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  1. shipbroker

    Insurance cover abroad

    I too know of members of CMC who moved to C&CC to get their overseas cover,and one of them broke his shoulder first time out in Almeria...they got him and 'van home fine. geoff
  2. shipbroker

    Insurance cover abroad

    Indeed,because they are operated by two separate companies. geoff
  3. shipbroker

    Welcome pack

    Ian...they left off the big book for rally plaques then?? geoff
  4. shipbroker

    Manual Required Please

    Look under Avondale section and then at Manuals. Geoff
  5. shipbroker

    There are good dealers out there

    The OP doesn't live close either....many of the recommendations are from distant purchasers...this is a non-franchise dealer with huge stock. Geoff
  6. shipbroker

    There are good dealers out there

    I bought my present caravan from same dealer, three years ago, and had excellent service from Mark,his family and team. We have friends who have come down from Scotland and received same service and again made recommendations. geoff
  7. shipbroker

    Welcome pack

    I wouldn't be worried either about a second hand container for water,but I am concerned that they have fobbed you off with used gear, I would be jumping up and down and telling them that all the other dealers give new. geoff
  8. shipbroker

    Caravan tyres

    Suppose MMC don't carry spanners themselves! geoff
  9. shipbroker

    Caravan tyres

    Indeed Special Tool is a long allen key...my tyre deport happy to change tyres last year,however,in view of extra time taken with Tyron fitted it was another £5 a tyre. geoff Ah mention of both companies in same frame fooled me! Halfords are actually a minor shareholder of T.o.t.D, bulk owned by MMC Investments...not that that matters anyway! geoff
  10. shipbroker

    Biggest loss in Indian history!

    A Cosworth and a Mexico were destroyed in a garage fire here last month,estimate of over £200,000 for the pair... geoff
  11. In Brittany near Quimper a small car park to Museum with 20 motorhomes,all nationalities....Council put three lots of height beams on and all were removed overnight...... geoff
  12. shipbroker

    Caravan tyres

    Blackcircles are owned by Michelin,not Halfords! geoff
  13. shipbroker

    2017 Commodore

    Will be in to see the rest of the family on North Yorks rally end of month. geoff
  14. shipbroker

    2018 buccaneer q's

    My BPW squeaks a treat and so does my mates. ...piles of bungee straps and a fair chunk,or two,of polyfoam has helped. gepff
  15. shipbroker

    2017 Commodore

    Thought you had gone into hiding Vicky! geoff