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  1. Just a update to this. I had the I van panel replaced  on whale instution,works fine at the dealers. Soon as I was on site guess what it happened again. This time wife said oven won't light. Stuck my head in it was sparking on another cable  and a piece of the oven body. The cable had a small nick in it, i Wrapped some insulation tape round it and not had a problem since. So much for the dealer doing a full investigation.

  2. 12 hours ago, IanAud said:

    As the van was under waranty it first went back to the dealer. They could reproduce the fault but tried the "your holding the ignitor on too long" card. This I told them was not going to make me go away (All parties from this point on would try this on as the resolution, but I stood my ground).


    The fault then go refered to Elddis who eventually admitted they could reproduce the fault in their factory and that it would be handed over to Whale and Thetford.


    Thetford told Elddis there was nothing wrong with their cookers and the way Elddis had installed it. The problem was then left for Whale to "analyse". They eventually sent an engineer to replace the iVan unit and this cured the fault.


    All this took just under 7 months to resolve. All the way I had to constantly be chasing Elddis for updates as they never would contact me.


    You need to take this up with your dealer asap and not be fobbed off as, to me, this is now a "known issue" with some iVan setups. Good luck.

    Thanks for the Info will get on to them asap

  3. hi, have you got a diagram as to what i need for this set up i have a sat conecter in my battery box but only want to use this for tv, when i have hook up on bollard, i have a adapter what came with van for battery box so i can connect aerial cable from bollard to battery box, they do i connect to sat conection near tv in van with a short aerial cable with a sat to aerial adapter again thanks?


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