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  1. Thank you MPG for your reply very appreciated them are the bays I use you are on holiday and relaxing what its about enjoy the rest of your holiday and hope the weather is good for you I travel down on the 30th thanks again Ashey
  2. i refuse to use them in summer holidays I think they are expensive
  3. Thanks Caddytow we are getting the 23 30 hrs train after coming down from Manchester so I expect to arrive around 0200 hrs French time but I was concerned if caravan bays may have been closed like last year we have no plans other than look at what the weather like and if its reasonable will head for a site nearby if not head south probably as far as Le mans and then a rest for a couple of days have a good holiday and thanks for taking time to reply to my post
  4. hi Caddytow MPG can one of you let me know if services have the full parking for caravans or is still restricted due to building work as we will arrive about 1am on Saturday 31st from the train thanks
  5. Ashey


    Thank you for the replys will take 2 weeks worth of Gin and tonic with us save me having to hunt it out as we are not sure where we are going we will make that decision when we get there
  6. my wife has gone off wine now and likes the Gin's especially Gordons Pink Gin and we are off to France in a few weeks but we have been told its hard to find it should I buy before I go ?
  7. no I had returned from a cruise holiday good nights sleep large breakfast and we didn't need to stop I mostly enjoy towing as I just keep to sixty and mostly in the nearside lane and watch everybody go by
  8. i went to to a p and o ship that morning and thought i would have no problem as i use the the junction before A33 into Southampton but it was closed also and nothing was mentioned about that a few bad words came out of my mouth that morning put an hour on my journey every where was gridlocked Left Southampton this morning back to near Wigan 220 miles using A34 average speed for full journey was over 60 mph was very happy
  9. no confidence in the goverment and transport Minister they spent millions on a company to run a ferry service with no ships paid off euro tunnel millions because they forgot about them I want to go on holiday with no hassle into Europe like I have in the past and dont want to find myself spending 2 weeks in Kent
  10. I know that thats why I dont want to leave the European community I like being a part of it especially after meeting many people from other countrys whilst on holiday in my caravan
  11. I appreciate what you are saying but we like a stress free holiday thats why I like Europe and being a European I dont have the same faith in our politicians as yourself and others we usually go around end of June but my wife can only take 2 weeks and dosn't want any problems so we are going on a Cruise instead from Southampton to the Med enjoy the rest of your holiday
  12. we are not going with caravan into Europe because of above issues and it could happen in June who knows and I just dont fancy being stuck trying to cross channel either way
  13. I had same problem on my S4 Cadiz and was repaired by dealer over 12 months ago and been ok since
  14. ours is on the passenger side of mirror what we did on first journey using it my wife held it in the position to see if it would operate and then we removed tape and fixed it into position
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