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  1. Steamdrivenandy

    Lunar have no customer service

    A warranty for a used van that's no longer under the manufacturer's warranty has nothing to do with Lunar, it's the dealer's responsibility. If Lunar can't supply the tap, the dealer should source it elsewhere or find a suitable alternative.
  2. Steamdrivenandy

    H4 JGT. Running on Luck !

    I overtook a rig on the M5 on Sunday in my Transit campervan. It was in Lane 2 overtaking a line of caravans who were presumably doing 60ish. It was a big US pick up pulling a twin axle and I formed the impression that for a while it followed me, matching my speed. Eventually it dropped back, but it was certainly travelling at well over its limit.
  3. Steamdrivenandy

    Seasonal pitching

    What about a store n stay site? We stored our van at Wheathill, nr Ludlow for the last two years. The storage cost was very close to the price for storage near home. They charged a fiver each time they pulled the van from store but it included positioning and levelling and return to store. You can still go off touring, providing you stay at Wheathill for a minimum number of nights per year. That's got flexibility without the rather high cost of a seasonal pitch.
  4. Steamdrivenandy

    Thetford Toilet Problems!

    Are you trying to remove the cassette whilst the blade is open, cos it won't come out until the blade is closed? I've also thought one was sticking when I hadn't lifted the plastic catch handle high enough. Failing that, if it went in, it ought to come out.
  5. Steamdrivenandy

    First night away few questions afterwards

    If you look back, the OP posts that it's a Swift Group Sprite, not a mention of Bailey.
  6. Steamdrivenandy

    Credit card and HP protection.

    Steve is correct, my first response was only addressing the matter of the £31k transaction. Most dealers won't accept balance payments by credit card because the card processing charges are so high and they lose a substantial sum. 2% of £30k = £600. Relatively recently card companies have been forced by the EU to alter their charging structures and such costs have reduced overall but dealer practices either haven't caught up with the changes or they consider the reduced costs are still too high to allow credit card use for large value transactions.
  7. I'm a bit suspicious of the caravans suggested payload. It seems very high, when most 6 berth UK vans have under 200kg. It may have had the mtplm upgraded, but then it wouldn't be that high on a website that gives weight info.
  8. Steamdrivenandy

    Credit card and HP protection.

    It is the value of the transaction that counts. So if you put a transaction of £30,000 through your card, or HP you will be covered under the CCA. If you process £30,000.99 you won't be. Daft but that's how the law stands. However if you use MasterCard or Visa you will potentially have rights under their rules, rather than the UK CCA and these might give you more protection for higher amounts.
  9. Steamdrivenandy

    Thetford C250 toilet

    According to Thetford's parts list diagram for a C250 it does have an electric valve, just like the C260.
  10. Steamdrivenandy

    Thetford C250 toilet

    Happy Nomad is surely correct in his description and I suspect the OP's C250 does have an electric stop valve but he just hasn't found it. As I keep posting, if the OP looks at the relevant video on the C260 page of the Thetford website he'll see how to remove and refit the valve as it looks to be identical on both models of toilet.
  11. Steamdrivenandy

    Thetford C250 toilet

    So what does the electric valve do? Surely it receives power at the same time as the pump (there is no other electrical operation) and is a valve, which suggests it controls flow in some way. If it doesn't, why is it there?
  12. Steamdrivenandy

    Water Filter

    Gentlemen, the original thread you are responding to is 7 years old.
  13. Steamdrivenandy

    Thetford C250 toilet

    Presumably the 'vacuum breaker' does what it says and destroys any vacuum between cistern and electric valve that might develop when the system is filled from empty. This has to suggest that it's the electric valve that's faulty. Presumably it's reason for existence is to shut off flow from the cistern when the pump isn't running. I find it hard to believe that the OP's C250 hasn't got an electric valve, or it's associated wiring, as they're basic parts of a C250 and you'd have problems linking the two bits of pipe without one. As I say, the OP should view the video on the C260 Thetford website page as the C250 is similar.
  14. Steamdrivenandy

    Site want set of keys

    Given the people involved I was more than happy to let them have all the keys and there was never an issue in the two years we stored there.
  15. Steamdrivenandy

    A dangerous lack of common sense.

    I love the picture of a lady and gent sitting at a camping table in front of their van sipping tea. A picture of sublime caravanning bliss, until you notice that they've rigged the Wastemaster to the fresh water inlet and the Aquaroll to the waste outlet.