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  1. Aaaaargh! I’ve been keeping this quiet to improve my chances of winning John
  2. Looking back at an incident yesterday on my dashcam videos I noticed that they seemed to have gone out of focus. The lens appears fixed and is clean. If it helps, it says “F=2.2/f=2.68mm” on it. Has anyone had the same problem, and if so, what’s the fix? TIA, John.
  3. Johnaldo

    What is this?

    Ern, did you ever solve this puzzle ? John
  4. Kathy - worth reading this previous discussion from a few weeks ago. John
  5. BG, I don’t think the advice is passed on for H&S reasons, but more to do with the fact that a battery will absorb the cold from the concrete floor - hence the advice about standing it on a piece of polystyrene or wood, or even keeping it in the battery box in the van! John
  6. I mentioned this in another thread recently, but thought I’d open it up for further discussion … It’s with regards to my annual ‘dilemma’ when winterizing the van … Do I leave the drain tap open - a.) to ensure all remaining water has gone, and b.) to ensure there’s room for any trapped water to expand during freezing ? … or … Do I Leave the drain tap closed - a.) so that icy winter winds don’t blow in, possibly causing freezing, and b.) to keep out creepy crawlies ? John
  7. Kelly, both major clubs have on-line directories of sites, but if you’re not a member try googling “uk campsite co uk” (with appropriate dots!). John
  8. They are AFAIC … I would never use one on a caravan. John
  9. Bavnelly, I had the same thought yesterday, so I’ve been to storage this morning. Turns out SWMBO had opened the yellow tap, so the hot tank had drained on the last journey. However, when I then connected my hand pump to the water inlet I got a good mug-full of water out, which come the next frost may well have frozen in the pipes. Now I’m left with the annual dilemma … to leave the drain tap open (to ensure all remaining drops are gone and there’s room for any trapped water to expand during freezing) or to shut the tap (so that cold winter winds don’t blow in and to keep out creepy crawlies). BTW, I always cover the grey water drainage outlets after hearing that someone had a mouse crawl in and die in the pipe! And don’t forget to drain the toilet water flush as well. So yes, I get out there and ‘winterise’ your van, asap. John
  10. Their website says it’s for members, but the online form allows you to choose non-member … whether that makes a difference to the quote I don’t know. John.
  11. Not sure about that Colin, as I recently found when dealing with Aviva - I remarked that I wasn’t happy about the speed of their service, and they said “Right, we’ll set the complaints procedure up, we’ll be in touch” ... I had no choice! John.
  12. I’m about to change cars, so have just placed my own registration onto ‘retention’, and the DVLC issued me with a replacement reg. I phoned my insurance company this morning to give them the details, and was charged £25 for the privilege! I was told it had been their policy to do so for at least 10 years now, and was “in the small print” (her words!). Up until the point she mentioned the charge, the call had lasted about 30 seconds. I said I would be moving the policy to a new car very soon, and was told that would be “at least another £25”. I replied that I would be taking my business elsewhere, which didn’t seem to faze or bother her. So am I behind the times here? I have never been charged to make changes (major or minor) to any insurance policy before. Or have I just been lucky? John.
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