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  1. So, is it being suggested that unless one's plans involve those few cities the requirement for having a sticker is simply not there? Do these or any new areas that may require them clearly flag up the requirement on the road, thus allowing one to abort entering? Or is it a case of having to do homework when planning drives and search locally for info? I suspect worrying is not worth the avoidance of spending a few pounds and getting one, but recently I have not been lucky with windscreens needing replacing.
  2. Note; Thetford do a toilet "refresh kit" that could work out a cheaper route.
  3. JTQ

    calor gas

    Hopefully that "using refillable tanks" statement means they are going to reverse their closure of places to actually refill those tanks and along with it "allow" those with lightweight refillable cylinders, to do so! I have my doubts and feel they are hoping the heavy steels become the accepted leisure vehicle standard, I will hang in with Gaslights till things pan out.
  4. I prefer to get the massive discounts available for taking the late sailing out and early morning back. As we sleep in our own bed , rather than a ferry crossing's , we are more likely to wake properly refreshed, working with our own timescale, to do a day's drive, Plus we can avoid the Caen rush period and worst of roads after breakfast. Each to their own, but then we have all the time to do just as we please.
  5. Looks like I miss judged it as I have just done it on Bing maps and it is 4.9 miles, so 7.8 KM. Its coordinates are 49.237945, -0.257227. You drive straight on past the Bella Riva roundabout onto the main dual carriageway D514, then leave this in a further 1.6miles onto the road to Calboug. This is oddly still the D514, as at that turn off the main road unnoticed is renamed as the D515. Just look for the sign to Calboug, a right filter off. This takes you over the Pegasus bridge and not long after that you turn right to the site. Its very easy, but best view say on Bing maps, or Google maps, but for whatever reason Google does not take the obvious and by far the best route if asked to determine a route.
  6. Solar Solutions at Sturminster Marshall, BH21 4DB. http://www.solarsolutionsltd.co.uk/
  7. Things may have changed since I got my small Honda, but then Honda would not warranty their generators if used on LPG.
  8. I know of two incidents, one I witnessed the other I inspected the damage, both could have so easily hurt somebody or worse and the claims from doing that could be life changing. One at a rally a caravan was being manhandled, when noticed it start to roll away backwards down a slope gathering way. One individual put the handbrake on but far from fully enough and total control was lost. Fortunately it hit no one or no other property. If some kids were downhill it could have been exceedingly tragic. The other was on collecting a caravan I saw a lovely new Castleton with stoved in rear end. I was told that it had been left on a sloping drive and some time later simply rolled away into something very hard. All only pocket money relative to hurting somebody, that comes very expensive indeed.
  9. Which Alde Bob, 3010 or 3020 , as they have differing control panels? I have the older 3010 with its digital panel. I use the night time setting and the default. In the weather we go out in the achieved daytime temperature from the warmth of the day, solar etc are above the default, so any "daytime" setting below the default we get in the mornings and pre bedtime is rather irrelevant to us.
  10. Odd in that the hot water is quoted as "really hot" but the system pipework is not, in two regards. One the system's fluid heats that waterso in the boiler that must also be "really hot", suggesting that the pump is not circulating, otherwise so would the pipework be really hot at least on the boiler outlet. Two, that it works okay on gas, rather contradicts any thoughts that the pump is unable to circulate the fluid . I can't think immediately any reason why on gas the pump is circulating the hot fluid properly, but on electrical heating only, whist the fluid is "really hot" the pump is inadequately circulating the fluid? On "water heating" then the pump is disabled for a set period of time [30 minutes?], so during that period there is not space heating being added. That feature is to the best of my knowledge not specific to electrical heating, but gas as well, so that removes that as the reason.
  11. JTQ


    If using the van in the very cold weather, then like with our car we should re inflate to the minimum recommended value, that figure is for the ambient they are to be used in. So again, we "should" start at 65 psi. You surprise me that running caravan tyres 20 psi under inflate is so readily dismissed, surely even if it is doing no damage nor adversely altering the van's dynamics, it is indicating something has gone seriously wrong already on the trip? Not confident running 20 psi under inflate is still sound, either. I am of course aware I can look at the value, but I am discussing the warning value and as argued if the pressure running is below the static cold value, something "must" be wrong.
  12. JTQ


    Apart from a small allowance for the very cold weather diminishing the pressures, why would you not want to know of any drop in pressure below the static cold value we inflate them? My take is that as it can only rise in use above the cold value, then should it even get back to that in service something is going wrong I need to know about ASAP. I set mine to about 62- 63 psi for my 65 psi inflation. I can't get my mind around Tyrepal's "suggested" 15 % below the recommended, in my case 55 psi, where in life running at up to the legal speeds they are always going to be in the range 73 to 77 psi. Running with 20 psi under inflated before you are alerted to it, is IMO just stupidly dangerous and be relying on just overheating to warn something is really going wrong.
  13. JTQ


    I find that putting the car on the road wakes up its monitor, then as I bring the van to the car on the mover that wakes up the senders, so I peek in the car and know the tyre pressures are good to go without any additional faffing about. An older Tyrepal TB99, "misused" as just two senders are on the caravan, rather than all four on the towcar as is this kit's intended application. The car has its own TPMS factory fitted as any modern car will have.
  14. If not too far, Phil Taylor at Horndean, off the A3(M) http://www.philtaylortowbars.co.uk/
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