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  1. Well I've plotted from mid Wirral to Framlingham, using the OP's waypoints and it says M53, M56, M6 to J16, then A500, A50etc. It says it's 258 miles and 5 hrs 13 mins. Some of that is good road but hacking round Nottingham can be a pain as can the roads south of Kings Lynn. However Google's recommended route is M6, M6T, M6, A14 which is just 1 more mile but only estimated at 4 hrs 34 mins - saving 40 minutes travel. Their alternate is the same 'til the end of the Toll and then M42, M40, A43, A421, A428 and then A14, that, weirdly is only 3 more miles and estimated at 4 hrs 36 mins.
  2. I was going to suggest phoning a local Fendt dealership but weirdly, all the Fendt dealers listed on the website are company names I've never heard of, with no published addresses and use mobile phone numbers only. That doesn't sound like a well established dealer network to me.
  3. I can't think that there's anything special about a toilet locker door on a Tabbert. It'll v likely be identical to lots of other makes. A little more info. would be useful. Have you had the door open in the past? Does the key turn? Is the key stuck in the lock? Are the locker latch buttons depressing or stuck? Has the locker always been hard to open? Have there been any unusual clicks etc when the door was last closed? Has the door or frame been distorted by anything?
  4. Depends how much you like M6 driving and Keele MSA cos you can leave the motorway at J16 and take the A500 'D Road' round to the A50 by Stoke City's stadium. You could stop at Sandbach MSA instead. If you do decide to carry on down to J15 then give us a wave as you go past.
  5. TEC are part of the Hymer Group, but haven't really ever had a big presence in the UK and even Elite Caravans, who used to import them, no longer feature them on their website. As a German built brand with no real interest in exporting to the UK, there may be no such thing as an English manual. That being said caravan manuals rarely go into detail and there's relatively little that a competent caravan electrician couldn't sort out, as systems all tend to be much of a muchness. This may help
  6. Funnily enough I was only looking at Tranquil's new website yesterday. I noticed a number of new members, but also that,for the first time to my knowledge, at least two have left. Wheathill Touring, near Ludlow and The Trotting Mare, near Wrexham are no longer listed and don't mention TT on their websites anymore. We stored our van at Wheathill 'til last year and we've used Old Oaks many, many times. We've also pitched at Moor View, Delph Bank, Two Mills, Woodland Springs, Waterrow, Briarfields, Daisy Bank, Lamb Cottage and New Lodge Farm. That's 10 of the current member sites and 11 overall. They're mostly very good but there's a couple we wouldn't go back to.
  7. The buyer of a new van is not captive, they can use any approved workshop that is willing to accept them and willing to undertake warranty work. It is totally up to the workshop in question whether they will do such work. There may be many reasons why they don't wish to undertake warranty work on van's sold by other dealers and because caravan brands have little influence on such matters they can't insist. The car industry is different in scale and financing. Car dealerships are usually in hock to the brand/s they represent and they will have agreed to carry out all warranty work as part of them taking on the franchise. When the car brand says jump the dealers ask 'how high?' The other issue is that in a legal sense the entity that sells you your van is the only business that has responsibility for the product that you've purchased, whether there's a warranty, or not. In essence the warranty is only a means that dealers use to obtain payment for work undertaken on vans they've sold. In most cases buyers are totally covered by the CRA. For the buyer, whether the dealer gets paid for any work is of no interest whatsoever, just as long as remedial work is done.
  8. You could say that the 2 berth Barefoot van achieves some of the aims the OP is after. However that's a 5m by 1.9m van, fitted out by Auto-Sleeper in Broadway and costing around £26k. A Swift Elegance 480 2 berth is about the same price but it's 6.6m by 2.3m, so a lot more van (more than 50% larger) for the money. Even the Swift Basecamp is 5.1m by 2.3m and starts at £16k. I suspect that if a 'normal' 4 berth Barefoot was practical for production it would have to be priced north of £40k and a mid range 4 berth Swift Elegance can be bought for £29k. There will be folk willing to pay such premiums but whether there'd be enough to justify the investment etc I very much doubt.
  9. Not sure how a screw can be non-functioning, maybe a pic would help understand the issue. Gas hobs will have been supplied to Hymer by an original equipment maker like, say, Truma, Thetford or Dometic etc. Try and ascertain the brand from labels etc on the hob. Then contact the brand and see if they still offer spares for 40 year old products. If not then a caravan breakers may be the only hope. The trouble with that is that there were v few '78ish Eriba Tourings imported initially and therefore v few are being scrapped. The other issue is that those that might be being scrapped will probably have the same problem that you're trying to resolve. Don't be precious about it being a Puck. It's likely that all Eriba Tourings and maybe even other Hymer and Eriba range vans of similar age will have the same hob fitted. Most Eribanauts use Jandi, the dealership up near Edinburgh for their spares supplies. Jean and Sandy are well worth cultivating as contacts re anything Eriba, their depth of knowledge is boundless. Give them a ring and chat about your needs, it's likely they'll know exactly what's needed and whether it's available. Before you phone make a cuppa, open a packet of biscuits and settle in a comfy chair, it'll likely be a long call.
  10. As long as it holds together to impress the impressionable stylista's/fashionista's that's all the makers have to worry about. If it looks stylish and fashionable then it'll sell and once sold they have your money to carry on and you have the problems of living with it. If you want longevity then don't buy vans as they are and don't buy based on looks, beauty only being skin deep. If you want longevity you'll have to pay for it and most buyers want cheap.
  11. There are many different variants of Eriba tables over the years. If you're talking Eriba Touring vans there are some that can be ordered from any Eriba dealer but they will be expensive as Hymer really know how to charge for spares. It would help if you described whether you wish to replace an existing table or one that's gone missing from your van or whether you're looking for a freestanding table to use in an awning.
  12. I inherited a red plastic square profile gauge with my first used caravan. After a while I invested in a Milenco and it showed that the cheap plastic device was over reading by about 20kg. This meant I could add an extra 20kg to the nose and improved the rigs stability. Then one day I found the Milenco in two halves in its bag. Happily Milenco swapped it by return.
  13. Unladen weights are never plated and as Lutz says kerbweight isn't defined anywhere. Skoda don't include an allowance for a driver, whereas other brands do. So comparisons become tricky as do using such figures in online advice sites. In addition car's rarely actually weigh the empty weights claimed due to variation in component weights and additions of options etc.
  14. Will an acceptable noseweight when unhitched become lighter if the van is connected to a towball that is set too high, so that the van travels nose up? Conversely, will a noseweight increase if the van travels nose down? If there are such effects, are they major or minor changes, leaving aside the effects that running over an uneven road surface provides.
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