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  1. I’m not a fan of W3W, but to be fair they do say that occasionally it will get it wrong, but it will be so far out that it couldn’t be mistaken. Coincidence, though, that it does position you at reception on a caravan site, albeit Bala, Wales, not Spain! John
  2. Hi all, thanks for all the helpful replies so far. The reviews seem a bit mixed, eg brilliant but unreliable. But having done some more research, it’s looking like, if I go down the LR route, I’ll be considering something like a Discovery 4 diesel auto ... not an Ingenium ... but with a warranty! Looking at the prices and running costs though, it’s going to be a bit older than I’d planned ☹️ John
  3. Check behind the fire (there’s often a ‘trapdoor’ in the cupboard above) to see if the tubes have become disconnected. Also I seem to remember that some units had a lever there to control the flow. Then also check the other end for disconnection or shut flaps (or even, as I once found, newspaper blocking the vent!) John
  4. John, Jomarclare hasn’t been back to the forum since the day after he joined in August 2012 !
  5. No I don’t think so. Usually there’s not many results, so it’s easy enough to check each one out. I assume you’ve googled “indoor caravan storage Worcestershire” or such like? John
  6. Hi all, after a bit of advice please. I’m thinking of replacing my current tug with something a bit ‘heftier’, and I quite fancy a Land Rover - I don’t know why, but I just do! So, if I go down that road, what do you good people recommend in terms of model, fuel, engine, transmission and spec? What are the things to go for, and what would be best avoided? I’ll be towing a 1425 MTPLM van, and the car’s certainly not going to be brand new - perhaps 2, 3 or 4 years old? TIA, John. PS, Please no replies along the lines “Get a Volvo XC90 instead” or such like - I just need info and advice about LRs 🙂
  7. You must have had some good counselling 🙂 John
  8. Wildroamer, not all caravan aerials are the same of course, but probably the most popular one is adjustable for height, direction and attitude. You may find something like this inside your van ... The large star-shaped collar needs to be undone, then you can grab the stem and turn it to point in the right direction - there’s usually a red dot to indicate the pointy end. You can also raise the aerial by pushing the stem upwards. Then tighten the collar, but don’t overtighten. If you turn the little crank handle at the bottom of the stem it changes the aerial from horizontal to vertical to provide better reception in some areas. Use DigitalUK to find the nearest mast to point at ... enter the postcode of the campsite, tick the ‘details’ box and click ‘check’ ... this will give a choice of masts , the distance away, the bearing (use an old-fashioned compass or a phone app) and whether it should be set-up horizontal or vertical (look for H or V in the ‘group’ column). Also turn the booster/amplifier on (the white box shown in the photo) and then retune the TV. Don’t forget to retract the aerial in the horizontal position, and point it backwards when travelling. John. PS, as said, if you have the round ‘mushroom’ aerial - ignore all the above 🙂
  9. Could you spray the door, or get someone to do it for you? John
  10. I just let it hang down the side of the barrel🙂 John
  11. Hi Stretch85 and to Caravan Talk. John
  12. Segapod, Leisure Shop Direct are usually pretty good with these sort of parts - a quick look shows lots of Thetford locks. Also try Cak Tanks. John.
  13. Gordon. We once bought a hand-held Dyson especially for the van - all noise and no suck - complete waste of money! Like you, we returned to the pan and brush for a much better job. And a couple of times a year we stop off at the house on the way back to storage, take the carpets in and give them a good hoovering with our Miele ‘Cat & Dog’ cleaner which does an excellent job. John
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