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  1. Selling a Caravan - private

    Very glad it all went well Andy Don't forget to amend your signature.
  2. Towing on Category B License

    Probably the French, they seem to string words together the wrong way round.
  3. Bailey Indiana S5

    Caravan doors are normally brought in from a specialist door design company, Hartal being probably the most famous. It's therefore likely that the door on your van at least features some gear that was fitted to other vans as well. So it may be that you don't specifically need an S5 door. Another thought struck me though, if, as your mech. says, you can't get at the mechanism, how do you replace it if you can't get at one, even if you do find a similar door at a breakers?
  4. Caravans for grey wanderers!

    You're out of step G&L the latest 'must have' is the fixed bed on the rear wall of the van. French beds will be the next new big thing in about 18 months, then fixed singles and then fixed transverse. That'll take us up to about 2028.
  5. Caravans for grey wanderers!

    Now that's a thought Pebs. Effectively you could have a two berth plus lounge in the same length as a two berth and if the lounge still had clearance it could still be two more berths, making a 4 berth that's the length of a current two berth. There are some things that would need thinking through, like the height. Presently vans have around 6ft 5ins headroom and to accommodate a bed in the roof you'd probably need and extra foot or so. So the overall height would increase by about a foot, though the rear need only stay at the current height. The caravan side construction might have to be stronger to support the bed and mechanism and the chassis stronger as more weight would be concentrated on the front. You might also lose some roof lockers and/or reduce the bed width. I doubt low noseweight would be an issue, quite the reverse.
  6. Caravans for grey wanderers!

    We're working towards going back to an Eriba Touring Troll. The 540 model, or 'langslapper' as the Dutch call it. It's not a reference to ladies of doubtful reputation but translated is 'long sleeper'. The rear lounge benches are between 6ft 5ins and 6ft 7ins long, depending on where you measure and can be made into an almost 2 metre square double if you want. we generally use them as singles with the gangway in between for access and dogs. Up front is a single dinette, across the van, giving that important second space for late night or early morning sitting that avoids disturbing the sleeper. The dinette can make up a 2 metre long single bed as well, when needed. So what that it doesn't have a cooker or a microwave, we've managed without them in the past and generally we use site showers so the fact that the washroom is tiny isn't a problem. The vans are solid, built to last, the interior furniture is quality and it has a fridge, heating and a boiler and they look superb too.
  7. Would it be legal ?

    Mmmm. You'd think that if it was legal some of the more upmarket ranges would already feature it as standard, like wardrobe and offside exterior lights, but I've never heard of it being available.
  8. Caravans for grey wanderers!

    One of the quandaries we have been addressing in an effort to downsize. If you have just two berths e.g the lounge, then there is only one place to sit. If one or other wants to stay up late or rise early then there's nowhere for them to sit without disturbing the sleeper. The nearest we came to a solution was the Lunar Quasar 464, which had 5ft 6ins front benches and a single dinette across the rear that made up to a 6ft 8ins bed with a folding bunk above, if needed. The front was fine as a single for Mrs SDA at 5ft 2ins tall but no good for me at 6ft 2ins. There again if they'd made the front benches 6ft 4ins long to fit me they'd have had to make the whole van 10 ins longer and it would be virtually the same length as a normal 4 berth.
  9. Parts Direct/Prima Leisure problems?

    Ooh I hope so. I've never been on a blacklist before. There again I s'pose I wouldn't know if I was anyway.
  10. Parts Direct/Prima Leisure problems?

    I've been using their own website messaging using the 'parts request' option.
  11. Caravans for grey wanderers!

    This may suit you Ern https://www.marktplaats.nl/a/caravans-en-kamperen/caravans/m1272613631-eriba-gt-530-troll-bj-2010.html?c=8c285449651fa109c354bbabe740c1b&previousPage=lr Mind it's front seating mod has meant the seller is asking for a 15% less than an unmodified version would fetch and it's been for sale for ages.
  12. Caravans for grey wanderers!

    As Mr V says, a 2 berth fixed bed wouldn't have a lounge, or much of one. All the fixed bed 4 berth vans have a lounge and a fixed bed/beds but it so happens that in such vans the lounge converts into two berths. Quite a number of Eriba Touring layouts are available with a fixed double bed in the rear and a dinette in the front or at the side of the van.
  13. Even dealers' adverts require a pinch of salt.

    I would've thought that a VIN number should be allocated at the commencement of production, so that it follows the van through the build and out onto sale. Allocating the VIN when it goes on sale surely leaves a gap that can be exploited by those out to deceive. BTW I'm not suggesting in any way that this dealer is out to deceive.
  14. Towing on Category B License

    Two points WT. 1. It's not alway the case that the difference between Figure 1 and Figure 2 are the max that a car can pull. On some cars the manufacturer allocate a towing limit that is higher, but you have to reduce the GVW if you're going to tow at that weight and if you're going to load the car to GVW then the towing limit has to be reduced accordingly. In all cases Figure 2 should not be exceeded. 2. All the details about weighing a rig etc should not detract from the fact that it's not actual weights that count for 'B' licence limits but the maximum allowed weights for car and caravan.
  15. Burstner electric boiler switch

    Ah! If it's a Truma Heatstore I believe it's a discontinued model and sounds as if it's mains electric operation only, with only an on/off switch. As such it will have been operating on electricity all the time. If it has stopped working totally it could be a fuse or a more major problem. If, as said before, it just runs out of warm water and then heats up after a while it's because the stored 10 litres have been used and it's not had time to warm up the cold replacement water.