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  1. Hi I have the same problem on my 2017 compass battery box side, it's about a quarter full of water. just out of interest has anybody tried to drill a small hole in for dranage
  2. Just a update to this. I had the I van panel replaced on whale instution,works fine at the dealers. Soon as I was on site guess what it happened again. This time wife said oven won't light. Stuck my head in it was sparking on another cable and a piece of the oven body. The cable had a small nick in it, i Wrapped some insulation tape round it and not had a problem since. So much for the dealer doing a full investigation.
  3. Hi did you ever find out the problem for this as my compass 2017 is doing the same with cooker ignision I van is freezing up and cutting the boiler out
  4. hi, have you got a diagram as to what i need for this set up i have a sat conecter in my battery box but only want to use this for tv, when i have hook up on bollard, i have a adapter what came with van for battery box so i can connect aerial cable from bollard to battery box, they do i connect to sat conection near tv in van with a short aerial cable with a sat to aerial adapter again thanks?
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