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  1. Isabella porch Awning annex

    The Tall annex needed has to "match" the size Magnum you have. Ours is an old one, 2002, when only the 230cm depth was sold, and we have the Tall annex because only it existed back then. The Tall for that size is the Penta's annex. I would expect the 250 annex uses the Ambassador's, but that is an assumption on my part. If for a bedroom I would most definitely go for the Future not the Tall. Brilliant as the Tall is its massive steel frame weighs a lot and is more time consuming to erect that the Magnum itself. Makes a great bike shed. The Future is so much lighter and easier to put up. The bedroom liner of the Tall is a costed option. The Ventura platisized Tall annex reportedly fits if using the Cadets 230 size on a Magnum 230.
  2. The typical caravan motor home 12 v DC system is not simply fed by a conventional battery charger, and particularly a "smart" charger. These chargers punch out more than the 13. 8 vDC, the typical industry maximum in 12 Volt systems. The smart charger might go to a tad over 15 volts, and certainly up to 14. 4 vDC. Caravan specific chargers limit the output into the van's system to 13. 8 volts, even if they feature actually smart charging the battery. The budget ones simply don't take the battery to above 13. 8 vDC as an easy option to limit the system voltage. Going above 13. 8 vDC risks damaging sensitive kit coupled into the van's system; here I would be concerned about heater controls and TVs as examples. You migh get away with over voltage, but might not and the damage if done would be expensive.
  3. Rejecting my new Elddis

    That makes good reading and I am pleased for you, and pleased you took the actions that ultimately will help us all get better kit from this "industry".
  4. These small operations don't come with any endorsement, but ones I am aware of from cycling about in the area. Talman, Heath Road, Soberton, SO32 3QH 01329 832337 Greenbarn Caravan Storage, Newtown, Fareham PO17 6LL, 01329 834142 Trimmings, Hope Lodge, 84 Fareham Park Rd, Fareham, PO15 6LW, 01329 842058
  5. By far the most common tap you will come across has a 3/4" BSP threaded bib. Fortunately this is also the more common of the screw on adaptors sold for garden hoses and washing machine hoses. If you want to gamble with quite good odds of being right then this Hozelock offering features that thread plus an insert to the smaller less common 1/2" BSP. For another £1. 50 there is a brass vesion. https://www. screwfix. com/p/hozelock-threaded-outdoor-tap-connector/52973
  6. Skoda prices

    Does VW use BMW engines in Bentleys? Edit: I have seen them going in Rollers.
  7. Replacing 2 x 7 with 13 core cable

    I have an after market ATC installation done by Al-Ko, 10 years ago, so have kept to the adaptor route, being reluctant to disturb anything as it has worked correctly for years.
  8. Another problem caravan

    I can only speak for this one. In no way do I believe defects, damage or wear makes a resale impossible, these are part of not being “new”, however, I don’t see that the issue here. We only have the facts given, but accepting they are the correct grounds to base opinions on rather than opinions based on speculation, it is not the faults that motivate me but the dealers multitude of failings. First, chronologically they did not either find or cure the vans fundamental “fit for purpose” failings; ie the battery was not viable, the levelling system did not function correctly, nor was the mover working as it should. These are not minor cosmetic issues. Also, we have not been advised that these failings were made clear to the buyer and formed part of the pricing agreed. That they could all be readily fixed in itself does not mitigate the serious IMO point that they were not fixed long before presented for sale, and even more seriously, not even when the unfortunate by then purchaser brought the dealers attention to them, that is the issue. To add to their failings, not only did they not jump, apologise and replace the battery; or prove to the buyer it was actually good, but chose to ask the buyer to buy a viable new replacement. Finally, if we take what we are told as fact, they then tried to fob off the buyer, by claiming they don’t care about their legal obligations, with that's ramifications. I don’t understand how anyone can defend a dealer who presents so sloppily prepared vans and then goes on to treat their customers as reported, however, tedious that customers may or may not act. That the defects are readily curable is not the issue here, that they were there at delivery and even after flagging up afterwards they weren't willingly cured, is IMO the issue. To me its not a dealer I want to buy from and every bit as important not one I would be confident of their reasonable aftersales support of me in ownership of their van. The hallmarks of why we have the CRA and it's predecessor. If the facts are materially different to those reported then it is not the situation we are discussing here.
  9. Another problem caravan

    But here the dealer did not replace it, they attempted to charge for it; does that not tell one more than enough about them?
  10. I am not going to get all worked up about getting or paying for a £5. 50 IDP. It with a bit of thought from those selling the ferry tickets it could come in their travel packs like rear end stickers and the camping carnet? IMO there is a great deal more hurt to come from this "adventure into the unknown" that just this little issue.
  11. Off-grid use leisure battery

    Pity really the modern off EHU caravanner has not the likes of the Labcraft TP2, and the little Welsh "Uni-charger";Top up your "TV battery" as you go off sight seeing, and recharge the van's battery by supping a little of the car's spare reserves. Took the worries away, they were there if needed to replenish ones 12 volts. All went with the widespread provision of EHUs but for those little gems of 5 van sites, rallies and THS all without EHUs, they are missed by those who knew them.
  12. Another problem caravan

    Surely if the salesman even mentioned the van was sold with a mover, a levelling system or a battery, then the buyer has every right to assume it has these, they work and are adjusted correctly and properly charged? I certainly would, or why were these features ever mentioned in the sales spiel? I don't see what Elddis warranty covers or does not cover comes into the issue on these points, the salesman was the one selling the van and if he claimed those features then those were all part of what was purchased. If I had been so treated as the OP claims then whatever the dealer does now it is too late, they have shown what to expect from now on and that is not the service I would want. Best now simply take the money and on board the lesson learnt then go look elsewhere. Best of luck, I hope you get out of this unfortunate relationship undamaged but the wiser.
  13. Off-grid use leisure battery

    I would add just Exide to that list.
  14. sites near (ish) Corfe castle

    Downshay Farm Camping. Great on terraced pitches, but another that is incredibly popular so a challenge getting a decent slot. http://www. downshayfarm. co. uk/
  15. sites near (ish) Corfe castle

    Getting a decent length "slot" has for a worthwhile stay been the only issue with Haycraft we have; walking opportunities are second to none IMO. As said the upper pitches, which are out of the hedge shade and giving much better views are the ones to aim for. The physical access is narrow but the views are long and the total restricted distance quite short. There is a commercial site at Norden Farm Corfe though I have never used it. I have a 5 van C&CC site 31 Furzebrook Road [BH20 5AU] that is "okay"; good walking off site but remote. Hunters Moon I would not recommend because of its "neighbours"; opposite is Birchwood which is okay in the quiet season, as is Wareham Forset, but all are quite remote and excluding walking/cycling doing everything is a car job.