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  1. Interesting comments on electrics and pricing...a site we use annually ,non club, has just put their rates up from £3.50 to £5.00 a night............" if you don't want to pay that don't order it" geoff
  2. Have you looked at the 'stickies' for manuals at head of Avondale section? geoff
  3. Assume you have asked previous owner/sellers? Have you asked your local Hobby dealer too?? geoff
  4. Nice routes....when we did it in style we always bought the Michelin Regional Books,the Green ones.....first rate info and in depth compared to the Rough Guides etc. geoff
  5. Cooper now have their tyres made in Kunshan China for the US Market...... And as Paul above mentioned:- https://www.coopertire.co.uk/improper-use-on-caravans/ geoff
  6. As is said here every month, you only hear about the bad' uns! Just been on a site on Oxfordshire and watched a Lunar on a seasonal pitch having window resealed, next pitch an Adria ( unusual yes) with a leaky awning rail......further along a van that couldn't get all the automatic steadies down...........Ah the joys of caravanning! geoff Me, just a blocked waste system and a TV that wouldn't work.
  7. Think I would probably substitute first word Many for Most these days! ( Bridgestone was actually a Japanese tire made in partnership with the Akron factory before WW2.) According to a US paper I read recently 82% of medium (car) and light heavy (truck) tyres are now made in Far East... If you want a purely English one then Avon will still sell you a set.....don't know how much though. geoff
  8. I have an Elddis, and whilst,at 6 years old there are some minor faults(Major to SWMBO), basically it is a solid and dry caravan....like most caravans any problems have been with the supplied equipment in the build,not the builders. Enjoy geoff
  9. I have cut and pasted this from a thread I started about sat navs...so it seems it isn't just me then! These trips have been in last 20 days. " Posted yesterday at 13:44 On 16/10/2018 at 20:34, shipbroker said: Think I will abandon the Lollipop and carry on with the Garmin,so have updated the maps as well. About 8 months ago I started this thread with a story about my Lollipop satnav and the problems it was giving me....basically inventing turnings where there are none! So used the Garmin and updated maps a time or two and no problems....till two weeks ago en route to Stratford on Avon....leaving Junction 23A M1 for the usual troll down into Birmingham it lost satellite connection, nothing unusual these days. 23 miles down the road it regained connection in the middle of road works and advised me to leave and take the M42 Northbound, which I had just passed, so took her advice and her next instruction was to retake the Southbound lane which meant a 7 mile circuit......odd methought. Anyway I switched it off and knew I should be heading to the South West lanes so did so.......lost satellite connection on reboot,no problems as knew Coventry should be aimed for.....next instruction was to take the M69 Eastbound towards Leicester...totally opposite direction to that I knew..so switched off and reached destination without further problem. That week used it once for local journey with caravan on back and no problems. Moved to another rally outside Oxford,not far but certainly not a straightforward run. In 40 miles lost connection 5 times and finally came on about 200 yards from destination...... Moved again to the Cotswolds, no satellite losses but several instances of trying to send me down roads which I could see were a) unsuitable and b) in wrong direction. Yesterday, knowing the route home I did put 'her' on anyway but just put in the junction on M69 I would take......almost within sight of this exit I got an instruction to take a route which would take me into nowhere.. geoff
  10. Me too any day...have transferred them between caravans in past. geoff
  11. Sounds like someone we met who fills his Wastemaster and Aquaroll with Orange Juice at end of season and leaves it in till Spring. geoff
  12. I have just had to hose down the two sinks and the shower compartment because of 'backing up' as described above......not for the first time. geoff
  13. Naaw......Davy Lamp not needed if you had the canaries. geoff
  14. Have used maps for years and always carry my trusted,and updated Truckers atlas,but as SWMBO cannot map read and isn't too great on print-outs from AA etc either. There are not many places,on UK motorways, where a quick recheck of a map is possible. geoff
  15. Graham, that one is very popular! geoff
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