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  1. Gas usage can be high with these "Tower" fridges, well ours is. We are just back from a UK September off hookup week, where admittedly we used the gas hob for cooking and our hot water needs, but still got through 4.5 kgs of propane. I have little doubt the big fridge is the "problem", but my wife considers it one of our van's great features. Electrical power gleaned with an 85 Watt free standing solar panel has even on 28 day off hookup summer trips never failed, but there the TV was always used with care, as one of the biggest users. Most evening just viewing at most a couple of hours; during sunny days daytime viewing can be effectively unlimited, the panel way more than supporting its drain. As pointed out a freestanding panel, attended to, ensuring it is optimised through the day, potentially yields significantly more than a horizontal roof mounted panel of the same "rating". Though in fairness a 100 Watt roof mounted panel, during the summer months would be adequate for all but profligate power users; provided that the battery still has the health to hold a decent Ah capacity. [IMO an often cause of issues, trying to use a sick, or even poor quality, battery]
  2. There are of course two variants of electrical flushing, one requires no dedicated pump as it takes pumped water from the van's water system. Converting a manual flushing toilet to one using the van's water system would IMO involve few real challenges. Clearly a cold water feed and wiring to the the tap microswith system if the van uses that technology is needed, together with solenoid valve and push switch Both the latter could be direct Thetford spares, or sourced from elsewhere. . A job I would contemplate if in the same position.
  3. Is that true, one still gets the entitlement to use Mrs, where in marriage one opts to keep your maiden surname? Genuine question as neither my daughters in law opted to either take our family name or MRs, being adamant on being titled Ms.
  4. Not your van but probably that also uses CBE kit as mine does? See bezels HERE These bezels are easily prized off using with care a blunt table knife slid in on the surface it is mounted on. The fixing is simply a snap on feature, moulded into the bezel, generally quite robust and I have found not to be prone to breaking. With the bezel removed the base unit's fixing screws are evident. I suspect if the units used on yours are not CBE, the fixing design is probably of similar design, most plastic kit tends to be designed that way.
  5. Albeit I have limited exposure to all sat navs, only in several countries with hire vehicles, a Garmin stand alone and the makers offerings in LRs and VWs we have owned, but would any actually instruct you to turn there? I suspect it was much more a case of "not following the satnav" but assuming they were and voiding the very obvious other markers, all lack of due care.
  6. The double broken lines, extending right across though, might give most qualified drivers a clue?
  7. Don't those big red disks with horizontal white bar, imply something?
  8. There is absolutely nothing wrong with satnavs, its not using them properly that is the problem, not a problem solved or avoided by using paper maps instead. Indeed, using paper maps, when driving or riding solo is challenging and way more dangerous than using satnavs, and if one knew the route neither would be used. Clearly to me the driver coming the wrong way down the exit slip road, did not "know" the route. Satnavs vary greatly in the value of info given, our Denso sourced Disco's being much better than whatever VW provided for my wife's Golf. The former knows roundabout and junction geometry, and has a invaluable countdown bar, to ensure even with a modicum of attention you actually take the route intended, not turn onto the minor lane 50>100 metres before the correct one.
  9. There I was thinking our new trademark was "Global Britain", GB ?
  10. Okay, we have never had the issue ourselves so was not aware of the usual cause. More aware what an unpleasant and dexterity challenged nightmare with some older models, sorting it back out again can be.
  11. It really is worth noting MacSpot's comment, the blade needs to be fully closed or otherwise the cassette can't be removed, or not without undue strain being applied. "Fully closed" is more than visually closed, as after visually closing the blade is forced upwards tightly against the inner lip of the big seal; clearly to make it "water tight". So in the cubical make sure without applying too much force the blade is both closed and seated, before trying to move the cassette. It is one of those things you can readily "learn" what feels right and it become second nature. Unfortunately, some people have managed to get the blade opening mechanism misaligned, possibly "jumped a cog"; that then brings real removal issues.
  12. Not all pitches are, I have yet to come across one on a rally field, though our built-in tank is there, or wherever we pitch. Plus, the typical setting where we could find a serviced pitch is about the last place we would select to camp, on nearly every count of its "desirability".
  13. In public perception, whether they are actually travellers, a CMC Centre or the Christian Campers will have zero impact, the public will be reticent of any camping rally to be held near them. It does us no good, whatever way it is viewed.
  14. , and give us the choice we know where we would rather spend a couple of summer months.
  15. Is that an external one built into the caravan? These can have a row of LEDs on the amplifier, that respond to signal strength. Something looking like THIS there are other models and brands. Just, with aerial powered on, turn it for most lit LEDs, then ask you TV tuner to tune itself into that station. NOTE: TV tuners have to tune for the received station, so if you camp away from where you did last time another auto tune is most likely needed.
  16. Hopefully it is still one of the VW group products presently offered with type approval for towing? Easiest check, has its VIN plate a "Gross Train Weight" figure filled in? Being a long-established model, I have little doubt it has, but if not could be an expensive hiccup.
  17. A good tool to use in exploring the details of any route is using the "street view" feature of Google Maps, to "virtually drive" sections of what on a map look challenging. To make that initial assessment of what bits might be most challenging I first route plan with Bing maps in its Ordnance Survey mode, as those viewed at detail scale are IMO the more informative. The straightest cross-country route from M5, J25 does look to be quite challenging, and inevitably slow, in parts
  18. Right at the end of this video clip [7 minute-ish] shows the classic Reich connection system, Brecon refers to. LINK The plastic connectors are a spares item, if needed. If doing it in situ, then my tip is first carefully place a towel at the cupboard bottom, as for sure first time you will drop the little pin and it can be easier to find and recover it on the towel.
  19. Will not "to get away to somewhere on the Med", the travelling itself, present way higher hazard than having the approved Covid injections? But once people take a stance, it is very difficult to move past that, and on this one there are loads of unqualified trying their very best to mislead and "feed" those vulnerable to take the scare stories in. Indeed, it is not just the social keyboard bullies, but the media and even some politicians who have jumped on to seek every conceivable argument to discredit what the real specialist are telling us. I feel for you and hope you get your wife to accept the benefits the injection brings.
  20. Unless the "O" rings are showing signs of freeze damage, I have the feeling replacing them will be anything but a short-lived solution. Clearly worth a "try", but it usually is the body itself that fails as that takes a lot less than extruding the rings would.
  21. The 13.6 V indicates clearly the charger is working. But the battery, may or may not be charged. If that panel can be viewed with the mains disconnected, check its reading with the EHU cable pulled out. Then any reading is what the battery can give.
  22. Presently we don't know the gauge being discussed, or even its technology, it could even be from the family of propane pressure gauge based units as Gaslow market? LINK These can only measure vapour pressure, which in turn gives little reflection of contents, other than the obvious of when the bottle is empty it will not have much. Similarly, the sun on the near empty bottle can give out a reading near full, so mislead. We need more info to be constructive in answering.
  23. Ours to, and by decades, but we found a totally better experience driving a bit further on to Ranville to Camping des Capucines. LINK. There you can actually linger if you want on the outward or return trip and enjoy the various charms of the area.
  24. Remember with each pin and receiver set there are three contacts involved that potentially can arc. The male pin with its female receiver. The external cable to the socket's receiver. The internal cable to its pin. Any of these becoming too loose, can be a source of arcing. I have had an issue with the screw clamping to one of the powered cores of an EHU lead's socket becoming too loose, and causing some scorching from arcing. I also found most of the other clamping screws at both ends of that commercially made EHU cable were to an extent "loose".
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