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  1. Steamdrivenandy

    Very new to this and need help please

    Check the car's VIN plate to be certain of weight limits. Highest weight is the gross train weight i.e the most the car plus any trailer can weigh and the second highest is the gross vehicle Wight I.e the most the car can weigh. Take on from the other and you usually get the towing limit for your car. There are some exceptions but they're relatively few and far between. Eriba Touring poptop vans mostly come in at an MTPLM of 1200kg or below. More recent Trolls (the largest current model) are 1300kg.
  2. Steamdrivenandy

    Unicorn 4 Handbrake Lever

    Our 2012 Pegasus didn't have a button on the handbrake lever, so it was more than a 'couple' of years ago that AlKo changed the design.
  3. Steamdrivenandy

    What sort of caravanner are you?

    There are some weird myths put about, especially in the motorhoming community. The myth of free camping is one. The image 'sold' is of a wonderful solitary spot with fabulous views and, of course, your motorhome has all the facilities you need on board and it'll be free. Mmmm? Then there's the 'stealth' campervan myth. Apparently you're supposed to leave your van looking as much like a trade van as possible. Presumably that way, when you're pitched in a place you're not supposed to, nobody will suspect it's not a tradesman's van. So no windows, no sitting or cooking outside, no canopy, no pop-top roof. Where on earth is the fun in being trapped inside a small, dark tin can that you can't even stand up in? I know it takes all sorts, but some of these myths need serious busting as the more easily influenced seem to believe them..
  4. Steamdrivenandy

    Thetford C250 not flushing

    The 'usual' problem is the pump spindle seizing. A quick turn with your fingers normally frees it. But if you've replaced the pump that shouldn't be an issue. How far is power getting when you press the button?
  5. Steamdrivenandy

    What belongs to caravan

    All vans come with steps, EHU lead, water hose with pump if relevant, kitchen sink basin and masses of bumph. All of it is supplied by the factory and included in the van's MIRO weight. Most dealers offer a starter pack which can include Aquaroll, Wastemaster, battery, gas cylinder and other bits and pieces, this is often supplied free of charge to caravanning newbies, but old hands are expected to pay for it. As most probably have all that stuff anyway, it's no great hardship.
  6. Steamdrivenandy

    American Express Cards

    The same sort of pre-authorisation occurs in most hotels and car hire companies. As said it's an authorisation, not a valid transaction and depending on the system may only be a cursory check that the card hasn't been reported as lost or stolen. It may pass through the merchant acquirer and on to the card issuer, at which point it will check credit availability and reserve the amount on the account. If the eventual actual transaction doesn't match the authorisation amount then the issuers system might not tie the two together and both the actual transaction and the authorisation will reduce the cardholder's available credit, until the unfulfilled authorisation ages off. This is one reason that card issuers don't like pre-auth, because it can generate issues if their cardholder then has their card rejected for going over limit. The pre-auth system was sort of snuck in by merchants like hotels and car hire as they saw it as a way of increasing their security of payment. Eventually it became so established that the card companies had to formalised it but you can see how it can still generate probs. SDA (21 years in payment cards - retired senior manager Streamline Merchant Services and Area Manager Access - The Joint Credit Card Co Ltd - an original flexible friend)
  7. Steamdrivenandy

    What belongs to caravan

    Surely most dealers have a qualified electrician on the staff and therefore it wouldn't cost them extra to checkout a cable and plugs?
  8. Steamdrivenandy

    I did know that.

    I wonder if it's an NCC initiative. You know how lots of folk in the caravan industry wrongly think that the NCC's word is law.
  9. Steamdrivenandy

    Bailey caravans - absence of front locker

    The tall thin fridge came in about four years ago, I think possibly on Unicorns, and IIRC Bailey had exclusive use of the type for at least one model year. It meant a saving of width compared to the wider under worktop height type, whilst providing slightly more capacity and less bending for access.
  10. Steamdrivenandy

    Bailey caravans - absence of front locker

    I'm sure everyone wants to know Frank, what makes a lounge angry?
  11. Steamdrivenandy

    Bailey caravans - absence of front locker

    An 'innovation' is something new, something different, it doesn't necessarily mean it has advantages for all. The removal of the front gas locker has meant the the whole of the front interior of Bailey vans has moved forward by a foot or so. Depending on model and the balance of layout it means additional internal usable length. So say, where previously front lounge benches were 4ft 6ins long, with a central chest intruding by a foot or so, they can now have a 5ft 6ins lounge and a central chest that hardly intrudes at all. Oh! and the VIN plate is still in the midships gas locker.
  12. Steamdrivenandy

    Bailey caravans - absence of front locker

    On balance, sunroof are hardly new, Bailey's concept of one big window was a new innovation. I guess you could argue that they weren't first with no front roof lockers though as the brands that shifted sunroof up front did that a year or so before. Personally I've never had either. Not that I'm particularly attached to front roof lockers or dislike large windows, but I do dislike the sunroof jobs because when I stand inside such a van the horizontal shelf between front window and sunroof is right in my eyeline and destroys the very purpose of having additional front glazing.
  13. Steamdrivenandy

    Bailey caravans - absence of front locker

    At least nobody can really argue that Bailey aren't the UK leaders in caravan innovation. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Most of the time other brands follow them, sooner or later. Alutec type construction Large central front window Midships gas locker Midships battery Tall thin fridge To name a few Of course others might list them differently Reduction in craft skilled construction Lack of front roof lockers Lack of front gas locker Lack of easy side access to battery Handles fall of the fridge You're right Andy. You can't please everybody.
  14. Steamdrivenandy

    Caravan showers, time to make them optional ?

    Just thinking of the current advertising by Vauxhall for the Corsa Griffin. They're laying great emphasis that it comes with loads of extras as standard, whilst by inference denigrating alternatives that require option purchases to get the same spec. Their market research has presumably told them that their potential buyers don't like the cost option route. The same possibly applies to a lot of UK buyers of caravans.
  15. Steamdrivenandy

    Caravan showers, time to make them optional ?

    We run a campervan, without a shower, but it does have a proper Thetford swivel toilet on board. As most campervans don't have either toilet or shower, this makes our van more desirable in the campervan market, but if you go a bit bigger, where a shower is a normal part of the kit in the van, then ours would lose out..