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  1. Thank you for the feed back buddy. Longtime sines I used credit law james
  2. 1974 consumer credit act section 75 you need to spend over £100 to get this protection so I always advice to spend £101 the figure use to be £35k not shaw what it is now. you can always ask your bank but I don’t think you will get your money back sorry James
  3. Definitely not taken the wrong way Simple answer I don’t 99.9% of the time the service is great and no problem but we are talking about problems and how to deal with them so it may sound a lot but it isn’t. “I would like this work done under warranty because if the consumer act 2015 please” most of the time is enough I have not threatened legal action just pointed out my rights and the possibility. The times I’ve had to do the paperwork and send it to the company are very few indeed it just never gets that far. With my dyslexia it may come over that I sent court letters for a TV I didn’t I just contacted the TV manufacturer and said I wanted to repair or replacement done under the sales of goods act as it was then. Again not threatening legal action just informing them of my rights. Know your rights and be Prepared with the knowledge on how to act on them. Simple James
  4. Exactly as Mr Plod has said i have never ever lost, I am responsible on all claims but I have never lost. when I had a problem with a five and a half year old car no they refused to do the work I followed the advice of training standards and the Clerk of the court on the letter I sent. The work was done within 7 days when I had a problem with my Jaguar and the dealer said never hear of it so I rang Jaguar UK again the work was done in the case of my Hymer I can not chase a German company in Germany so can only deal with the dealer if it ever comes about. My last Hymer and Guist never needed any warranty claim however I had a British caravan that went back tree time so I gave them back the keys and started to take them to small claims court it never got there I got all my money all my interest from my loan and £7000 in compensation. It may be that Andy is a solicitor I don’t know and I respect his feed back but I have done the advice I am giving time and time again I have give this advice on this site and others and as far as I know , just in case I miss some one, they have never lost. As Mr Plod has said people don’t follow though. YOU MUST DO, it is simple and can not cost you anything. Always chased the dealer AND the warranty supplier for example I can take my VW to any VW dealer for the work so who controls the yes or no VW UK ( who were completely amazing by the way and I am thinking of buying my next car from them) This may sound harsh and forgive me and remember I have dyslexia so rely on auto spell and we all know how that can lead us, You are not that important in the over all sales so if your car or caravan or TV breaks take the manufacture as well to court and this is what happens 99 times out of a 100, you will NOT end up in court It is not worth the time of the dealer or the manufacturer so “just get it done” I come and go from most forums, not just this one, because people argue you can or you can’t but I HAVE the advice I give I have done and been though it. A TV that broke and the dealer was no longer in business so I went after the manufacture the result was a replacement TV, just remember you get like for like so be fair when a tracker failed I offered half the price of a new unit because it was much better one member of staff was terrible but as soon as the owner got the court paper work he rang me we talked there was shock I had offered half the money and to my amazement he offered me a new top of the range tracker unit plus he gave me 12 months free subscription the end result is my New Hymer caravan has there tracker and alarm fitted. when it comes back to the first post I have no idea how bad it is I would either get some one to do the job or just do it because I’d does not sound a big enough job to chase anyone but if it is sir or Madame please forgive me and chase or PM me and I will pass on the advice. James
  5. we have one It is ok works like a bbq and make nice food if the cook is upto it. not the easiest to clean and messing with the charcoal blocks that and very heavy in the end we bought a small gas BBQ and we like that even more and it stays in the locker box all year round James
  6. Hello Sorry for your problem. W bought a Hymer 590 from Highbridge caravans with amazing service and a great deal plus they had the caravan we wanted. we life in the Ribble Valley so like you a very long way from the dealer we decided on a few things on purchase 1 If a small warranty job was needed we would just pay for it. There are many caravan service centres or mobile people who will do small jobs like this 2 If we had a larger claim we would take it down and have a holiday then pick it up with another holiday. On picking up the caravan the lady told us if we don’t get it serviced by a Hymer dealer it would invalidate our warranty I then informed her of out rights and no matter what they add in a contract nothing beats the sales of good act now the consumer act 2015 I a, sorry to say on its first service I found the back locker door was leaking so we did options two, I have the very top end protometer and test my caravan every single time I go away and other time in storage so about 12 times a year. My new meter has the no hole technology as well as the hole type for further investigation, the work was done and it was amazing just amazing belt and braces and another belt I think. I was then informed I need to have my caravan serviced by Hymer, I let the nice lady know if they had a mobile service engineer I would book with them but if not it was impossible and if this was so important to them they should not of sold me the caravan put simply the consumer act 2015 covered me and if they wanted a fight I have never ever lost because I can not lose as long as I turn up. I have just booked my second mobile service who is happy to do any repairs if needed. You will find some one to do the job and this will keep your damp warranty in place also as long as the damp does not come from the shower they could not refuse to do the work anyway. James
  7. Haha very fun I almost fell for it but a smile on my face. I would go for pitch one saves starting the car stay safe James
  8. As an advanced driving instructor for many years my advice I hope is simple and safe as a caravaner there are times we need to reverse a caravan and as such we must learn the skill, nice and slow is the order of the day if you have some one watching make shaw if you mess up that they are well out of harms way, use Wilkie talkies etc to shave on shouting. But remember the largest amount of caravan insurance claims is when a caravan is being reversed. If you have a motor mover then use it. Park near your pitch and then use the mover, things don’t go wrong when you use the mover and you are putting a lot less strain on your car and it’s gear box. I may practice once or twice a year other than that it is the motor mover, it cost a lot of money so I use it and it is much safer too. As for places, industrial estates, don’t reverse into gates etc you could even use a site or any large car park. some one said about an instructor I think that is a great idea. Just remember no one says they are going to have an accident today so nice and slow. James
  9. It is best not to heat because it will cause condensation to build up. ‘May I recommend a boat winter dehumidifier ‘when I had my caravan at home and fitted one of these the difference is amazing because everything feels dry heating the van the day before a trip was easy and made for a much better first few days. A normal dehumidifier will not work because they turn off at 8 degrees and the boat one goes down to 2 if I remember I hope this helps James
  10. I have never had anything stolen but I do lock thinks up you can buy very cheaply long steel cables they normally come with a cheap lock which I change to a comi lock. it is not so much the value of an item, though the dog pen would be a pain, as much the shock and ruining of the holiday to know some scum bag has taken something. ‘I don’t lock my water carrier though I should to be fair my max view satellite that sticks to the caravan cones come with an anti theft connection so I use the metal wire to lock that up. ‘We all can be lead into a false sense of security seeing every one leaving all these valuables left outside there caravans I have just talked to a mate who has got back from his holiday when asked how was your trip the first words were of money stolen from his hotel room. James
  11. Personally I have never had a problem with this but I agree is this happens on such a sort distance it needs sorting Are you 100% sore there are no kids, horses, farm equipment, mud on the road or how about walkers and there dogs i life in a rural area and there are many area that a very dangerous for walkers. Never assume it is clear until you know it is. Had you cut and pasted more you will see I said add poor loading, poor driving and we can have a disaster wishing you well James Correct if a person breaks the rules in the HC the first question we ask is why, did they know the rule, have they read the HC, if not why not. ‘It always depends on the case and what the Clark advices James
  12. To be fair it is a completely cash cow tax you either enter into it or you don’t seem simple to me speed limits are set set for a reason if people don’t know or can not see the reason they should go for driving lessons. ‘Personally I think all cameras should be hidden. Anyone who sees a camera and slows down is not driving correctly anyway. ‘I don’t care about someone not seeing a camera it’s the child playing that is the problem. Caravans are massively affected by wind under the van that makes them unstable this is why the speed limits are reduced. A stable unit ar 60mph can become unstable at 70mph add this this poor loading etc and we can have big problems. Wishing every one well James Foote
  13. I have a 590 and yes the bed does squeak. ‘I have not done this because it does not bother us very much though at a curtain time the squeaking did make us laugh. i was told you needed a wax not a spray My friend had bought some and on our next trip I may just borrow some and see if it works. james
  14. I understand MrPlods view but I also come from a Plod family two brothers and my farther my farther is too old for this etc but my brother and my best mate all say go for it granted more use in cars than caravans. Relying solely on insurance out can not be a good idea. I think if your caravan is in storage a tracker is a great peace of mind what is very apparent is you fit it if you want too James
  15. I am amazed people remove there tracker I ha e the phantom and would be informed within meters of the van moving but with the alarm I would know before the thing moves they may do damage to locks but not normally to the caravan, they are trying to sell it after all. ‘And forget all about the caravan I want to catch the scum bag who steal it. A tracker is just another item to try and defeat the scum who steal our beloved caravans plus we got a big discount on our caravan because it is monitored 24/7 can they be beaten yes they can and this is why you don’t advertise there’s a tracker. Mine is very well hidden away from the alarm I hope it turns out to be a waist of money but to be fair for those with a caravan in storage it is a great peace of mind. Like g7eor I know where is on my phone I also know the battery charge and how my solar panel is doing. is it worth it, depends on you, for me it’s a big yes James
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