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  1. My microwave had a sticker re removing the plate whilst travelling (I’m afraid I can’t post a pic as I’ve removed it now because it was blocking the view through the window!). But then, my microwave is a caravan-specific model, as I noticed when I came to register it … … But there’s nothing in the instructions about storing the plate … but it is a generic manual for many models. BTW, my plate gets tucked down the side of the seat, as advised by the dealer at handover time. John
  2. Actually, if you buy the mount as well it’s £200, as they add on another tenner at checkout, presumably for p&p ! And as for levelling your van “in under a minute” - even with this gizmo that’s pushing it. John
  3. With the receipt of my CRiS docs for my new van, I’ve just been looking into VinChip. If I’ve got it right, it will have a chip embedded ‘randomly’ in the van, as well as every window being etched and a couple of QR codes. But the paperwork that came with the CVR/6 appeared to be trying to sell me that self-same chip. I rang the dealer, who said ‘it probably is chipped’ - helpful, not! So, should the van be chipped, and if it isn’t, is it worth the £39.99 to get it done? John
  4. Looks a good idea, have thought many times about doing something similar. John PS, not sure if I want something sent to me from China at the moment though
  5. CJ, CaSSOA recommend 3.5m from jockey-wheel to jockey-wheel. This would give a gap of about 1.2m between regular vans, and about a metre between the 8-footers. But of course storage owners can do as they wish, even on a site registered with CaSSOA. Personally, I think the minimum is enough to allow a door and step good clearance, and to allow easy use of of the steady winder. John
  6. My van - brand new last month - has just such a sticker, supplied by the dealer. John
  7. See this other thread on the same subject - here. John
  8. Yellowbelly, I don’t disagree that the CMC are splashing the cash on some Northern sites (total waste in my opinion, as even the lowest level of club site is more than adequate). But we’re not debating refurbs - it’s the new sites that are needed that we’re discussing. John
  9. Johnaldo

    CRiS Issue

    Agreed it has no legal standing, but CRiS could help in certain situations, and I’d recommend everyone to register their vans with them. My new van is waiting on registration - with Elddis blaming CRiS and the dealer blaming Elddis, but I’ve found CRiS easier to deal with than the other two ! John
  10. Hello Heidi and to Caravan Talk. CT has its own list of storage places here. Also there’s the CaSSOA database here. Good luck, John.
  11. Durbanite, discussed here just a couple of months ago, so I don’t think that things have ‘moved on’ in that time. I can vouch for the HG mould remover used in a domestic situation (outside of a conservatory), but not on a van. Got it at our local Rightway shop. John
  12. No contradiction there RP, as the members want want sites both in The Lakes and the areas I mentioned - and I’m sure they’d provide good returns for the Clubs in both areas. John
  13. I would tend to agree with Babstreefern. We went last year, hoping to pick out a particular layout of van, but there was so little to see it was hopeless. Also, as said, the accessories area was rubbish. I wouldn’t go again even though it’s only 40 minutes away and the parking is free! Their flyer lists things to see and do, such as towing experience, manoeuvring a motorhome, meet the experts, a food stage, ego scooter experience, worldwide travel, and how to hitch up a caravan … … great, but no mention of the vans to see or accessories to buy which I would guess the majority of people go for! John
  14. Only just seen this thread - but almost every bathroom or toilet handle that I’ve ever come across has a lock on the inside and an ‘emergency’ opening on the outside, whether it be in the home, public toilets, commercial premises or in a caravan. I would guess it’s a ‘legal’ requirement or building regulation to ensure that a small child or frail adult can quickly be released if need be - without the need for a key. This obviously doesn’t apply to caravan bathrooms with sliding doors, like mine, where there’s no turning handle and therefore no lock. John
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