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  1. Lifestyle 4sb Battery charging

    Dave; the OP is in New Zealand so solar performance now and back in February will be at its optium for prevailing clouds etc.
  2. Lifestyle 4sb Battery charging

    As you have a digital readout we can assume the readings are reasonably correct, good. The solar system coming on and going off could well mean that the battery is already full [12. 7ish volts off load and rested after charging]. Therefore the solar controller could well be a design that switches itself off for a while before rechecking? My Morningstar controller does just that. During a coming on phase you should see something between 13. 4 and 14. 4 at the battery. As the battery approaches full I would expect the solar controller to linger at a battery voltage of 13. 4 to 13. 8. That you see 2 and 3 amps clearly indicates the solar system is "working".
  3. Lifestyle 4sb Battery charging

    A few questions first please, so more for us to work with; 1) were the voltages measured with a digital volt meter or from some built in panel? 2) were these voltage measurements taken off all loads or on load and both similarly loaded? 3) You say some amps going in, did you measure what that current was? 4) the 5 nights away, were they when demand from the battery would be inevitably lower, less need for heating, lights and shorter evening bringing probably less use of TV? 5) again those 5 nights was the sun angle very much higher and the daylight longer? Of course the seeming less successful week was a 40% longer period as well.
  4. Hot water in aqua roll?

    Point one is the Aquaroll can't be made hotter than the safe temperature for a shower as it is the only cooling water source; that safe temperature is 42 or 43 C [depends on quoted authority], however, it is low enough that system damage will IMO not occur at all. Yes, it will extend things but it depends on the temperature you can raise it to. If you got it up to 43 C then you would probably be talking about twice or a tad longer. Seems a challenge too far for me, really shower discipline is the "right" route but I know in these matters taking on the difficult job can be the least "trouble".
  5. Frozen up windscreen etc. this morning.

    When driving my focus is almost always way ahead of the screen, so only see the elements if looking for them and not on the road ahead.
  6. Refillable Gas Bottles

    Of probably more concern is the vapour pressure where with liquid carry over into a system and appliances designed to work at 30mbar, we at 16 C would be seeing some 6370 mbar. [92psi], only 212 times OTT.
  7. Discharged battery what to look for?

    It's a logic of sorts, but does not take account for the off EHU user of the hassle factors, in having ten times the failures, ten times the change out effort, ten times the trip out purchasing and ten times the runs to the dump. I suspect it depends on your perception of "value", in time, hassle and money, but for EHU only users it is much more likely to be an option that appeals to some.
  8. Discharged battery what to look for?

    I am sure your perception is right and growing, but where an extended amount of off EHU use is going to occur then a decent leisure battery is a better investment, provided it is then looked after. And by decent I mean decent which in this area does not come cheap or light. Looking after predominantly means a prompt but not fast recharge, the ethos here being the lowest state of discharge for the lowest period of time, both time and depth of discharge being the main life shorters, with too rapid a recharge closely following.
  9. Discharged battery what to look for?

    No, because you are not using your caravan battery in anyway as a leisure battery in that you are neither taking a light extended drain or going to any depth of discharge. In fact, your battery is I expect from lasting 19 years not asked to do very much at all, even a battery way down on its holding capacity would still be serving your needs. Should you be camping in a very different way and using the battery as described for a leisure battery then assuming you used a decently specified leisure battery it would last [be capable of holding an acceptable % of its original capacity] a lot longer than a starter battery, but even the best nowhere near 19 years if actually being asked to work.
  10. Refillable Gas Bottles

    I would like to think this is what the Calor-Lite replacement turns out to be? There is no evidence of any Standard LPG pump refilling provision or overfill protection device. One is left wondering what market it is aimed at? If you are into that risky game then why spend even £80 when Flo-Gas and Calor bottles can be picked up for zero cost? If these start appearing on forecourts with the normal adaptor sold on e-bay, then any chance of continuation of using Safefill will quickly be lost. This is not a good move.
  11. New JLR Defender

    I can't see that ever making TG's "Coolboard". However competent it is I don't see it being a "Defender" in any way but a marketing label. It misses the point many of us ran the older models and for that utilitarian market LR have effectively walked away inviting any competitors that want it, probably being too small a beer for them today. I can see why the old one could not go on, even in 2000 they were well outdated but still well-liked for what they were and tolerated for how they could be maintained. Possibly, it may find a yuppie market but I can't see it being the vehicle of choice to the extent the Defender was in the working market; time will tell.
  12. Frozen up windscreen etc. this morning.

    As it has been stated a heated screen was around 25 years ago how can Ford extent their patent hold more than the European 20 years from first filing? https://www. gov. uk/guidance/manual-of-patent-practice-mopp/section-25-term-of-patent
  13. Leisure Battery

    You are right and provoked me to check my MXS 5 spec which is right down to 2. 0 Volts; so if the OP acts quickly they might get the battery on charge in time for one of those to try and do something. https://www. ctek. com/products/vehicle/mxs-5-0 Never ever been anywhere down there to check my CTEKs but recall another early auto charger that thought a 12 volt battery was a 6 volt one.
  14. Power operated steadies

    Do you think that the energy spinning down the steadies and the modest loading of them would require any change in a battery? It is not that movers that do IMO much more work actually sap a lot of energy from the battery unless used hauling up a long incline. The weight penalty is going I should think be in the drive motors but from the quoted weight of 18kgs the set is probably little more than we already carry with the heavy duty steadies?
  15. Leisure Battery

    I have real concerns that a CTEK or most chargers will recognise a battery so depressed to 3. 7 volts or lower by the time the OP has got it out? These types of chargers need a datum to decide what they are looking at; here it would be better to use a more rudimentary charger for at least overnight, then use a CTEK to aid recovery. Even if the solar system is "working" correctly it will be very affected by the conditions seen at the panel. Killers will be things like leaves stuck on it and general grime will significantly degrade the performance. Winter with its very low sun angles throw far more shadows over the panel and again these massively reduce the yield. The battery being AGM gives it a better chance of recovery but time left at these very depressed voltages is of the essence to have any hope; to save it needs putting it on charge ASAP, but if it has been so depressed for long some loss of "capacity" even if it recovers function is inevitable.