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  1. As a, retired,Freight Forwarder the matter of cabotage also affects cross border traffic. ..always has and things have been easier under the EU. https://www. gov. uk/cabotage geoff
  2. Because it has a Border, unlike RoI & Ulster,at present. They are m ore than happy to keep it that way. geoff
  3. shipbroker

    Tata JLR

    Fiat manage to provide some good engines for Jeeps these days. geoff
  4. You would think that it was only a Barnsley race Paul! Harrogate might disagree, reckon I will be just up the road in Bedale that weekend. geoff
  5. shipbroker

    Insurance and remapped car

    Re-did mine last month and one of the stumbling points pricewise was the supposed difference between 8k and 10k per annum, quoting anything up to £35 difference. They all agreed that they didn't know my start or finish mileage and one sensible man, at LV, said it didn't make a lot of difference. ...but the fact that I had non-standard alloys did and side steps also. ...but the man from NFU said side steps and towbar were taken as granted and anything under 15k a year was fine. In the end I bunged all the non-standards on the various comparison sites, plus the slightly higher mileage, and threw them all back at LV,the best being the moneysupermarket site which saved me £48 against LV renewal quote. geoff
  6. Some good hints in Sunday Times Travel section. .including if a Hard Brexit then EHIC cards out of window. ..and months of waiting for new pet passports. .......... geoff
  7. shipbroker

    Trailer Registration Regulations

    . .....but there are trailers on the mainland which are longer than our norm of 12 metres. ......but they don't,as far as I know, come here. I did work for a Dutch company that had them. geoff
  8. shipbroker

    New Nissan Pathfinder

    See they have stopped making the QX70 though. ......expensive motors. geoff
  9. shipbroker

    Urban exploration!!

    Yes the Bomb dump at Dishforth interested me as it is only a few minutes from home. ..airfield all but inactive as the helicopters have gone now. geoff
  10. I rally with one of the Executive. .I'll ask him when next seen. geoff
  11. shipbroker

    Urban exploration!!

    We (SWMBO as well!) went to a WI open meeting the other evening which featured photographs from the history of our local County Town. Very interesting too. ..she attends a weekly Local History group which does High Street walks and discusses what was where and reviews the census and street plans of a specific period. Me, my scene is normally further back than 1800's onward. ...I am in another Local History Group that covers from the Romans to pre 1800's including a considerable amount of industrial work. ...such as the historic mining in Wensleydale or the Iron Industry of the Cleveland Hills. ...I am also working with a local archeology group on fieldwork from medieval period. ...all good fun. geoff p. s. I caravan too.
  12. But SAD is from North Staffs so maybe that's what they call them there? geoff
  13. Indeed. .... even if SAD uses it as Snickers! geoff
  14. shipbroker

    New tow car?

    Interesting how things have changed in G perception. In my Warehousing days we stored new Mercs in high security prior to them being put on the forecourts, or against special orders ( usually ladies birthdays)...One such was a new (mid-90's )G-wagon, dealer had brought it in as he was sure a fairly quick sale would ensue. It sat there for nearly 4 years before it was transferred to another dealership. Yet one of the original models, a 1979/80 hardly turned a wheel before it was snapped up. I always thought they were ugly. ....but that's me! geoff
  15. shipbroker


    Interesting that C&CC have bought these, wonder how much they paid? Know CC has been desperate to find new sites same area and the two stumbling blocks have been National Parks and the amount of money the existing site owners were asking for. ... geoff