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  1. Haha very fun I almost fell for it but a smile on my face. I would go for pitch one saves starting the car stay safe James
  2. As an advanced driving instructor for many years my advice I hope is simple and safe as a caravaner there are times we need to reverse a caravan and as such we must learn the skill, nice and slow is the order of the day if you have some one watching make shaw if you mess up that they are well out of harms way, use Wilkie talkies etc to shave on shouting. But remember the largest amount of caravan insurance claims is when a caravan is being reversed. If you have a motor mover then use it. Park near your pitch and then use the mover, things don’t go wrong when you use the mover and you
  3. It is best not to heat because it will cause condensation to build up. ‘May I recommend a boat winter dehumidifier ‘when I had my caravan at home and fitted one of these the difference is amazing because everything feels dry heating the van the day before a trip was easy and made for a much better first few days. A normal dehumidifier will not work because they turn off at 8 degrees and the boat one goes down to 2 if I remember I hope this helps James
  4. I have never had anything stolen but I do lock thinks up you can buy very cheaply long steel cables they normally come with a cheap lock which I change to a comi lock. it is not so much the value of an item, though the dog pen would be a pain, as much the shock and ruining of the holiday to know some scum bag has taken something. ‘I don’t lock my water carrier though I should to be fair my max view satellite that sticks to the caravan cones come with an anti theft connection so I use the metal wire to lock that up. ‘We all can be lead into a false sense of s
  5. Personally I have never had a problem with this but I agree is this happens on such a sort distance it needs sorting Are you 100% sore there are no kids, horses, farm equipment, mud on the road or how about walkers and there dogs i life in a rural area and there are many area that a very dangerous for walkers. Never assume it is clear until you know it is. Had you cut and pasted more you will see I said add poor loading, poor driving and we can have a disaster wishing you well James Correct if a person breaks the rules in the HC the firs
  6. To be fair it is a completely cash cow tax you either enter into it or you don’t seem simple to me speed limits are set set for a reason if people don’t know or can not see the reason they should go for driving lessons. ‘Personally I think all cameras should be hidden. Anyone who sees a camera and slows down is not driving correctly anyway. ‘I don’t care about someone not seeing a camera it’s the child playing that is the problem. Caravans are massively affected by wind under the van that makes them unstable this is why the speed limits are reduced.
  7. I have a 590 and yes the bed does squeak. ‘I have not done this because it does not bother us very much though at a curtain time the squeaking did make us laugh. i was told you needed a wax not a spray My friend had bought some and on our next trip I may just borrow some and see if it works. james
  8. I understand MrPlods view but I also come from a Plod family two brothers and my farther my farther is too old for this etc but my brother and my best mate all say go for it granted more use in cars than caravans. Relying solely on insurance out can not be a good idea. I think if your caravan is in storage a tracker is a great peace of mind what is very apparent is you fit it if you want too James
  9. I am amazed people remove there tracker I ha e the phantom and would be informed within meters of the van moving but with the alarm I would know before the thing moves they may do damage to locks but not normally to the caravan, they are trying to sell it after all. ‘And forget all about the caravan I want to catch the scum bag who steal it. A tracker is just another item to try and defeat the scum who steal our beloved caravans plus we got a big discount on our caravan because it is monitored 24/7 can they be beaten yes they can and this is why you don’t advertise t
  10. I have had one for years and I would recommend the peace of mind. ‘When it comes to locks they can be removed with the tracker don’t advertise the fact you have one. ‘When it come to reduced police numbers well it is an easy nick so they do come and they have to come too James
  11. Small claims court I am sorry to say but it will take time to list every fault and why it was not spotted at delivery James
  12. One thing to note as well is are you allowed to park your caravan on your drive. ‘A quick call to your local council will tell you. ‘’Where I live we are not allowed a caravan or any signed work van, it may sound harsh but we know this when buying our home and really liked the fact this was the case it keeps the development nice and clear. i know some will hate this but it is our home not there’s As a local councillor I have had to call on a number of people to ask them to move there van. Worth checking before a neighbor complains. James
  13. I have had some terrible quality issues when it come to caravans. ‘My first 4 caravans had damp and parts not working or falling off My 5th caravan was damp from new and the manufacturer had it for longer than I did In the end I sued the manufacturer and got all my money back plus a large compensation payment. I then bought my first German caravan a Geist, the quality was great apart from the bed runners. I had this caravan for 7 to 8 years. I then bought a Hymer the build quality when though the roof the only problem I remember is the bottom oven door hinge gave up. I ha
  14. When I fell ill with along term condition I had the same decisions to make, I will list what I have done some I already had others I found after my illness started. 1, Motor Mover 2. When emptying the loo use a luggage trolley cheap to buy and very light 3. A two step step, less of a jolt on the body that will little harder to get into the caravan when you moving 4. A ready made up bed, just bought new caravan with this much easier 5. Eat out or get good quality ready made meals, easy for cooking and washing up because the containers are binned 6. The c
  15. I have a Jaguar XF v6 2007 I took mine to a weight station and with the better battery and spare wheel etc it came in at 2050kg my hand book says tow limit is 1850kg. I had a HYMER Nova 570 and it towed beautifuly I changed to a HYMER Nova 590 and again it tows very well. James
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