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  1. Its temping to explore something like gluing a big "fridge" vent over the worst of that wound, even if that "vent" was a graphic created one rather than a real one.
  2. Our Magnum was purchased in 2002 and used very extensively from then on, I don't think it is about to give up not in the next 5 or 6 years anyway. It might have been "dear" , I might be able to afford to buy it, and I might be biased to buying quality, but for sure it has been fantastic "value" by any measurement of value.
  3. I can find no evidence that the "Isacryl" and "Isaroof" products used by Isabella, are from Tencate and certainly are not products offered by Tencate. Tencate indeed make high quality products but from Cotton, a 50/50 Cotton Polyester blend, a 70 30 Polyester and PVA blend and a 100% polyester, but they have no 100% acrylic fibre fabric as Isaacyl. So it can't be said "other brands use the exact same fabrics and materials," as Isabella because they do not. You can make arguments that other brands use as good a products, and that is open to debate, but you
  4. That's the suspension "axle tube", it surely does not follow the wheels tyres , are similarly specified?
  5. It is also IMO best practice to isolate anything from a battery whilst it is not required, and more so something fused to carry massive currents. I have a short secured lanyard on my key using the hole provided, so it can't get lost, seemed the logical thing to do. These isolating switches seem to work via a bayonet cam, clamping down on the contacts; therefore it seems the circuit could be "made" simply if the key gets pressed in? With it removed one more possible error is avoided.
  6. Which are these other brand awnings that use "the exact same fabrics and materials," as Isabella?
  7. JTQ

    Gas Level

    Thanks "fred", I have to admit it has been some years since Calor had any of my pension and me any of their bottles. Great to hear things have moved on.
  8. JTQ

    Gas Level

    This sell off at B&M is just the tool you need, plus the ability to determine the "Tare" weight of the cylinder. to do the artithmetics. Digital Scales Now Calor for reasons only they know use lbs and ounces stamped on the Alloy collar, to give the Tare weight. So the arithmetic might need buying a rudimentary calculator whist out shopping. There are 16 ounces in a lb so start with dividing the ounces by 16 and then add the lbs, and then divied that result by 2.2046 to get the tare in kgs. Take the tare from the new scales kg reading gives you the kgs of gas you
  9. JTQ

    Gas Level

    It actually requires more than just your local petrol station having "Autogas" , it needs one that allows the refilling of portable cylinders; that in my experience has presented quite a problem.
  10. JTQ

    Gas Level

    And there was I thinking my gas worked out dear, clearly I have no concept how dearly others pay for it.
  11. JTQ

    Gas Level

    Easiest of the lot is just look at the Gaslight to see the level Might need a shake to get it moving so more visible in poor light or take head torch if dark; what's the problem here?
  12. Just a thought; What was disconnected, if just the battery then the solar panel would still be pushing volts at the controller? With my units that is a "no no", you must have the battery conected if the panel is connected. So disconnecting the panel is okay whereas disconnecting the battery is not. Edit: I note from the manual page 9 that the connection sequence of your unit is the same, though does not come with a warning not to ignor it.
  13. So it is gathering "socially", therefore if I simply ignor any one else on a CL in any social way, other than my direct line manager, we will at least comply with the law.
  14. You make the point I intended to reading through this thread, and it endorses Stevan's comment "what is a gathering?" Are Tesco going to limit it to just 6 persons in each of their mega stores as relative to 5 caravans in the open air on a CL it is both way more a true "gathering" and IMO presents way higher transmission risk?
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