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  1. JTQ


    A lot, be it whether towing or not, and in part is why we have dashcams on both our cars.
  2. Whilst, as it is will be doing no good to it and it needs to be put on a viable charger ASAP to have any hope of recovering it, I doubt from what we know that was the underlying issue. As Johnaldo surmises, that as things recovered, albeit a little when towing, gives a very strong message that whilst on the EHU the battery was not getting charged. I agree it needs his checks doing. I would get the battery out ASAP and get it on a charger for 36 odd hours, though that not addressing the fault will help save the new battery from too great a consequential damage.
  3. I am definitely with you on that one. It only needs something as simple as the side kick of the van to snatch in and out of those HGV made furrows, at just the right speed, for everything to set off going to pieces.
  4. Fundamentally because they did not offer a “rewarding” ride; expedient enough to pop to the newsagents rather than walk but 20 miles, no thank you despite being good examples of the folders of their day. I realised that with quick release wheels and seat post, plus easy dropping and turning the bar, and a box of disposable gloves, I could take a pair of lighter much more enjoyable to use bikes, with very little hassle. By that time there was only the two of us and we could cope and in a few minutes have two put together to ride. Quite recently I had a play with a Brompton, and left feeling, “I like that”, probably its charisma shadowing its riding limitations. Which returns me to my first point, you really need to try these things with a critical view to their suitability and fun to use, as fun is what we really wanted out of our bikes. Once on site then for days out I have used a tow ball mounted Thule Hang-on, so could carry bikes fully assembled. Even that Thule rack can be removed in seconds and secured in the car so avoiding its theft.
  5. I was not reading that the OP has dual panels?
  6. if as stated you are keen road cyclist I would strongly suggest you both road test any contender folding bikes before purchasing, they can be very different. Even at a budget of £450 I would be very tempted to add a bit more and seek out some secondhand Bromptons, after a test run on some new ones first. We dumped our Dawes folders way back and reverted to taking proper semi carbon bikes with front wheels removed for space, with one vehicle also removing the bike's rear wheels to make more compact. I secure ours when in use frequently by a high quality cable through the spokes of the caravan's off side wheel. Or overnight put them back in the car.
  7. If you possess and are “au fait” with using a basic multi meter you can do some tests to give pointers to where things are wrong. Set to measure 20 VDC, without disconnecting anything check voltage from the panel across the controller's panel positive and negative connections. Is it greater than 15 Volts with a reasonably bright “sky”? If not, disconnect one of these panel to controller connections and repeat measuring the panel's open circuit voltage across the panel's positive to negative wires. Is this at or higher than 20V ? If these come much below these values, IMO these point at a panel or associated wiring to the controller fault. Should the panel's output seem okay from test one, then it requires looking at the currents flowing to and then from the panel to the controller, to be sure. However, from your earlier statement, should the panel be working, it already hints you have a controller defect, though the health of the battery could be the issue. That said, a wet leaf stuck on the panel can decimate the solar system's performance, so a worthwhile initial check.
  8. Yes, something is wrong. With the battery so low the solar system should be outputting some current from when the daylight lifts adequately, this time of the year I would expect by 08:00 hours. Needs some investigation. Start by talking to Sargent?
  9. JTQ


    Because on this side of the forum there are humans, and speculating to try and understand how things might occur has been a factor that has developed the species. Ever, though, I wonder how that happened?
  10. JTQ


    What about the photograph proves the text statement to be wrong?
  11. JTQ


    The text "An overturned car and caravan are causing long delays on the A1 southbound.", however, gives me a hint stability played a part.
  12. JTQ


    Ouch indeed. I wonder here, what part the well damped ride of a twin axle caravan lulled the driver into a false sense of stability? Anyone able to identify the tow vehicle and from that able to estimate the weight ratio?
  13. Moving the panel can of course optimise its potential yield, though many of us I would suggest gain little by continuously doing so as our batteries are fully charged, long before the day is out. If my charge meter is indicating the controller has shut down, then I don't bother optimising the panels orientation. Portable panels have a pragmatic upper size limitation, it has to be manhandlable and stowable. Mine, which is of 2006/7 technology is an 85Watt single piece and IMO that is at the limit; the more modern higher efficiency 100Watt folding units would again IMO be the biggest practical, at least for me. Roof mounting potentially allows a major increase in fitted panel size as long as the various ramifications of the added high level mass is of no concern.
  14. You missed the underlined bit I commented on; "Go out for the day and it finishes up doing sod all." Whilst, he will not get the optimum possible it should be far from "sod all", and as I detailed it could be greater than a roof mounted could.
  15. I am sure with a flattening EV, finding that on route when way out in the wilderness, could be a great relief.
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