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  1. No response from Whale Pumps since I emailed them a month ago, but I've now bought a tap from Screwfix for £40 which I am in the process of struggling, unsuccessfully, to fit. So far, I've succeeded in removing the threaded pillar holding the existing tap in place, and loosening the jubilee clips securing the connection of the hoses to the ½" BSP tails. Even so, I'm unable to free the hoses from the spigots on the ends of the tails or, alternatively, to unscrew the other ends of the tails from the monobloc. There's no spare length in the feed hoses, so it looks like I'll have to shorten them and insert lengths of hose to make up the difference, which means making two extra connections in the very confined space available. I'm worried that I might drop a component or a tool and then be faced with having to remove the fridge to retrieve it.
  2. The rings are visibly flattened on the outside and the tap spout is an easy lift out of the socket so I'll give that a go first as replacing the entire tap seems like a job and a half (looks almost impossible without pulling out the fridge). I'll also see if I can track down a replacement spout, if only for cosmetic reasons as the repair tape, while effective, ain't the prettiest. We were on the brink of selling the caravan too! Thanks all.
  3. On our last outing in our Unicorn Valencia (our first this year) we discovered that the kitchen tap had incurred freeze damage during last winter and the "up & over" section has split. I was able to get some repair tape which fixed the visible split for the time being, but water still escapes past the O-rings that seal where the tap swivels. I assume that replacing the O-rings will solve this, but is there anything special about the rings, or should I be able to find suitable replacements in any decent hardware store? Thanks for reading.
  4. There's a single key for all the locks on the caravan and, yes, it has unlocked the door in the past. The door provides access to an auxiliary water tank which we don't use. For that reason, we haven't opened the door in quite a long time. I think, of the alternatives you suggest, I'll drill the lock if it doesn't yield to my next attempt, which will be probing with a nail file - SWMBO won't permit me to use a steak knife.
  5. No luck with PlusGas, I've also found my lock picks and gave those their first outing in anger but without success. They weren't able to move the last tumbler. :-( I've even attempted to find a support contact address on the Thetford web site but it looks like they don't want to hear from end users.
  6. No, they weren't, I doubled the wrong digit: it should say 2011. Thanks for responding. :-)
  7. Yeah, I know WD40 doesn't possess magical properties but, when the other fluids didn't work, I gave it a go. :-) I'll try Plus Gas and report back. I'm reluctant to be brutal if there's any other way. Thanks to you & Griff.
  8. Thanks for the suggestion but "Tourershine can't receive messages". was returned when I attempted to do this.
  9. The finish on the roof of our Bailey Unicorn Valencia (new in 2001) is breaking down. I've only ever cleaned the caravan myself, using soft brushes and Fenwick's Caravan Cleaner diluted in cold water according to recommendations.. Is this consistent with the lifespan of the finish? Has anyone experienced similar?
  10. The lock on one of the external lockers on our 2011 Bailey Unicorn Valencia is seized and i'm unable to fully insert the key. Fortunately the locker is the one that matters least - it gives access to that additional water tank (that we haven't bothered to use) so it hasn't been an urgent concern. However, we're now thinking of selling the caravan, so fixing it has risen to the top of to-do list! Over time I've tried squirting lubricant (silicon/WD40/locklube at different times) into the lock but without success and the lock (or at least the last pins within) remains stuck. Short of resorting to destructive methods, does anyone have a suggestion for how to overcome the problem?
  11. We arrived on our storage site to clean our caravan and discovered that we had been hosting squatters. No idea what kind of bird but they had built their nest on top of the hitch, even though it had been protected/concealed by the hitch cover. Fortunately the eggs were cold so the nest had been abandoned.
  12. I discovered, a week ago, that the finish on the roof of our Bailey Unicorn Valencia (new in 2001) is breaking down. I've only ever cleaned the caravan myself, using soft brushes and Fenwick's Caravan Cleaner diluted in cold water according to recommendations.. Is this consistent with the lifespan of the finish? Has anyone experienced similar? Thanks in advance for any responses/comments.
  13. CMC classifieds? Not familiar with this. Can you please elaborate? If it does, I'll be pleased to have the info via direct msg.
  14. What's the best way to sell a caravan? To a dealer, through a dealer acting as agent, advertise it (if so, where?). Would you include all the accessories, the awning, & so on? Any advice welcomed. Thanks, Peter
  15. Can anybody recommend a mobile caravan servicing engineer in West Sussex? The caravan is a Bailey and located at a storage site not far from Worthing. Thanks, Peter
  16. To round off the discussion, I chose to go with the dearer quote and this repairer is dealing directly with the insurer. Thanks to all for your input. P
  17. The damage occurred in June, as we were departing for a week away. The day after our return I broke my left ankle on both sides so it's only now that I'm regaining sufficient mobility to deal with this. A ***** because we had decided we would sell the van this summer, but that's now going to have to wait until next year. I don't know whether will involve replacing the entire side of the van. Something has to account for the price difference! Thanks for your respective responses.
  18. A few months ago I manoeuvered the caravan too close to a fence at the storage site and a protruding bolt tore through the skin of the side. I've discussed this with the insurance company (Saga) and they've suggested I get quotes for the repair before deciding whether or not to claim. I had a quote of £600 plus materials (+VAT) from one local-ish company and, thinking it might be a bit high, asked another company to also quote. Their quote came in at £1300 plus materials (+VAT). Even the smaller of these is enough to be worth claiming on the insurance for (excess is £200), but which of these quotes do I wave in front of the insurer? Any suggestions? Cheers, Peter
  19. Thanks for the contributions, everyone. "best but" should, of course, have been "best buy".
  20. Our originally acquired leisure battery has given up the ghost, so I need to buy a new one. Does the assembled throng have any opinions as to "best but" choices? The caravan is kept on a storage site with no mains charging facilities and has a mover. The retiring battery is 110A/h, branded "unnamed battery supplier" and has been in service since we bought the caravan in 2012 (and, yes, we need to do something about a Pv charging arrangement that actually works).
  21. All sounds good advice, thanks. A4 sheets of Stainless Steel Rodent Mesh can be bought via Amazon for £4. 49 so I'll order a couple. Wire wool (didn't know that!) is easy to obtain. Somebody suggested somewhere that fabric conditioner sheets are also disliked by mice, but the stuff sets me off with sneezing fits. Thanks again!
  22. We store our caravan on an insurance approved secure site that is within the bounds of a farm and, this year for the first time have found evidence of mouse activity inside the van. I placed a couple of traps and caught one, thankfully visiting the site soon after its demise and so was able to dispose of the corpse before it became a problem. So far, so good, but I've read in older threads that baiting might be considered an attraction, and so am now looking at prevention of ingress. There was a suggestion that all holes be filled with silicon sealer, which I was about to embark on when I spotted this, which looks like it might be a bit more of a barrier: http://allegoric. us/2ds1qTl Has anybody used the stuff and/or have any comments? There's no mention of caravans in the blurb. Thanks, Peter
  23. Thanks Ian, I've read back through your blog, but found only a note (October last year) that you haven't been able to upload the instruction sheet. Plenty of good stuff there, though. I've saved quite a few posts to my Evernote account. :-) Peter
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