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  1. no confidence in the goverment and transport Minister they spent millions on a company to run a ferry service with no ships paid off euro tunnel millions because they forgot about them I want to go on holiday with no hassle into Europe like I have in the past and dont want to find myself spending 2 weeks in Kent
  2. I know that thats why I dont want to leave the European community I like being a part of it especially after meeting many people from other countrys whilst on holiday in my caravan
  3. I appreciate what you are saying but we like a stress free holiday thats why I like Europe and being a European I dont have the same faith in our politicians as yourself and others we usually go around end of June but my wife can only take 2 weeks and dosn't want any problems so we are going on a Cruise instead from Southampton to the Med enjoy the rest of your holiday
  4. we are not going with caravan into Europe because of above issues and it could happen in June who knows and I just dont fancy being stuck trying to cross channel either way
  5. I had same problem on my S4 Cadiz and was repaired by dealer over 12 months ago and been ok since
  6. ours is on the passenger side of mirror what we did on first journey using it my wife held it in the position to see if it would operate and then we removed tape and fixed it into position
  7. had a look Pegasus grande website and its the stone effect shower cubicle same as mine we have found it to be a great shower cubicle and better without the mat compared to the round shower cubicle on our Unicorn S2
  8. my 2018 Unicorn S4 didnt come with a mat as the shower floor is none slip surface
  9. i travel from manchester area 280 miles and used stop 24 very close to tunnel used it twice it was £20 its not quiet though as you can hear vehicles moving and door closing etc but i got about 6 hours sleep to me the only difference between Baie de Somme was it was free I was going to La rochelle area but I find that I have had enough by Le mans so stopped for 2 nights
  10. the fuses are actually under a removable cover on the boiler have a look on the alde website they are shown in green as thermal fuse size 20mm 3. 15 A cost me about £1 from electrical shop got spares and replaced both isolate from mains before removing panel hopefully this will sort the problem https://www. alde. co. uk/alde-3020-compact. shtml
  11. I had a series 2 cadiz with that problem and it was a fuse on the boiler unit only a few pence for the fuse
  12. last year had a problem when cold wind blowing into vents stopped the fridge from working do I buy 2 covers for top and bottom vents or just 1 for top not sure any help appreciated
  13. yes you can but not displayed like British supermarkets and not as cheap but tastes same we carried 2 x 4pint bottles with a long use by date of over a week
  14. I try and use physics I use less energy pulling 40kg than than carrying 10kg I think but your right svimes you adapt to the situation that you have but I think some people just get set in there ways and never realise that you can change
  15. I take the aqua roll and a wastemaster on holiday so I use them I fill and empty as required this may be everyday or after a few days dont see the point carrying extra bucket and other filling vessels i do think people have funny habits I do laugh when I watch them going backwards and forwards with small containers of water to fill a water barrel
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