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  1. Kmarsh. It’s a very small picture, but I THINK that’s an AKS 1300 … so you’ll need one of these … https://www.amazon.co.uk/Safety-Device-1300-Towing-Stabiliser/dp/B003XMZPLQ Hopefully someone else will confirm before you spend a lot of money 🙂 John
  2. We’ve forgotten many, many items over 40-odd years of tenting and caravanning … … but we’ve never, ever been back for them, even though we’re often less than an hour from home. If the missing item is cheap, say a towel or awning pegs - we just purchase another one. If it’s expensive, we just do without! John PS, we did once almost forget something important - the caravan … I’d set off from home towards North Wales and after about 5 minutes SWMBO asked why we weren’t heading towards the storage yard - in the opposite direction 🙂
  3. Back to Lady Bird’s query - I’ve just had a look at p37 of the magazine (on-line) - and what it says is “from £15 (pitch + all occ)” … see below. I now read that as meaning you’d pay just £15 all in, ie no extras per person - as opposed to the original thought that it would be pitch plus a per-person charge. John
  4. It’s the same when they have offers on - it will say something like 50% off. But that’s just the pitch fee, and the “Occ” prices remain the same … so you’re thinking £15 off a £30 stay, but it’s probably less than a fiver 😠 John
  5. LitW, it’s almost certainly going to be Lunar-specific, so you’re going to have to try a dealer or caravan breaker. John PS … unless you know someone with a 3D printer 🙂
  6. LitW, just googled your van and got this still from a video - is this it? John
  7. LitW, I’ve never seen a ‘shelf retainer thingy’ in a caravan, so I think this definitely a case where we need a photo. John
  8. If it’s giving you a list - it’s probably because you’ve chosen the wrong file type - needs to be jpg, jpeg, gif, png, tiff, bmp or bpg. John
  9. Ive never heard of a “yearly subscription” … is this a new thing? John
  10. Angie, Elddis is actually part of the Erwin Hymer Group, which also includes Compass, Buccaneer, Xplore, Eriba, Bürstner and Dethleffs (and probably others). Sprite is now just a model variant for Swift. John
  11. Wow Bill, it just shows there’s two sides to every story (perhaps not the right phrase, but you get my drift🙂). As an aside - I do wonder how this thread has been allowed to run with the comments that have been made about Powrtouch and Truma, and with such a thread title. Quote from the forum rules - “Please avoid posting overly negative … comments about companies …. Such posts will be removed … naming and shaming is expressly forbidden”. John
  12. Hi Rachel and to Caravan Talk. Although Madmick said that his situation was desperately urgent, he never came back with further questions or to report on what happened. All I can suggest is that you try some of the suggestions above and see if you have any success. John
  13. Ah, not feedback then, CBM. Probably some sort of electrical interference - my landline phones cause so much ‘squealing’ that I have to remove the aids when on the phone - which is a bit tricky! Whether they are NHS or private ones, I’d go back to the supplier for advice. John
  14. Is it not just the normal ‘feedback’ that you get with hearing aids in confined spaces? If not, what sort of noise is it? John
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