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  1. I have towed with 520d, 530d and 530d Touring and no issues with any of them. You don't mention if your Xdrive is saloon or touring but air suspension on the touring is self leveling so this helps with stability. You can see the impact the weight of the van has on the saloon in GaryB1929's post. Either way they are both good tow cars.
  2. This is a bit concerning as I have ordered the same van and air con from Coachman but still awaiting delivery. Please post update when you have it.
  3. I bought the new G05 30d Xdrive last year and I am very impressed with it. The air suspension is fantastic and the car feels very stable. The 620nm of torque also makes for effortless towing, As @Bristle Hound mentions, if you opt for the new G05 then it needs to be a factory fit tow bar to get 3500kg tow capacity. If its retrofitted then this drops to 1900kg. That would be ok for most vans but jut be aware.
  4. Cheers Nigel. I have a Powrtouch auto at the moment on my VIP and no issues with it. It just adds another grand to the price of the manual on a twin axle☹️ I am of the opinion that all manufactures have ‘bad days at the office’ and if you get one then it will put you off buying another. I love the Coachman and have had no issues whatsoever with my 575. Fingers crossed this one is the same.
  5. I think the dealer is suggesting with the manual engage, you can jack the van with one wheel engaged (acting as a brake) and the other disengaged to allow the wheel to be turned to fit the second lock. If the auto engage type is used them you cant do that. I would need to ask him again to clarify. Your way sounds simpler though 😊
  6. That makes complete sense, thanks for clarification.
  7. Hi all, I have recently ordered a new Coachman Laser Xcel and the dealer is recommending a manual Powrtouch. They say it helps with alignment for the Alko locks but I am struggling to see how this helps. Also, The van comes fitted with the E&P self levelling system and I understand I can jack one side of the van and move then move the wheels to align the locks this way. My current van has the Powrtouch auto although, it looks relatively easy to use the manually engage version. thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I tried connecting to the phone but it doesn’t find it . I have turned on the personal hotspot but no joy. think I may have to go with a 4G router.
  9. Hi all, Apologies in in advance but my IT knowledge is poor to say the least.😀 My wife has asked if we can watch Netflix in the van. Our smart tv does have it built in but requires a Wi-Fi connection . The tv won’t pick up the site wi-if or my phone so Is is there a way to do this via some kind of 4g portable router. any advice appreciated.
  10. The 5 Series has self levelling air suspension at the rear, which is possibly what your read Gary. You are correct r. e the stability and factory fit is the way to go IMO - albeit expensive!
  11. Gary, just a thought. . If you go with the G30 Xdrive it will add approx 100kg to the weight of the standard car, so that would only leave it only circa 40kg lighter than your 520. Just test drove the new 530 Xdrive and its very impressive.
  12. Yes you are correct Lutz, apologies for the confusion. The plug would have been 13 pin type, just not fully wired. its beyond me why they just don’t have it fully wired from the outset!
  13. Thanks for that Kiaboy and I could live with the 12v switch, its just remembering to do it! I'll feedback after the service next week. Gordon. .
  14. Lutz, I have no idea what is fitted to an X4 however, I have bought three 5 Series from new so let me assure you, the towbar on each car was factory fitted. All three required the fitting of an additional wiring loom and pins. The electric folding towbar and can only be specified during build. Gordon R. .
  15. Just back from our first ( extremely cold!) trip of the season and as per usual, a few faults were identified which I will bring to the attention of the dealer during its 2nd service next week. Nothing serious however, the fridge is annoying me as it appears to be a quality issues. The door has dropped slightly and will only close if I lift the latch. The plastic led screen (assume its a cover?) has started to bubble and come away. The auto changeover function is temperamental and doesn't always switch to car battery. It flashes an error and will only switch to
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