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  1. Many thanks for all your comments we found out that the Simplon Pass is free but once you drive into Switzerland the vignette was 40 euros for the car and 40 euros for caravan which as we were just travelling through decided against it. We went via the Frejus Tunnel as there seems to be more hold ups with Monte Blanc Tunnel, the cost difference was negligible which was just over 58 euros, a lovely drive with car and caravan with spectacular scenery
  2. We are towing a Adria caravan and would like to know which is the better route from Italy whether to go via the Simplon Pass and would like to know what the cost would be to drive and also the cost of putting the vehicles on the train or whether to drive through Frejus or Mont Blanc tunnels again the cost, we will be travelling first week or two of April. Would love to hear of fellow travelers experience of all three
  3. The fridge is a Thetford N97 and it is fitted in an Adria Adiva 542UL
  4. Our caravan fridge is misbehaving. It is on electric and when you open the door, the light on the fridge does not come on and you can here it trying to light the gas (clicking noise can be heard, but we have the gas turned off while sited) the display on the front show you all connections i. e. gas, electric or battery)close the door and leave it for 30 seconds and it corrects itself. The fridge is working but we have this problem only when we open the fridge door. We have the fridge serviced on a regular 12 month service. Has anyone else experienced this, if so how to overcome it
  5. Spending several months in Spain at one place as well as touring am looking for a seasonal (which will have protection against ultra violet rays) lightweight porch awning 390 x 240 approximate size. It needs to be easy to erect but strong, so not sure whether to have a porch awning or a caravan store, I would appreciate feed back on both these types as well as information as to where to purchase them whilst here in Spain.
  6. Many thanks for all your helpful comments but we are also in a mind that the element is kaput
  7. Here in Spain it has been somewhat cold in the evening and have been using our heater with no problem on electric. All of a sudden it seems as though the heater is not working. The fan is going as we can hear this, the green light is lit, but cold air seems to be circulating. I wonder if it likely something quite simple is amiss. We have the unit serviced every year so cant explain why the heater has only worked for a couple of months. I have checked the fuse and that has not blown. How we normally operate our heater is switching the switch in the wardrobe down (to on) turn the lig
  8. We are pensioners, and have been informed by our insurance company that they will no longer insure our bikes whilst over in Europe for 51/2 months touring. Some companies will insure up to 90 days which is of no use, this is both on home insurance and Bike insurances. Some of the later companies wont insure your bike unless it is over £500, we seem to be in a situation that we can not resolve, can anyone help us please
  9. H E L P I am travelling to Croatia by Car and Caravan with friends who will be in a Camper van, we would like to keep in touch whilst driving and possibly out of sight on one another and wondered whether anyone else can share their experience. We have been looking at Walkie Talkie Radios but they are either too expensive or have rubbish reviews ( we do not wish to use phones)
  10. We have had the caravan checked and have been told that the problem is due to the cam bus system on the car but have not been given any assistance on how this can be solved
  11. We have a Adria Adiva caravan that has LED rear lights. When towing with our Ford S Max the rear lights on the caravan flash instead of staying on constantly. Has anyone else experienced this problem - if so how can this be rectified.
  12. I need to replace the single mattresses for my Adria Adiva 542 UL and not sure where to purchase these or the type of mattress required. Hope someone can assist with this information or experiences
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