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  1. Those where the vans are left unused on pitches create IMO a wholly negative site abience, possibly killing much of their more normal touring trade?
  2. Not sure I understand that a "competitor" that offers all you do, plus more, means it can't actually be a competitor?
  3. If the payload was "fit for purpose" then the specific value would be largely academic, presently IMO it is nowhere near that so super critical.
  4. I thought with Lunarcpl's van having ATC the permanent live will need to be fused at 20 Amps? I had to have my 15 Amp factory build one approved by the car builder for that specific duty, and up rated to 20 Amp.
  5. Plus, every chance of the awning roof "pooling" with devastating consequences if you are not in there to keep moving it off.
  6. If your pattern of usage is going to remain 2 or 3 hours towing then the fact the fridge will not be powered from the car will have minimal effect. They make great cool boxes and if starting a journey with things well cooled, they will not be much different on arriving, over the time scale being discussed. The reality is the wiring in the van and often in the car is too thin, resulting even with fully wired up towcars not enough "power" reaching the fridge's 12 volt heating element to really do much good. So many fully wired cars make little difference. A similar situation of voltage drop through minimal area wires to the van's battery, together with car charging system being focused on only recharging the local car starter [plus stop start battery where used], leaves the van's battery very poorly served re recharging it on route. If the car is to be rewired then bigger area wires than most will use need to be fitted, however this still leaves a van with too modest wiring.
  7. It is certainly particularly important with all these diaphragm pumps that the water is expelled from them if left out in the frost, as there are sealed cavities where ice formation could readily split the body. On a positive note they are pretty effective at pumping air so good at self purging, but that does not totally avoid any residual water from elsewhere draining down to them after the event. I would run them to purge as much water as possible then follow "pfr's" suggestion, simply loosen off the connections and I would leave it over winter like that, hanging a warning label on an evident tap. At worst then a bit of damp might find its way onto the floor to evaporate, but a £120 odd pump is not going to need an expensive rebuild.
  8. JTQ


    I feel my van tows better, sway and bounce, with some load than stripped out to go for a habitation service, even though I make sure the noseweight is always of the right order and close up to the chassis maximum. I suspect as the quoted tyre pressure is for a loaded van? Keeping loads at the extreme ends and particularly those aft of the axle, to a minimum, must raise the critical frequency at which the whole lot sways, so doing that increases the margins for things going wrong. Fortunately, I tow with a very heavy vehicle so adding weight there, even though again improving stability, is not in our case vital. Whilst not a "payload", using well inflated tow car rear tyres is a positive stability "driver" for optimum sway stability.
  9. I thought I had already said where it lived.
  10. We used ours for about 12 years when we had a 1100kgs caravan, and far from your description of them found our Mr Shifta a very accomplished bit of kit. This involved moving over a quite long drive with a a rise and fall, plus a very cambered lane. Albeit use over a mix of concrete, tarmac and gravel. It went after changing to a 1750 kg van, where braking on the downhill section, if wet was a limitation, but used within its operating parameters, it was a good and very practical unit, which incidentally found a ready buyer when we sold it. One big advantage it always had was it lived on a CTEK charger in the garage so was always fully charged up ready for use, plus being wheeled and self powered it was pretty effortless to deploy. Like many things used in the right application, it was the right tool, used in the wrong it was not.
  11. Of course they ought to recognise where the market is going and respond to that, however that does not require a complete rebranding with shirts, logo, etc etc, but adapt the site facilities to offer a better experience to the changing market. It is what seems to me the pointless waste rebranding itself has cost that bugs me, where IMO the use of those funds on improvement of the actual facilities rather than putting up the likes of different logos, would have been a much better MH focused option.
  12. Surely that's rather a reflection of the leisure market itself moving from touring van's to motorcaravans? I suspect that was happening pre rebranding of the cc, not because of it.
  13. A surefire hit for the forum's "Store", I would feel?
  14. Because physically the chassis, wheels etc can carry a greater load, but MTPLM has legal significance in respect to the licence held by the driver and the ability of the owner's tow car. So they choose to quote a lower than capable figure for the MTPLM, simply for the sales advantages that brings them. They actually lose sales to a savvy buyer, but they are thin on the ground. IMO the consequences is in real life unworkable payloads and running "overloaded", either just a paperwork overload but often a real overload. IMO again, it is a total disgrace and one reason we don't do UK vans, we buy where we can specify a build with a payload of the order of 300 kgs, not 150..
  15. Was it not all because the silly man at the top ripped the rear end off his caravan playing the complete fool making a TV programme, then purchased a motorhome, so changed the club's name? Edit: possibly I got the "purchased" bit wrong.
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