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  1. I have a 590 and yes the bed does squeak. ‘I have not done this because it does not bother us very much though at a curtain time the squeaking did make us laugh. i was told you needed a wax not a spray My friend had bought some and on our next trip I may just borrow some and see if it works. james
  2. I understand MrPlods view but I also come from a Plod family two brothers and my farther my farther is too old for this etc but my brother and my best mate all say go for it granted more use in cars than caravans. Relying solely on insurance out can not be a good idea. I think if your caravan is in storage a tracker is a great peace of mind what is very apparent is you fit it if you want too James
  3. I am amazed people remove there tracker I ha e the phantom and would be informed within meters of the van moving but with the alarm I would know before the thing moves they may do damage to locks but not normally to the caravan, they are trying to sell it after all. ‘And forget all about the caravan I want to catch the scum bag who steal it. A tracker is just another item to try and defeat the scum who steal our beloved caravans plus we got a big discount on our caravan because it is monitored 24/7 can they be beaten yes they can and this is why you don’t advertise there’s a tracker. Mine is very well hidden away from the alarm I hope it turns out to be a waist of money but to be fair for those with a caravan in storage it is a great peace of mind. Like g7eor I know where is on my phone I also know the battery charge and how my solar panel is doing. is it worth it, depends on you, for me it’s a big yes James
  4. I have had one for years and I would recommend the peace of mind. ‘When it comes to locks they can be removed with the tracker don’t advertise the fact you have one. ‘When it come to reduced police numbers well it is an easy nick so they do come and they have to come too James
  5. Small claims court I am sorry to say but it will take time to list every fault and why it was not spotted at delivery James
  6. One thing to note as well is are you allowed to park your caravan on your drive. ‘A quick call to your local council will tell you. ‘’Where I live we are not allowed a caravan or any signed work van, it may sound harsh but we know this when buying our home and really liked the fact this was the case it keeps the development nice and clear. i know some will hate this but it is our home not there’s As a local councillor I have had to call on a number of people to ask them to move there van. Worth checking before a neighbor complains. James
  7. I have had some terrible quality issues when it come to caravans. ‘My first 4 caravans had damp and parts not working or falling off My 5th caravan was damp from new and the manufacturer had it for longer than I did In the end I sued the manufacturer and got all my money back plus a large compensation payment. I then bought my first German caravan a Geist, the quality was great apart from the bed runners. I had this caravan for 7 to 8 years. I then bought a Hymer the build quality when though the roof the only problem I remember is the bottom oven door hinge gave up. I had this caravan just under 12 years. Though a HYMER can leak, a friend of mine had this problem, they don’t get damp in the walls because of the construction methods used I have just bought another Hymer and the quality on this one seems outstanding but I can not comment on durability because I’ve only owned it a few weeks all you you can do is a full inspection before taking delivery of your caravan and hope for the best. The caravan industry does have massive problems when it comes to quality and I don’t know the answer. Pay your deposit on your credit card to get the insurance even use some finance to get a warranty from them as well. James
  8. When I fell ill with along term condition I had the same decisions to make, I will list what I have done some I already had others I found after my illness started. 1, Motor Mover 2. When emptying the loo use a luggage trolley cheap to buy and very light 3. A two step step, less of a jolt on the body that will little harder to get into the caravan when you moving 4. A ready made up bed, just bought new caravan with this much easier 5. Eat out or get good quality ready made meals, easy for cooking and washing up because the containers are binned 6. The caravan club have the Helping Hand Sign, it says if people offer help it will be taken with gratitude 7. Do jobs in smaller steps, there is no rush. 8. Request extra time on packing up days 9. On packing up days do most of it the day before 10. Ask for help, I know the caravan club wardens will happily help you set up and pack away 11. Ask help from fellow caravaners most seem to be a friendly lot James
  9. I have a Jaguar XF v6 2007 I took mine to a weight station and with the better battery and spare wheel etc it came in at 2050kg my hand book says tow limit is 1850kg. I had a HYMER Nova 570 and it towed beautifuly I changed to a HYMER Nova 590 and again it tows very well. James
  10. I have no idea Durbanite. I will look into it but off to get van tomorrow so busy for a while regards James
  11. Good Idea Steam I will do, however the law changed some years ago, as I am shaw you know, which means you can have your caravan serviced as long as they are NCC. If they did say there is a problem then a fight they will get with the law on my side. I am more than happy to spend £50 to go to the small claims court. But then again it would not be the first time the caravan industry tried to bend the rules in there favour. I know the stamp has stopped. I was reading up on what you can do. In fact you can do a full service yourself and get a damp test from a NCC If you then get damp you are covered but if something you have done fails it would not be covered. Interesting. In 18 to 20 years of owning my caravans I have never had a warranty job done but I can not read the future. I will Look into it and thank you very much for the advice Cut and past from Hymer warranty Water Ingress Test * During the water ingress test, your HYMER dealer or an authorised workshop, using a hygrometer, checks the entire body of your vehicle for water impermeability. The test is carried out on all connec- tions, windows, skylights, external flaps and doors. Important: The six-year weatherproof guarantee is only valid when the testing intervals are upheld. The water ingress test must be carried out on an annual basis. The water ingress test may be carried out max. six months before or six months after the date on which the test is due. For additional information concerning the 6 year guarantee against leaks, please refer to the following text. Also your HYMER dealer will be pleased to advise you. It does not say who the authorised workshop is and the law says NCC but I will confirm on picking up the caravan. James
  12. I have the Reich model and it is a pain but you don’t have to do it often I also took car and van to a weight bridge the Reich model was very close. i have just bought the Milenco tow bar weight device, the only one you know 100% is correct. James
  13. Some more Information I thought because I am buying a van at distance I will make my calls and this is what I found out, I am not allowed to name companies I think If I am I will change the post. caravan is 217miles from my home I rang the place who I have dealt with for years. They can service the van but not do warranty work. contacted my local hymer dealer. Yes they can but right now (not needed now) they could not do extra work. I asked because Hymer warranty the work have they ever contacted you to ask for you to do it. The reply was “not with Hymer but with other makes” I rang another dealer if they would and yes they were happy to do the work 89 miles away. I rang another dealer and they were happy to do the service and warranty work Price of service, are you sitting down,” £430 but we do much more than any one else”, I asked is this the price for every caravan reply “yes” This is what we are going to do Have it serviced at our normal place NCC approved If a small problem comes up we will just pay, never happened but I don’t know the future Now for the big part. If we have a big warranty problem and the local place can not take it our break down cover company will take us to the dealer. I rang and I checked. They will take myself and the van and then bring me home under there duo cover thing I would say not as ideal as a local dealer but I know the service is done to the highest quality and we have options for warranty cover plus we have saved an absolute fortune. No no one asked for money to transfer warranty James
  14. Quote The Contract of Sale is with the Retailer, The Warranty is also a Contract in law and is both implied and explicit. It is between the parties named in it and that is the Purchaser and the Manufacturer and is entirely separate from the Sales Contract. Quote If you are having difficulties with the retailer or if he has gone out of business you can then legally enforce the terms of guarantee with the manufacturer. Another course of redress may be through the finance company. If you have entered into any credit agreement or have paid by credit card then section 75 the Consumer Credit Act 1974 provides that the finance company is jointly liable for any breach of contract or misrepresentations made for purchases over £100 Unquote Look ok fellas this can go on and on with people reading about double glazing firms or buying your kettle. I am going to leave it here because it now need to be left. If any one wants advice please just pm me so we don’t fill a forum with disagreements I will then tell you how I dealt with it. it is very unlikely it would go to court because If they win you lost £50 or nothing now I think and if you win it will open up a floodgate. The very best of health to every one James
  15. Sorry Durbanite you are confusing things. if a glazing company goes bust you lose your garantee that THEY gave to you and is correct But the warrantee on a caravan or a car is given from the manufacturer and they pay for the repair. If you buy your 30k caravan and the dealer goes bust do you lose your warrantee. NO because the manufacturer is the one giving the warranty so responsibility lies with them. I will give you one Example minute. I understand for them doesn’t want name is been taken so I will not name the firms unless you want to PM me. I bought a well-known caravan new It was damp I took it back to the dealer who repaired the caravan, 3 times. This could of been any registered repairer I went to pick it up and fresh damp was found The Manufacturer was the one who was authorizing I’m paying for the repair of the dump. I started to sue the manufacturer the manufacturer organized a full money refund +7000 pounds compensation. warranties are different from a company guarantee This is why I had a repaire done on a VW Passate for £1700 on a car just under 6 years old I dealt with VW UK not Lookers Repairs to my Jaguar have been though Jaguar UK not the dealer because I had the car serviced and worked on at a different dealer. Also don’t forget to pat at least £101 on your credit card. I am sorry Durbanite but this is correct how do I know because I have done it a lot of times not just once. ‘But hay if people what to just deal with dealers take there word for it fine. The amount they pay makes my claims much easier after all they would not want the information in the public domaine would they ‘A cut and past In most cases, automotive warranties are based on the vehicle identification number (VIN), and the warranty will be valid regardless of ownership. ... As a result, buying a used car with the remaining factory warranty should mean that you're covered under the same warranty as the old owner was. The Factory Warranty NOT dealer warranty ‘who gives you the warrantee the manufacturer James
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