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  1. Hi and welcome, we live in Leeds and if I can be of any help just message.
  2. Hey up Milkymarsh, we have fitted an extension lead that we connect to the radio and use the van speakers as well. Massive difference. We don't need the tv on full blast. ..
  3. Hi Eartheater, We were sat on the motorway for quite a while. It was us. They sold the U2's and the new U3's Only in Australia and not the UK. PS the Private plate maybe up for sale soon. ...
  4. Hi andy. I thought the u 3's were having no problems. This is the type of things we should not have to live with. I really feel for this couple because their faults will not end here. As for you saying I cannot comment on u3's because we have a U1, but they are very similar in many ways. Construction. Shell. Chassis. Coupler. Internal fittings. Internal components. Etc. I will say I won't be replying because we are going out to celebrate our daughters 18th. Also passing her driving test and completing her A levels. We hope you get your faults fixed. Ours unfortunately are still ongoing.
  5. Did they mention about any new layouts. I was told at the feb show to look out for a rear island bed model!!!
  6. U1 and U2 owners are only making you aware of what's to come. You need to remove your rose tinted glasses before the rot sets in. .... Sorry damp, call it what you like. ...
  7. I am obviously reading another forum, or you are not reading this one. Many people with U3's are reporting faults on these very pages. I take they are all lying? Kinked pipes, problems with leatherette roof linings. This is early days for many U3 owners. Wait until you have owned it for a while and the issues start to grow. Lets see how happy people are then with the new U3 range. I am not a Bailey hater. We actually loved our van to pieces, but that appears that's what is becoming. Now go and whip yourself with your hose pipe as I know you will not be replying to my post. ....
  8. Well certainly haven't raised their standards. They are consistently shoddy, poor quality.
  9. Look at Hobby's they have end island beds, Queen size . ...
  10. Was. Not anymore. We wouldn't have one given. Buying German next.
  11. Taking their money else where. Wish we had 3 years ago.
  12. Sorry Jslocks we paid £23,000 for the privilege and I will continue to do so thank you. We have earned the right. PM sent.
  13. Lady Bailey have 3 Cartegenas for sale. Brand New, I thought they were hard to get hold of?
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