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  1. unicorn 4 pampalona has arrived

    Manufacturers will normally fit the EHU socket as close as practicable to the internal power unit to save additional lengths of wiring. The position of the power unit is normally dictated by where they can find a spare space in the layout that's relatively unusable but accessible for maintenance.
  2. Help!

    The 85% ratio is advisory for inexperienced towers and it shouldn't be an issue if you're towing a short distance. Check the car's plated Gross Train Weight and Gross Vehicle Weight, that will give you the legal limits for your car and anything it's towing. On some French cars the specified towing limit doesn't match the difference between GTW and GVW, so as a Towing Limit isn't legally enforceable, it's best to use the plated weights, which are.
  3. Smartphone numptie needs basic advice

    My 4 year old Nexus 4 is on it's last legs with it's glass back only held together by my protective cover. So far my search has alighted on the Samsung A5 which GiffGaff are selling for about £30 less than others. I use GiffGaff PAYG and I've just checked and I've spent £30 with them so far this year.
  4. Greetings from a Newbie

    As the user of a 1.2 litre turbo petrol Yeti I'd agree that such engines turn the accepted norms for engine power/performance on their heads. However Skoda limit the car to towing 1200kg and I certainly wouldn't want to try anything heavier.
  5. Greetings from a Newbie

    Sorry, it wasn't clear from your posts that you had experience of towing. However towing a slab sided 8ft tall caravan with a relatively lightweight car is a different kettle of sardines to a big heavy motorhome pulling a relatively lightly loaded trailer of no real height. The power of the towcar, whilst important, is not the be all and end all of the equation in arriving at a suitable rig. Having enough heft to keep the caravan and car processing in the accepted order is also important, especially in those milliseconds when things go wrong and the road conditions are against you.
  6. Whale of a Time!

    Pumps sometimes need a slight tap to free them up. If it's one with a visible spindle end then twist it to see if it's moving freely.
  7. Greetings from a Newbie

    If we assume that you're talking the current 3008 then according to the Peugeot website in manual* form it has: Kerbweight 1250kg Mass in Service 1442kg Gross Vehicle Weight 1910kg Towing Limit 1400kg Gross Train Weight 3310kg At last, it seems that a French manufacturer is providing comprehensive data on their website and the car doesn't suffer from the problem of having a GTW lower than GVW+TW, so things should be relatively simple. Except that they quote Kerbweight AND Mass in Service and don't offer an explanation of what either include. Possibly, Kerbweight is the empty car as presented, but minus fuel. Mass in Service might be with the nominal 75kg driver and fuel on board but that's hardly likely to add up to the 192kg difference involved here. Taking the industry recommendation for inexperienced towers then 85% of Kerbweight equals 1063kg, however 85% of MIS, if used instead, equals 1225kg. On balance I'd say that for someone not experienced in towing, a van of up to 1200kg MTPLM would be fine. Over that and the caravan towing experience might not be as predictable and/or as comfortable or as easy as you'd ideally wish, especially in poor conditions/awkward situations. * the automatic version has a different set of figures with a much lower towing limit and higher Kerbweight and MIS but lower GTW. Even though 85% would acually be higher on this model I'd take a conservative approach as the lower towing limit suggests the auto gearbox isn't up to high loadings and I'd go for a max. MTPLM of 1100kg, just in case.
  8. Marquis of Surrey

    I tend to start avoiding when suits appear. As a leisure industry casual and friendly beats formal every time.
  9. Marquis of Surrey

    Marquis sites always seem Intimidatory to me. I'm not sure why they think it helps sell stuff.
  10. Swift Corniche

    The awning measurements of any Corniche dealer special will be identical to the Swift Group model on which it is based. Dealer specials are standard vans with different decals and interior fabrics sometimes with a few bit and pieces added. Such changes don't affect the basic structure and dimensions in any way.
  11. Diesel tax increase and fuel duty

    I wonder if fuel prices are fixed in China?
  12. Diesel tax increase and fuel duty

    Getting het up about VED, fuel duty and mpg is all rather tinkering at the edges when talking costs. The big one, for most folk, is depreciation and the other costs pale into insignificance in comparison and unless there are Draconian changes will only be marginal to an average tugger.
  13. Coffee machine

    Coffee with warm milk. Ugh! We're incompatible Joanie.
  14. T5 Transporter camper van

    I can't say I've ever heard the term before Shirl, just a lucky surmise. I can't think that it's current parlance, though maybe with a younger generation than myself
  15. T5 Transporter camper van

    I had assumed it meant there was a premium to pay because of the cult following for VW T series vans.