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  1. not having tracker on bailey cadiz only cost me about £30 more a year but if someones looking to pinch it they wont know if its on or not and also have a new for old policy
  2. Mr plod I have just come up from the Loire region today and noticed a couple of wind socks at side of the road indicating cross winds even though the area looks no different than the last 30 miles perhaps you hit some cross wind and that’s what caused your problem and not having the alko down at the time gave you the snake
  3. The cul de sac area is now closed off for caravans it may be temporary as the have put up a removable barrier had a walk down nothing obviously being done parked in the semi circle caravan parking area have seen a few vans go down that way and then left
  4. No carpets down the the floor is never that cold even in winter cheap brush from Tesco a job done I have a mate who has no carpets in his house as it’s all wooden floors for cleanliness but uses the carpets in the van I think it’s because they come with the van Sorry gone off topic but could not help it hope you find what you want
  5. I stopped on semi circle part near the mobile home servicing area there is a lane marked off we had a good 7 hours sleep there its not marked on jaydugs picture with a red dot but it’s close to the lowest one on the picture and it’s near to the main building also don’t think Hgv a will use very tight for them to get onto it
  6. Thanks Hoverspeed I will set it up at them levels and will also contact tyrepal when I get home never thought about doing that
  7. Thanks did another 100 miles yesterday and it got up to 70psi The problem is that we have these tools but no proper instructions thanks again
  8. I got the tyre monitor with my Cadiz and used for the last 2 years and not had any warnings I set the tyre pressure warning at 72psi 20% higher than the 60psi for the tyre after doing a journey to France of approximately 450 miles it went off warning high pressures of 72psi and tyre temp was about 50 C Outside temp was about 27C l slowed down and monitored the meter and pressure dropped to 71psi and I felt tyre and wheel as soon as possible after leaving the motorway and it was normal and not hot I then did another 20miles on normal roads and it dropped a bit more also checked pressure before I started journey wondering if to to increase the warning to 74psi ? and wondering what others with unicorns S4 have there monitors set at ?
  9. Thank you svimes will keep to 80kph when off the motorways unless a sign says otherwise
  10. I agree about the seats and the screws never noticed them prefer a square sink as eayier washing grill and other square items as for the bathroom having no window I think its brilliant big mirror as we always had blind closed plenty of natural light from above and can leave roof vents open when we go out
  11. we go to France on saturday is it best to keep to 80km unless you see a 90km sign as it seems it can vary in different Departments
  12. Thanks to all for the advice I will avoid Paris all together it was just the sat nav,google etc was saying quickest route and having no experience of the area I thought I would ask but it does seem a more stressfull driving route judgeing by the comments and I never thought about heght limits etc and the photo was a good reminder how confusing it can be when not use to the road signs Thanks ValA i will use this route navigation programes can vary depending what time of day you put in thanks again to all for your help Ashey
  13. I am looking at getting from Aire Bia de somme to Saint Aignan in Loir- et- Cher via Orleans with the caravan route planner is taking me around Paris a route I have never done along various roads some I have not put in A16 ,N184, A15, A118 onto A10 an alternative it gave me was the route I know through Rouen to Tours along the A28 the time travelling nearly the same but 60 miles longer I have looked at going via Chatres to Orleans but this puts on 2 hours extra I have always been told to stay away from Paris area and not sure what to do ? any advice welcome
  14. Thank you MPG for your reply very appreciated them are the bays I use you are on holiday and relaxing what its about enjoy the rest of your holiday and hope the weather is good for you I travel down on the 30th thanks again Ashey
  15. i refuse to use them in summer holidays I think they are expensive
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