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  1. I found them annoying and could not even bring up the effort to mention them when I had a couple of jobs done but I do understand your point though
  2. All ours came off and never made any difference blinds stop wherever we place them put them in drawer just in case I need them
  3. Andy O my Cadiz model there was 4 screws under the shelf that go into the base of microwave once removed I could take out microwave
  4. Thank you everybody for the help I will try the loop method with tape as we are away at moment such a simple solution
  5. Changed my car and new tow bar has a clip hole but the brake away cable is nearly touching ground are there different lengths or is there a way of shortening
  6. Next van to me used to take his flag down at nighttime and changed them also had ducks in his fire bucket a stick to keep his roof light open and a large-stick to keep his front window open and a scooter 🛴 outside it was a very old van but he made caravanning look fun
  7. We travelled down to Cornwall from northwest and used the cl at Bristol caravans it’s an excellent stopover and very helpful owners 1 mile from M5 and £15
  8. My unicorn Cadiz did that reading whilst travelling on motorway last week
  9. I booked CMC in April and arrived on Thursday 16 July and got the new VAT rate 😁
  10. Caravan club have passed on the cut in VAT paid today and cheaper than when I last looked online at my booking
  11. my tv on 12 volts sometimes closes down to standby with a screen message due to low power if I haven't put the plug in properly I usually have to press back in or widdle it about to get a good connection but no problem on 240v using the tranformer
  12. I registered my lock on the alko website when I got it new and I am sure they can replace any particular lost part
  13. I agree buy it from safefill I was going to borrow my mates adapter from his MH but they were right thread
  14. When I got my Isabella the dealer wanted to know about my van it was a Bailey and I needed different pads and I am sure it was a specific to my van wheel cover
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