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  1. No, as I stated, it is "specifically" just as quoted. I would hazard if not this one, then it will not be any other, we will see.
  2. It does specifically say "Please check back from 21 January for further updates", note the "from", any time after the 21st meets that.
  3. Using the aerial view options with Google maps or BING maps allows checking of sites virtually. Using the Site layout maps the CMC put up on their web sites allows the same. If these two CMC sites accept non members they feature less of the NCP type layout so favoured by that club. Salisbury Hillside & Crossways Dorset. The former though is shall we say "remote", not what the new naming might imply. Edit:- Most of the 5 van sites operated under the Defra exemption scheme, by their very size tend not to be too "car parkish", however these can only legally be used by me
  4. It starts the moment you arrive in any EU country, and ends 180 days after that.
  5. I feel it is worth pointing out that a fully charged and newish 100 Ah battery, effectively only offers a "usable" 0.6 of a standard "unit" [a kWh] of energy, even if you invert it to mains. In real terms they hold very little energy, compared to the levels we associate with a domestic supply. Something many new to our hobby I find don't initially grasp. It is not only a matter of the "power" that can be supplied, but the limited amount of energy available.
  6. Would not anyone who uses the vehicle to get to and from work have that?
  7. We hope not the final instalment. It would be nice to see the hoped for improvement in solar gain lifting the battery's standing voltage to something a bit healthier than the present plateau of very little over 12.5 volts to, say 12.7 plus. Possibly we can see a hint of it from the 11th, 12 Jan, before backing off again?
  8. Soon, though, is overtaken by the increasing premium that comes with ageing!!!!
  9. A system set up to get out of doing all those jobs on SWMBO list Google it, but note, like camping, is addictive. Edit: re car insurance, not commuting, and certainly note using your car for work, so insuring for "social, domestic & pleasure" can save money.
  10. Quoting from the C&CC's DATA SHEET LPG := "The Club does not permit the use of any cylinder stored outside a gas locker over 15kg capacity on Club Sites or at Club events because of safety concerns. Ideally, cylinders should be stored in the unit's gas locker. " IMO this makes sense as even the 19kg is prone to fall over, and the 47kg even more so unless properly secured. I suspect legally it is the site owner, if operating a legitimately licenced site, who would carry the liability in case of a related accident, so it is hard to credit any allowing the use
  11. But get to a certain age, acquire some of the medical conditions that seem to come with it, and getting "adequate travel insurance" becomes the thing of dreams! The reality is, get "the best travel insurance you can", plus the EHIC/GHIC to fill the vital short falls you can't now insure for.
  12. Booking our replacement GHICs online went as a hassle free exercise this weekend. As before, one person in the household can "order" in that one transaction for all others in that family home in need of one. You need the National Insurance number OR National health number for all people being applied for, along with respective birth dates and full names. Projected delivery is 10 days. Hopefully it will work, but so far easy enough and we can't go for a month or two anyway. Just use the proper Government site, that way they are free of charges.
  13. Others, though should take on board this "recommendation" is related to an engine featuring 25 plus year old engine and engine system technology!!!!!
  14. ............... It is a "feature" of proper "Smart" chargers that they can assess what they are being asked to charge, in part the very essence of their intelligence. So if offered a low voltage or flat battery most will simply decide it is unsafe to proceed, and some can't be assured to even try. This is why a quality "smart" charger should not attempt to charge a "deadish" battery. In most cases if a battery is at 10 volts its only value is its lead scrap value, in a very lucky world you might partially recover it, but it will be so damaged it would be un
  15. Apart from "faster" what do you think charging up to 10 amps as opposed to 5 amps will achieve? With a quality deep cycling battery it is not good news to charge too fast. In some ways better not to and as a general rule, if longevity of LA batteries and optimising the cycles, is desired best done nice and slowly. But 10 amp for your battery is "tolerable", 5 simply would be "kinder". Fast charging can be desirable when speed itself is important, but here there is ample time to be more considerate.
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