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  1. I was told never to use Vaseline as it contains petrol which degrades the rubber (or whatever they're made from). Same with the toilet cassete seal. Use olive oil instead. John
  2. Hi, there's not a few, there's hundreds! You need the make and model of the toilet (eg Thetford C200) - this information is on a sticker inside the cassette access door on my caravan. Then try someone like LeisureShopDirect. Good luck, John PS, hope you didn't find out the hard way that there wasn't a cassette in there
  3. Rob, you wouldn't want your radio to remember the staton settings because next time you went out you'd probably have a flat battery like a lot of others on here - I take the fascia off every time to ensure this doesn't happen. Also, you'll probably be in a different area so it will need re-tuning anyway (unless you're on a seasonal pitch, I suppose) but that only takes less than a minute on mine. John
  4. Durbanite, I looked at the Glos DA sites and one stated £3.50 extra for electric. But I think, on the whole , you can assume that 99% of THS's and meets don't have EHU. Re the C&CC site search - select 'Filter by facility', then choose from 'Pitch types' … John
  5. Durbanite, it's quicker to use google than the C&CC's website. Just search "glos da", and up comes the Gloucestershire DA website with a link to their meets. Or try "worcs da", to get a choice of East Worcestershire or Worcestershire & Hereford DAs. John
  6. TD, as you've actually used one of these machines, perhaps you could confirm what was written in a Club magazine recently, ie that it uses a 'jet wash' to clean the insides? John
  7. At home we use this Vileda mop on the conservatory and kitchen tiled floors - excellent for a quick clean up and uses very little water. Also available in Morrison's recently. John
  8. We've had the same problem in the past. Nowadays we use a small porch awning and lots of old towels and the dog doesn't come in the van until he's dry.
  9. Ah, but it's not completely fixed until you know what caused the main fuse to blow! John
  10. Johnaldo

    Towing mirrors

    Can you post a photo of the mirrors, or link to a similar type, as there's many, many different sorts of fittings and google doesn't seem to find that model? John
  11. Beermonster, I googled 'Grillogas' and this pic popped up, and the lid appears to be upright. … … so could the bracket possibly have been assembled upside down? John
  12. Les, I’m intrigued regards the 6 year limit. For many years the tyre people advised a max of 7 years, and then realised they’d sell more tyres by bringing it down to 5 years (similar thinking to the mattress people’s 8 year ‘rule’). But where did you read about 6 years? My last vans have come with Hankook tyres, so that’s what I stuck with when the time came to change (at 7 years but with no cracks or damage). I think they’re small van tyres marked C for ‘commercial’. I used Tyres On The Drive at my storage yard - highly recommended. John
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