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  1. Hi everyone who helped here. The slide up after gentle push pull and wd40 worked thanks. Unfortunately there is no way to tighten the tap from below. You can see the pipes and the tap bottom but it has a slidetightener across it which is not adjustable so back to the drawing board i'm afraid thanks again all.
  2. This is a photo of the cover if it helps anyone to help me. Did not have the van handy when I posted the question The thing on the left will not move either up or down. thanks david82150
  3. I have a Unicorn Cadiz 2012. Our kitchen tap is loose. I guess I can get to it by taking off the external cover on the fridge so I can access the tap to tighten. I do not want to break it but can n ot see how to remove cover. There is a thing on the left hand side which looks as if it could do something butg not movable. Any ideas anyone? thanks
  4. Parking up on a site in France reversing struggled to get car off van. Finally it came off but a horrible sound from the wheels. COuld this be the traction control? How do you know if that is OK apart from the red light going green cheers david82150
  5. Thanks all for your help. I had a local Spanish engineer come to sort it out and he really struggled to get it to part which eventually it did. Fault was a short between 1 and 9 so am now thankfully sorted. Told the Portuguese guy what had happened so maybe he will be more careful in future. I would have had a go myself but just couldnot get the plug to part. Thanks all david82150
  6. Thanks for the advice. I did not tell the full story before so here goes. Always had problems lining up even with the green cap. I guess it was an inferior plug. So coming out here I decided while I was sunning myself I would pay a fitter while we were in Portugal to fit me a new one. Very well done and this super new type plug fitted. He tested all and it was all ok. This last Friday we moved to Spain and when connecting the car the light came on. Waggled it about and got here to Spain. Now I have to get in it to look at pin1 and pin 9 as one of you kindly suggested. I guess a small bit of wire is between the two. This is a super plug but I can not see how to open it. Thanks all david82150 i
  7. Hi everyone, in sunny Spain and have a problem I need to fix before I can move on. When the van is plugged in my nearside indicator rear comes on permanently with no lights on. I think I have a short between two pins but can not get into the plug to check. It is an Italian plug paper attached. I have tried twisting the end but nothing moves. A pity I have to do anything with it as it is a very positive action. thanks for help david82150
  8. My van is a 2012 cadiz. The toilet is a c263 which seems to use most of the same parts. I changed the push module and getting stupid I ordered a new reed which is different to the pic kindly put on here. In my toilet there is a blank plate at the rear which is held up with two screws, and behind that is a reed unit but no fuse the reed unit is on a b oard and is part number 93408. I then took out the pump and did as suggested here ie tapped it around and managed to turn the end and Walla it is working. I would have hoped there was a fuse so it would be possible to test to but I cant see one. I really appreciate all the help on here thanks guys david82150
  9. Thanks for the thoughts. I do not think there is a fuse in this case. I cant see one anywhere. I bought a new top switch which is a circuit job as I had a live feed to the toilet just inside the cassette opening. Did not do any good. I then have found a reed switch behind a screw off plate at the rear of the toilet looking in ie behind where the waste container fits. I have ordered a new one as I cant think of what else to do so will see if that works. Now with one of the suggestions from you I will try pulling the pump out and giving it a kicking or it is bucket and chuck it. thanks.
  10. Hi going away this weekend and have toilet problem. No flush. Bought a new push button part still no flush. Have power at the purple white but then the wires one red and one black vanish under the floor where the toilet sits. then four wires come back out three black and one red. they go up to the pump and switch. there are no fuses to be seen or reed switches someone mentioned. Help please anyone. thanks David 82150
  11. We are looking for recommendations as to the route from zeebrugge and sites on the way going down the east coast of Italy. We have done the west down to Naples a long time ago. Thinking of going through Germany as my father is buried there in a war cemetery. (RAF) thanks
  12. Going very soon to Italy for a couple of months and any help/ information would be appreciated. Have been down the west side to Naples but never done the east. Intend to travel via zeebrugge Germany France if needed. (Have been to Croatia via the top bit of Italy) Thanks anyone David82150
  13. The pic on the left is showing the floor on the right and the wall going up on the left. The pic on the left is an extra I did in case any water got through from behind the toilet. It is a stick on awning drip readily available on the internet hope this helps
  14. I used the trim which is for finishing wall tiling. It has a d shape and a bit which you can silicone and screw and works well right across the back. david82150
  15. bought some of this stick on trim which looks good to sit across top of toilet box to count that out of the equation. Then the only place it could get in from is the rear roof joint!!!
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