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  1. JTQ

    Aerial advice

    As already said the Status 530 is a good aerial, however I have had the "box" fail and needed to replace that. I replaced it with a Fringe unit. If in a good signal area and knowing the aerial is pointing about in the right direction, and after a retune for that location's signals, you still can't lock onto any channels try this. Forget connecting onto the "box" but couple the TV direct to the aerial. That might mean taking an extension coax lead. If in that good signal area the system should work without the "box"; if it does without the box, but not with it then like mine your box has most likely gone kaput. And I know I was not the only one with a Status box failure, hence replacing it with the Fringe unit.
  2. The sun angle is getting low and this compounded by any tree shadows that also brings, gives a flat on roof mounted solar panel a very big challenge. That's before we consider wind blown leaves resting on it, wiping out what little there might be. Plus the 10th October was the last "good" day before a truly dreadful weekend, so unless the battery was well charged before it certainly would not have been for some time afterwards. The sooner a low state of charge battery is recharged the better [not a quick charge for certain but a prompt recharge]. Leaving our batteries severely discharged is a "killer", basically the deeper the longer and the cheaper quality it is, are all factors that make things worse. Re solar controllers; I can't remember the numbers involved, but I tested the parasitic drain of a few in low light conditions, some were less than a handful of mA, others were much higher, one into the hundreds! The owner could not understand why his battery soon went flat, we found out why.
  3. JTQ

    Fridge Ignition

    With that fridge should you be able to see the "flame" via the little port internal bottom left corner? If so can you see any spark or do you know there definitely is no spark? If the issue is there is no spark as opposed to the gas will not light and or stay alight then the igniter as stated is an issue. If I recall correctly the front top panel on these is removable after pulling off the knobs and undoing two little screws. That should give you space to fit a new igniter still using the old ones in place wire. Given the age of the fridge there could well be oily residues migrating within the gas pipework that can block the jet, if that is the issue.
  4. Are the fixings to the van's walls of these mounted TVs strong enough for in transit use, even before adding a bit more mass to them? We have never had a van with a wall mounted TV. I recall looking at one that had a lift-off wedge type mount and assumed therefore it was intended they should be removed in transit, either for structural reasons or to better damp them from vibration.
  5. JTQ

    Caravan snaking over 50MPH

    "Snaking" for me is the point where the sway goes into instability, rather than the van weaving slightly that to a large extent all will to a degree. Therefore a snake is uncontrollable unless whatever excites it is altered.
  6. I had to remove the tap in fear of the loads could probably do a great deal of local collateral damage. It is not a job for the faint hearted! Mine was with the fold down spout of this ilk: https://www. leisureoutlet. com/taps-and-shower-fittings/water-and-waste/caravans-and-motorhomes/9031-reich-twist-90-left-hand-chrome-mixer-tap?gclid=CjwKCAjwgabeBRBuEiwACD4R5ug_iD1jaA71cIIMEA-DtHxqYdo9vNR5J5xBLfsG5pPwpSITVhvFwBoC5gMQAvD_BwE Edit: if the tap is old the plastic could well be feeling its age and not be too forgiving; have you identified where to source a replacement if it does go pear shaped?
  7. JTQ

    Caravan snaking over 50MPH

    The OP had stated it was 120 KGs.
  8. JTQ

    Caravan snaking over 50MPH

    Lutz here is correct in there must have been something very fundamentally wrong for a towed unit to go unstable at 50 mph. That is even before it could be forced into an incidence avoiding movement, or turbulence likely to provoke exciting the underlying inherent instability. Given that it should be way clear of inherent instability at a good 10 mph more, to be safe, I tend to agree removing the mass of the carpets from under the bed is most unlikely to have shifted its critical speed to comfortably above what could be encountered.
  9. JTQ

    Last Caravan

    Packing in at 70 or come to that "planning" to do so at any age 5 let alone 10 years on, is IMO totally the wrong take on life. To get the best out of this one off existence needs a much more positive stance. If we had planned to give up when we came 70 then a lot of our years would have been far emptier than they had been. Then I am sure the boredom, lethargy and our chairs would have taken us "off". I suspect it is true that we will know come the time to give up, hopefully that's is still a few more years away.
  10. JTQ

    Rejecting a Caravan

    Is the sparking device on the timer or just the gas valve? I seem to recall when stopping in a layby for a short comfort break I have heard the igniter pulsing away. Something to look into at our next outing if I can remember.
  11. JTQ

    I'v been nicked!

    Then I would pay my £77 sharpish and not be haunted by it.
  12. JTQ

    aerial coaxil

    But little doubt there was a great motivation to get something, anything, more compact and elegant
  13. JTQ

    I'v been nicked!

    If it is not self evident it is a scam or genuine and there is not a real probability you were speeding could you not scan it for an "opinion" from say the CMC's legal team, it is a service member pay for.
  14. I can only agree with Stevan's contribution, one just has to be systematic, determining if the battery is indeed healthy and charged and what any and all parasitic drains are sapping what energy it has in store. To check the current drains there is a neat cheap tool that can be inserted in the various fuse ports checking one at a time. It comes in two forms to suit standard blade and mini blade fuses. The device is available from CPC Farnell and called an automotive current tester, at about £10. I can't furnish a link as their website is down at the moment. Testing the battery can be done at auto-electricians like Halfords using a computerised tester; don't let any cowboy use a starter battery "stab tester" on it. The alarm battery could be down and will take a bit from the van's battery when that is reinstalled but I can't see it being a large enough drain to be critical. Edit: the link to CPC is now back live online. Note this one is the "standard" size blade version, a little hunting will find its "mini" sister if that size is what is needed: https://cpc. farnell. com/tenma/ten01046/current-tester-automotive-std/dp/IN04874?st=automotive current
  15. Is the battery any good? By that does it hold at least 80% of the charge capacity written on its label? Was it really fully charged, ie has the van a true smart charger? What heating system has the van? Most these days need 12 volt power to function, some more than others. The alarm would be draining the battery even when the van is not in use, so does it flatten the battery then, if not it is hardly likely to do so because the van is in use.