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  1. They must be making good vans surely they concentrate on the build as it can't be economic to speed up production to then pay dealers thouands of pounds to repair i have been happy with Bailey
  2. It’s about time cars kill and injure more and when they are parked they mostly block the pavements
  3. And those that work in the public sector pay taxes also for running the public sector
  4. Having started 3 times intending to get to the south we have never managed it furthest I have got is around Limoges we just find ourselves thinking why move its lovely here and stayed and thats why I enjoy caravaning and also France
  5. One good thing about toll roads is there are no tractors, cyclists people and a lot less cars and all going in the same direction and as a driver you can enjoy your views more and stick on the cruise control
  6. As Charlieboy 2608 says we are on holiday striaght away we are excited so the 280 miles to the over 8 hours is not stressfull I find if i leave home early morning i do not sleep the night before and i am the same if I stop over near the tunnel But if I sleep in France I can get a more relaxed night and move on when ready with no deadline to keep
  7. I was just saying what we do within the first 24 hours from Manchester to be honest never manged to get to south perhaps I should have said we go through Rouen around Dinner time
  8. We live in Manchester area and we start the journey into France as soon as we have finished work leaving around 5pm for a shuttle time around 1 am gives us plenty of time and the possibility of being put on an earlier train We then travel to Bia de somme services and then sleep there and leave when refreshed to carry on to Le mans it seems to work best for us being well into France within 24 hours of leaving work
  9. well i did get a tv with my Unicorn 2 but I kept that and gave back the wheel lock and ancillary equipment etc as the new van had them included and if I change my Unicorn 4 I was thinking of keeping my TPMS and also the carpets to sell as they have never been used
  10. When you trade your van in for a new one What or not do you give with van? is the price the dealer offers you for the van to include certain ancillary equipment like external pumps and cables etc
  11. Yesterday on a long journey I stopped at The services on M40 which mixes caravans and artic and parked nose in a group of empty bays before I left I had artics either side all I could see out of my car mirrors was white trailers they where completely useless I had a good view though in my extended mirrors and was able to reverse with no problem knowing what was behind And I think it would be near impossible to reverse into the same gap without extended mirrors Having read above thread I am now even thinking of getting some spare ones for emergency replacement
  12. Thanks had a good look on tyrepal website and I have 3 choices add on /flow through add on and internal I will see what a local tyre services will charge for changing internal ones 😀
  13. Until I had read this thread I had never given it a thought of how they work Yes I will look into doing that thanks
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