collecting before the van is properly sorted. Delay in collection affects the dealer's cash flow. But if you want it right demand that you won't entertain collection 'til It's guaranteed perfect and if It's not the dealer is on notice that you'll refuse it. This is a two way street. Dealers know that folk get emotionally wound up about delivery. They know that most just want the van NOW. Often they don't have the resource and timescale to do a proper job. It's up to each customer to give them that time and space but come down on them hard if they don't fulfil their end of the bargain. Trouble is many just want it yesterday and until it all goes pear shaped they're happy.
  10. Alko Axle / Bailey Caravan Problems

    I'm sorry, it may make a satisfying rant but the DVSA is a government agency that has very little to do with caravans in the scheme of things. The NC c is the 'leisure' industry's trade association and looks after its members interests, the two Clubs are independent of the NC C and of each other and if you are a member they can provide free legal advice if you have a problem. As to demo vehicles and journalists etc that is a totally different ball game where everybody knows the score. If you can build a supportable case for the DVSA or either of the Clubs they will act, but they need comprehensive and irrefutable evidence, not rumour or conjecture.
  11. Dealer Thanks Again.

    They're premium and presumably cost more than Thetford's and that's why Lunar only used them in their top ranges. CT members who had them were not happy at their operational awkwardnesses.
  12. Dealer thanks

    It is a sad reflection on the industry that normal good service gets posted about on our forum. As said, that should be the norm and not worth anyone remarking upon. On the other hand opportunities to provide exceptional service are relatively few and far between, but when they do occur and when they are delivered on, it's a fabulous feeling as a customer and totally cements a relationship with a dealer. Sadly very few dealership staff seem to be able spot such opportunities or exploit them when they occur.
  13. Dealer Thanks Again.

    Lunar only fitted the Dometic toilet to their Clubman range for a year or two and went back to Thetford loos thereafter. There were vociferous complaints on CT at the time they first appeared and they've made very little headway since.
  14. Rear Bike Racks

    Bike rack fixing bars have been standard fit on Swift Group vans for a couple of years now but they are controversial. Putting additional weight at the very rear of a van is absolutely counter to the accepted standard advice that heavy rear loading generates and helps maintain snaking instability. It can also stop you achieving a sensible noseweight which can aid instability. The other issue is that bikes, especially electric ones, can be heavy kit and available payload on most caravans wouldn't allow them to be legally carried on board a van.
  15. Caravan sites and continental caravans

    That's truly weird, we normally pitched our Eribas nose in so the door was on the correct side, matching the UK vans. As Troll's have a front dinette across the van and a rear lounge, whichever way we pitched we had a seating area that looked out to the roadway and one that looked at the hedge/wall/fence/whatever. Often a CC warden would gently remind us to pitch nose in, when we booked in at reception, though it was always our intention anyway.