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  1. I got this email below from Hutopia campsite Foreign tourists will be welcome in French campsites See the online version DESTINATIONS ACCOMMODATIONNATURE CAMPSITESFOREST VILLAGES Hello, Following a misinterpretation by foreign media of the words of the French Minister of Tourism, we wish to share with you the official press release of the National Federation of Outdoor Hotels (FNHPA) regarding the stays in France of foreign tourists for this summer. See you soon at Huttopia PRESS ALERT FNHPA – FOREIGN TOURISTS Press alert: foreign tourists will be welcome in French campsites in July and August 2020 The Fédération Nationale de l'Hôtellerie de Plein Air (FNHPA) would like to remind foreign press correspondents in France that foreign tourists will be welcome in France during the summer of 2020, subject to the opening of French borders as well as those of other European countries and to favourable health conditions. Contrary to misinterpretations that have already appeared in some European countries, the Interministerial Committee on Tourism convened by Prime Minister Edouard Philippe on 14 May 2020 was very clear on this point. Likely reopening of intra-European borders at the end of June The French Minister of the Interior, Christophe Castaner, announced on 7 May that restrictions on France's borders with countries in the European area (European Union, Schengen area, United Kingdom) will be "extended until at least 15 June". In addition, the fourteen measures "for any French or foreign person entering France," permitted by the bill extending the state of health emergency, "at this stage, given the evolution of the epidemic in Europe and in view of the alignment of health measures between European countries," will not be applied within the European area, "except overseas and, if we decide to do so, in Corsica.” Foreign tourists welcome in France if health conditions allow it The press kit of the Interministerial Committee for Tourism of 14 May but states (extract from page 10): "France welcomes the proposals made by the European Commission in its communications of 13 May on tourism and transport, to restore mobility and allow a gradual reopening of tourist destinations in Europe. France will play its full role in facilitating the harmonization of health measures for the reception of tourists and professionals, particularly in the hotel, café and restaurant sector and transport, as well as close cooperation in the evaluation of epidemiological situations. These measures, proposed by the committee, will play a key role in reopening certain regions of Europe to tourism as soon as the health situation permits. France will ensure that the health protocols validated today feed into this necessary European harmonisation effort. France reiterates its commitment to ensuring that no discrimination on the basis of nationality can take place when European tourist destinations are reopened." Under these conditions, French campsites are looking forward to welcoming their European clients, sanitary conditions permitting. SECURE PAYMENT +33 (0)4 37 64 22 35 DISCOVER ALL DESTINATIONS Huttopia, life in the great outdoors! Discover all our campsites and villages on huttopia.com This email has been sent to you by Huttopia S.A. In conformity with the law on "data processing and freedom" of 6 January 1978 amended in 2004, you have the right to access and correct information concerning you, which you can exercise by contacting: Huttopia - Rue du Chapoly - 69290 St Genis Les Ollières or by contacting us by email. Company with a capital of €7 814 792,40 - represented by Mr Philippe Bossanne, EU VAT number FR 15424562890, registered with the RCS. Copyright of Huttopia SA. All rights reserved. www.huttopia.com Unsubscribe
  2. when the rear panel separated on our van like the top photos they glued it back and wedged a piece of wood the whole length of the rear handle which I took out as they forgot and its not moved since
  3. we will be happy with a pitch for us personally we will not be using any facilities the only thing communally that I will be touching are the taps and most are outside booked 18 nights in July and will be happy for wardens to maintain the rules
  4. I don't see any problem that Highball visited his van to him it was a valid reason and with permission of storage site he also recreated by enjoying some time there and left him with a positive feeling and has kept social distance
  5. we have 2 weekends and a 2week holiday booked for July if sites are open and will still be social distancing when we are out and about
  6. Hi Blackrat 51 Sorry you missunderstood my post it was a light hearted response to mr plods view l love going in the caravan and I Have no problem also I like cruises
  7. Yes we have had a couple of weekends in the van used caravan fridge toilet at night house kitchen and shower cheered us up a lot once blinds are closed you feel like you could be anywhere
  8. I thought that was caravanning empty toilet every day wardens telling you what to do and cant do no privacy people walking next to your window or through the pitch and eating off plastic/metal plates queuing for showers
  9. we should be at Chipping in the Forest of Bowland Lancashire but we have put the legs down turned on gas set up toilet and will spend Good Friday evening and night on in the Garden
  10. I am going to Southport and the caravan motorhome club statemant about travel as at 1700hrs today is pasted below Travelling to campsites Current government advice on essential travel refers to the use of public transport and travel to work, and for certain age groups, as part of its social distancing guidance. There are currently no restrictions on the use of private motor vehicles. Information is available here. Thank you for your continued support. Please do everything you can to support us with these new measures on sites which are for the benefit of everybody and will enable you to continue to enjoy your passion for the great outdoors.
  11. mine packed in after about 18 months and the occasional failure and I bought a new one, but I am sure you can buy just the pump for a bit less
  12. we always go via the tunnel and I checked there website regards pet travel and at the moment there is no change
  13. I really like safefill I have the 10kg and only carry that you can visibly see how much gas is left and we also top up before we go on long holidays never needed to fill up abroad but if I went for a longer period we would buy the adaptors for Europe
  14. not having tracker on bailey cadiz only cost me about £30 more a year but if someones looking to pinch it they wont know if its on or not and also have a new for old policy
  15. Mr plod I have just come up from the Loire region today and noticed a couple of wind socks at side of the road indicating cross winds even though the area looks no different than the last 30 miles perhaps you hit some cross wind and that’s what caused your problem and not having the alko down at the time gave you the snake
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