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  1. JTQ

    Morrisons accept Safefill!!

    Then there is finding a Morrisons with an LPG pump on the forecourt. Good news nevertheless for those with suitable Morrisons. Around here LPG facilities, at least forecourt ones, are closing and that from a low base.
  2. JTQ

    German caravans

    No, I recall it as a UK brand that had their caravans made to their specifications by I thought LMC. They, I also recall, looked and developed a van for the Austrailian market; however, these having being made were later redirected and sold off in the UK. I understood these had a chassis issue and some were re-chassis with Al-KO kit? Google should reveal their history.
  3. JTQ

    German caravans

    Any hint they might be the owners, or just "borrowing" it?
  4. JTQ

    Lithium Leisure Battery

    You miss the point, such widely differing site type comparisons are essential to "justify" the cost saving claims.
  5. JTQ

    Lithium Leisure Battery

    Not quite the £10 a night, every night surcharge being claimed as a cost saving justification in this thread? Though much the same as my experiences. So at 60 p a night as opposed to £10 the breakeven period to cover £1300, goes out to over 2000 camping nights!
  6. JTQ

    Start stop when towing

    Thread drift, but related to concerns raised. Even though I have always had it, I suppose in reality it is not needed in most cases? I say this as in my experience with long haul ferry trips the fridge being unpowered for what, say 5 hours, has not been a problem. Probably, for other reasons it is not wise to tow in much longer stints. There is a presumption here it starts off the journey cold, admittedly not something those with the van in storage can do. I still would want it, but can understand why there is a limited need for it, along with most vehicles built having to carry all the cost of the redundant heavy wiring needed.
  7. JTQ

    Charging battery before travelling

    The answer I got was my charge/controller also regulates what the van's system sees so not to subject it to the high voltages it applies to the battery.
  8. JTQ

    Start stop when towing

    Even 30 seconds idling can't reduce the local in turbo temperature to levels where a static film of oil is not going to start oxidising and throwing out gums and lacquers. That static film of oil abuts the rotating parts so multiple exposures to lacquering the spinning parts causes progressive loss of balance, a real killer of turbos. It is not as simple as oil cooling the bearing but in the stopped case, the then static oil in the bearing building up heat soaking from the turbo body. Clearly we need to stop engines on occasions but for the reason above it is never good news for the turbo, though in practical terms often unavoidable. However, the issue becomes much worse if the turbo is very hot, and here when towing we frequently have the option to avoid stopping. Even in my days testing diesels they ran at over 700 C turbo temperature on load, glowing red hot, now I read they are working up to 1050C. Therefore, as my engine has two of them, each giving no change out of 2 grand for a dealer exchange, I chose not to let the stop start take over when towing. I see the stop starts role as saving fuel and so the environmental impact, but in a slow speed creeping traffic jam situation where before it stops the engine would have been barely doing more than idling. I don't see it at all healthy with an engine developing high power, as towing or thrashing along, later to stop directly afterwards, even 30 seconds.
  9. JTQ

    Start stop when towing

    I don't use it if for no other reason than shutting off the cooling oil and risking the turbo spinning right to a stop, with the elevated temperature there towing is IMO very unwise. Technically I believe Stop start is there only for environmental reasons, not for any benefit to the engine, IMO very much the opposite and more so when stressed higher as when towing.
  10. JTQ

    Tyres and Punctures

    An option, and there are alternatives is a system from Tyrepal. This one is specifically for trailers. In there range are units with sensors in the supplied replacement valve caps, giving at least an explediant solution. https://www. tyrepal. co. uk/product/tc215b-with-2external-sensors/ I used an older type actually not targeted at the trailer market, a 4 sensor one for cars or motorhomes, but I used two sensors on the caravan. It works well now for 3 years odd after I found that where I positioned the monitor on the dash did effect consistency in the radio signals getting to it.
  11. JTQ

    Tyres and Punctures

    Not a direct answer, but I would invest in a TPMS if you have not got it already. I expect the reality is most punctures start life as pretty small. As such, little damage is done initially until quite a loss of pressure occurs, where on then wall flexing does irrecoverable heat generated damage. Much of this occurring without sufficient warning signs to the driver, very much so with caravan tyres. A TPMS can give that needed warning, and potentially give it long before irrevocable damage has occurred. I suspect the use of the various "goos" to self mend punctures do a TPMS no favours? My bike tyres with a Kevlar belt and foam shied work fantastically well; or have done till I dare tyre this!
  12. JTQ

    Lithium Leisure Battery

    Just like that one was ill informed then? My 11 year old GEL battery performs exceptionally well and is asked to support us on most of our camping from 5 to 28 day stints off an EHU, and just like in the video it is recharged by a solar system. That I don't doubt it has lost capacity it still drives the 1900 kg van up my sloping drive, supports my TV and heating system. I don't ask it to drive a 2000W inverter though. I have had to replace a Samsung lap top's lithium battery under its JL 2 year warranty, and I have dumped an HP laptop because of quite early life battery failure and I have had to purchase a replacement for the battery of my Panasonic Camcorder. Plus my wife's Samsung Tab is dropping way down on battery holding capacity. Not comparing too well with what we are told lithium is capable of, hints of 20 years, or just very unfortunate? Your math is sound just the input assumption badly flawed. Indeed, if sites charge you an extra £10 a night for an EHU then on 80 nights paying out that amount, even my arithmetic also comes up with £800 per annum. But seriously, how many sites have you used that charge you an extra £10 a night for an EHU, let alone for every one of the 80 nights you use each year. I very rarely take an EHU outside of winter so might not be up to the extra £10 for hooking up; however ones we do take have varied from 17p a unit used to £3 a night. Figures, falling massively short of your suggested £10 needed to carry your argument? To have credibility with your figure, can we have a list of examples of this £10 per night EHU surcharge sites add, so your 80 odd nights a year gain that £800 cost saving? In the video if I recall there is a claim of saving £13 a night by not having the EHU, I feel more he is simply using cheaper non EHU sites, than turning down a sites EHU? All that said, I am pro lithium battery technology, I need it for many things where weight is hyper critical but in respect to my caravanning where saving say even as much as 15kgs on a 1900 kg van is not so critical, it has to be balanced against the cost.
  13. JTQ

    Lithium Leisure Battery

    Note: the clip is edited for whatever reason to start well into the video, but you can simply go to the start for a fuller picture, a little more info and claims. One needs to view it knowing that Andy is actually the product seller and Merve's usage with massive discharge rates will be a killer of decent true leisure batteries using lead acid technology. If replicating "on EHU", when off EHU is the usage you require then Lithium certainly copes better. However, if you are a more typical main season off EHU user with a bit of TV, LED lights, powering the heaters electronics and water pump etc ,the better quality lead acid cope well enough though at about 12 kgs more weight. Whilst I am finding my present GEL's durability at 11 years exceptional, 5 plus years is far from unusual with an element of care. For those using predominantly an EHU I simply can't see a good argument to buy into lithium technology.
  14. JTQ

    Another breakdown question >7m

    Red Pennant also offers an annual "Multi trip" policy which works out far better value for your 2 to 3 trips abroad per year, than on a "trip by trip basis".
  15. JTQ

    Checking the water?

    I will simply keep to my squat ex emulsion paint bucket, or Hymer's provided wheel under tank, trip dependant, and daily routine to check and empty them; at my age a few keeping fit, one minute tasks, will do me more good than glued there watching TV without moving all evening. Plus, I hate clutter so have no wish to add to it.