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  1. This was one of best sites for kids in our days. geoff
  2. Paid . £29 for a 6kg bottle one Bank Holiday Monday in East Yorkshire,if needs must. Geoff
  3. I called into Gibson Park Melrose for gas and the Warden had just been to Galashiels for it....I was out but when I wanted more I found that the price difference betwixt the Gala motor factor and the site was £1.20 a bottle...not worth the hassle... DeeTee, good response, geoff
  4. The wardens buy the gas themselves,not the Club...so for your convenience. Geoff
  5. My caravan had an Avtex as standard but wasn't there when we collected,used, why? It had been on the Frame ,on the road, and had come off.......so personally never tried it with my own Avtex. Geoff
  6. We had a domestic one and the Gas Board were the only ones with bits...thats a long time back. geoff
  7. Chateau was a partnership company at one time... Geoff
  8. Think the term is oxymoron.....what you are seeking wouldn't work with an array as big as Jodrell Bank! Sorry Geoff
  9. We have a 260 Kampa Rally which just misses the kitchen window. Geoff
  10. Just use what you use at home,end of story. Geoff
  11. Agree really small ones would get bored and hot....we ended up sitting on floor to eat our sandwiches until a dealer offered free tea and a seat...Yes,it is a half day job at least and yes it is busy busy.....nevertheless,we always enjoyed it. Geoff
  12. Seems a bit like heresay...my neighbours had no trouble covering an Avondale which shut years ago. Geoff
  13. Out of 10 caravans owned 6 have been Swift Group products,all had a niggle or two but otherwise good value and comfortable. Enjoy Geoff
  14. Amazed that you got on John...normally full to busting on cc rallies we went on....last time couldn't get on one so went on Black Bull booking in April. geoff
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