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  1. Flushed with success David then! geoff
  2. Just re-read this...do you travel alone ...3 days wow! geoff
  3. Panache has been used by Atlas Caravans already. geoff
  4. Well don't tell us here that it was you that shut 'em down then! But I have only been on one site ever where this information was not available beforehand. geoff
  5. Thanks...Some of the Classic Cherokees did have US engines, my first certainly did as it had the Detroit name on the rocker,not so sure about the second. The 'new model' engines are Steyr-Daimler- Puch as that is where mine came from after the blow-out....made in Austria. Although part of Fiat they make for many other notable names I am told. Interesting diversion from the original thread! geoff
  6. Well I always have both both, usually if using either CL's or Commercial sites they do mention the need for green fluid. geoff
  7. Then what? did they stay with Jeep, my first two were the classic US engined models which were 'bombproof' but had clutch and injector problems...the next two were the 'new shape' Fiat models which were run as my own company cars because of the ability to work on rough works roads and quaysides...the first wouldn't do 28 mpg never mind the 38 mpg advertised..the second blew an engine after less than 7000 miles,which was replaced in a month f.o.c., but never had confidence in them after that....hence the Rexton! geoff
  8. Don't quite understand why water heater seems to work but nothing else....but if there is an online fuse it is usually tucked somewhere near where the battery cables enter the bed lockers, often a 20amp. Geoff
  9. Same in Switzerland...I was warned for crossing a road and not using a proper lit section, as a tourist I was let off.... geoff
  10. No, the point of green fluid is that it doesn't kill the bugs in septic tanks and the like which are to be found on farms...Blue does, ruining the whole mini ecosystem. Nearest HB 28 miles and never seems to have other than tent pegs and torches in their camping section, Aldi about 10 miles. But as level of concentrate in Elsan is higher we use their special offers,usually via Ropers where we get an extra 10% as we bought a 'van or two from them 15 years plus ago! geoff
  11. When Sorento Mk1 came on market there were said to be two types of caravanners 'Those that had a Sorento and those that wanted one!".......we tried them out and found them plasticy and not too well made, so bought the first of four Jeeps, which were not plasticy but the engines were not that well made...excellent tugs though. Best car was my Rexton 2.7 which I had for nearly 11 years, and is still running somewhere.....could not afford a new one at today's prices, again like Sorento and Santa Fe models, so bought a Sorento and found there were not many on market in good used condition...."people hold onto them I was told"....but as said 'a good tug'. geoff
  12. Drivers are be allowed on motorways in Wales, England and Scotland. ... The change to the Highway Code states that provisional licence holders can drive on the motorway, but only in a dual-control car and they must be accompanied by a DVSA approved driving instructor. This came into force last year. I failed my test first time because I clipped a kerb coming out of an alleyway that I had been told to reverse into, this was way back in 1959. geoff
  13. Our nearest Aldi is just down the road from CMC Thirsk Racecourse site and things like this,and awning floor tiles/ rock pegs etc went quickly last time. Geoff
  14. Several of them around North East,especially since Appleby Horse Fair finished. Geoff
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