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  1. Well, if JC was with the DG's party it's no wonder they went to a hotel. I understand he once had a bad experience with Diane Abbott in a caravan.
  2. Seeing Paul's post has bought the fact that you have a Picasso to my attention (I should've checked first). Picasso's are a bit notorious for the way some models run their Towing Limit/Gross Train Weight. Citroen specify a Towing Limit, but if you load the car to it's GVW you'll find that to remain with GTW you can hardly put anything in the van. Conversely, if you run a caravan that's loaded and weighs the car's Towing Limit you can hardly load anything in the car. One CT member had a Picasso and caravan that was just within the Towing Limit but it meant he couldn't even allow his wife to sit in the car with him or he'd be driving illegally. I hasten to add that not all Picasso models are like that, but you need to be careful checking the plated and Towing Limits to make sure.
  3. Not sure if this post is all 'fake news' but the CC still have variable pricing based on anticipated demand for any given date. As a for instance, we stayed at Moorhampton recently, and their website shows that pitch price varies between £3.95 to £8.50 per night depending on date. The per adult charge is £6.10 and remains the same all year. As to the DG story, is it just that, made up to feed the anti sentiments felt by some people?
  4. Welcome Garcia. Firstly have you a 'B' only licence? if you do then it's the plated Gross Weight of the car plus the van's plated MTPLM that counts towards the licence limit, the actual weights don't count for licence purposes. If you have a 'B+E' licence then the licence weight limit doesn't apply. In that case the LEGAL limits are the plated maximums on the car i.e Gross Vehicle Weight and Gross Train Weight and the MTPLM of the caravan. The car manufacturer's Towing Limit is not a legally enforceable limit, but usually, but not always, it's a component in the Gross Train Weight, which is usually made up of Gross Vehicle Weight plus Towing Limit. None of the plated limits must be exceeded. So, in theory you can underload a caravan with a higher MTPLM than your Towing Limit/GTW allows and as long as GTW isn't exceeded you will be legal. However a strong word of warning. Many new CT members start off thinking this is an answer to their problem but then find it's impractical to actually achieve. Caravan Payloads are notoriously low and it takes a deal of work to keep what you load in the van below the allowance, especially if the van has a battery and motor mover fitted. I would suggest that you'd find it very difficult to enjoy using a van if you limited its load to make a substantive difference to keep within the car's weight limits.
  5. To be fair they say that the electricity price rise is just one example of their increased costs and as Mr Spinner suggests the commercial energy market is very different to the domestic. Though I've just changed energy supplier at home and the best deal I could find involved a nearly 20% monthly payment increase.
  6. Nobody has written a review for that model on the CT Review pages and there is no mention of an Atlantia 640/6 on the CT Specification pages either. There is a spec, entry for a 2009 Atlantia 560/6. There are just two 2010 6 berth Coachmans listed for sale on Autotrader. One is a Laser 655 asking price £11,995 and the other a Wanderer for which the optimistic dealer is asking £14,995. The van will be 9 or 10 years old now, depending on when it was made in the Model Year and due to age you need to be very, very, very careful about damp.
  7. We always get quite a few ground bees around early in the Spring. Some have the rather endeari g habit of snuggling up into the corner or edge of a window when trapped indoors and it gets toward evening. It makes it easy to open the window for them to fly away. I assume the early warm weather has meant there are more about this year but after a few days things settle down and you hardly see them for the rest of the year.
  8. If the caravan isn't level and isn't supported by it's jockey wheel then the hitch will be on the ground, at least on single axle vans and maybe on some twins too.
  9. We had an early C250 in our 2008 Adria motorhome. After a while the cassette blade started flapping about very loosely. Apparently the blade pivoted on a pushed in conical plastic peg which had worked loose and gone the way of all effluent. A local dealer replaced the peg with a self tapping screw which held firm from then on. Thetford were being cheapskates as a plastic peg is cheaper than a metal screw and is quicker to press in place compared to screwing in a self tapper. A sort of allegory for all modern things.
  10. As a matter of interest how should one measure the hitch height? If you lift the jockey wheel the van is likely to drop down at the front, 100kg of noseweight should ensure that. By the same token, if you use the jockey wheel to level the van then a lot of the weight is borne by the jockey and taken off the suspension, which might alter the overall ride height. I assume that the hitch height should be measured when the noseweight is 100kg and not when it might be lighter, or heavier due to reduced overall loading, when the caravan load might be tail heavy and thereby causing the hitch to rise. Come to think of it that shouldn't happen if you've ensured the van is level front to back.
  11. The height of the middle of the towball from the ground is the critical measurement that will determine a caravan's towing attitude. As long as it's within the tolerances mentioned there isn't a problem, unless the car's suspension is faulty. Caravans usually tow slightly nosedown. Over the years I've been puzzled by Lunar's mention of a 'coupling height (fully loaded)' of 44cm in their specs. They never stipulate whether that's the design height of the hitch when the van is level, or the optimum height of the towball to which the hitch should be attached.
  12. Firstly warranty work can be undertaken by any dealer that, in this case, Coachman, agree to. However said dealers are perfectly entitled to set conditions as to which vans they'll work on and which they won't. Some will do warranty work on any van, no matter where purchased, some will require that annual servicing is done with them, some will only work on vans purchased from them. It's the reason that CT always cautions against buying from dealers that are a long way from home, whether on holiday or from a show. If you are going to make a distant purchase then always check with local dealers beforehand. As to the problem, it would appear that the dealer has been unable to rectify the issue and you may have a case for rejecting the van. Given the dates and delay involved I'd suggest you seek legal advice from CAB, Which? Legal Services or a solicitor.
  13. If you are hooked up and the plug sockets work then the mains power is getting to the van. The fridge controls usually work off 12V whilst the actual chilling works on mains power unless switched to 12V for towing only. Lack of fridge might be due to controls not receiving 12V. Lights are usually 12V and pumps definitely are 12V. So it's likely a 12V problem and as Wunny suggests the most likely is that the 12V isolation switch is off.
  14. There was a Model Year about then that the Ultima dealer specials had what some might regards as a rather leery, almost acid green fabric.
  15. The caravan Model Year commences on 1st September of the previous year. So a van built on 2nd September this year will be a 2020 model and a caravan built in June next year will also be a 2020 model. The only leeway on that is that next year's demonstrators are often built during the summer, so some can be at dealerships/shows etc to launch the Model Year on 1st September.
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