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  1. Are, those voltages taken during the hours of darkness, so the state of charge values, or during the daytime so represent the charging voltage? The former would be the most informative in assessing the benefit.
  2. Yes, I very much see the point you are making. The stylist and it seems the whole development team had lost the plot by the time they came to design aft of the rear axle.
  3. But if no appreciable braking is involved, say several hours on a French Autoroute, there will be nothing to recover, but still the battery mass to be transported, by the ICE doing the work. Hybrids, only win in cases where their attributes outweigh the above scenario, not a universal solution but horses for courses. Great, but only for the right applications.
  4. They seem to come out of it nicely funded and with "die for" pensions, possibly a better "grasp on things" that I have.
  5. I share the same view, and feel unless battery development makes a big change forward in capacity and probably of even greater importance becomes less damaging to the environment, 100% "battery" EVs have a limited future. IMO, the smarter money would be in hydrogen fuelled, EVs. The high capacity of energy being stored within hydrogen rather than a battery. The solution could be lighter, have range performance like we know today, refuelling as quick as ICEs are today, the infrastructure a shadow of that required for BEVs and the generating capacity would be buffered, not sized for peak BEV recharging; when the sun shines they make hydrogen, possibly in places covered in sand with lots of sunshine. A battery would be needed to buffer the vehicle's peak accelerating demands, not met by the fuel cell, but a battery a fraction of that seen in BEVs.
  6. Very pertinent today having followed a car with a couple, I suspect from the silhouettes ladies circa 40 years of age, thankfully this time without an accident. They were so intently discussing something, with the driver facing her passenger more often than facing the road. Probably, if tested she was 0% BAC. Following this thread's message, carrying a passenger is another thing that ought to be banned.
  7. IMO the "drink drive problem drivers" is confined to those who drink too much, and I don't think any downward alteration in the numerical value for a conviction would make the slightest difference to their drink drive habits and the consequences It would make a big difference to what the now safe minimal consumption driver who takes a couple of units over a meal would do, but IMO these are not the problem drivers. A consequence of that impact on the moderate drinking driver would be a further loss of our quintessential English pubs, something I would really miss and I believe our way of life spoilt by it. As an offshoot, where I think as big a problem now lies is those driving on drugs, legal, grey area and prohibited. Edit; I see this has also been flagged up.
  8. When I had that set up I placed a "spare" 2 litre water container on top of the Aquaroll lent against the cover. That stopped the cover getting blown about and I also had an emergency water supply at the van should it be needed whilst I trundled off to refill the Aquaroll.
  9. If its not already said, the "why do you change caravans" question can be quite often answered by, " because on visiting a dealers for some trivial item, say a bottle of loo blue, we or usually our better half drift into peeking at the new stock.
  10. For access to explore the Castleman Trail, an old railway track, there is the renamed Gundrys Farm at Three Legged Cross, now called "New Forest Court". it's "okayish" Look it up by that name on UKCS website
  11. You might find more than you suspect under them! They are sometimes used to hide wounds, but if so you can use another more to your taste.
  12. You are correct, should have asked Google to translate.
  13. My wife can manhandle a petrol fuelling nozzle, not sure she could do the same with any current EV battery. Realistically for any battery change out the whole industry needs to standardise on an EV battery and its exchange system, common ground like present petrol refuelling; not seeing any hint of that yet. Edit: I am not overly convinced a "battery" as opposed to a fuel, is the future for EVs.
  14. Still just works out more expensive for a couple than the ACSI options requested, but in ACSI season a few Euro. We stayed at Le Taillefer on ACSI who were back then nearly 20 years ago "in bed" with the now CMC, not that their block booking clients arriving mid stay helped. This was then a small quiet site, and we moved there because we were initially at Europa and that was anything but quiet! Can now so many years on make no valid present day recommendation on either . https://www.campingcard.co.uk/france/rhone-alpes/haute-savoie/doussard/campsite-le-taillefer-116231/
  15. Initially we had a great stay at Annecy and feel it is a "must do" destination, however, it was a summer that turned incredibly humid, and the bowl that is lake Annecy really collects that. What we did, having to in our case, but still being in the area I recommend others do for its charms, was to move on and up to Grand Bornand camping l'escale. This high altitude site brought a much needed respite to the oppressive heat and more importantly the humidity of the lake; if into serious walking it is super.
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