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  1. Sometimes they have to take in stock after a certain period of being unsold...I once bought a 'new' Abbey that was two models old but new in all ways including Warranty. geoff
  2. Leisure World Group https://www.leisureworldgroup.com/search?offer[]=go-wild&utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=go-wild-2019 Nearest depot York.... geoff
  3. Just had email from one dealer with offers up to £6K off,obviously top of the range models...most have up to £2500. geoff
  4. Keep us posted John...... geoff
  5. Yes they did go into administration in September 2008. geoff
  6. I see that CMC MidWest Centre have a rally at Vale of Pickering, probably long waiting list but may be worth checking their website. geoff
  7. Some of the 're-reactors we met last time were ex US forces but their uniforms did fit! Geoff
  8. Nostalgia can be wonderful if shared! Geoff
  9. Great dog walks at Nunnykirk....shame! Geoff
  10. Agree about Kirk Theatre Show,first rate event. Geoff
  11. Couple of families I knew were only doing it as a pension booster and retired when they reached the relevant time...don't think either of them would have gone on to start their own business. geoff
  12. Used to be a favourite of ours many moons back...OK not much in way of facilities if that bothers you but as an area great for getting to the coast, Cragside and Rothbury and the wilder parts of Northumberland...pitches are generous and EHU OK... Worth a visit. geoff
  13. Black Bull was last site we stayed on as couldn't get on any rallies and we booked about Easter I seem to recall....then walked up to showground for the bus,in the rain... geoff
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