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  1. Bristle Hound - did it arrive, and is it any good ? John
  2. Well, it’s possible that it’s become another casualty of CV as it appears to have disappeared from Aldi’s calendar. John
  3. As per the thread title - “stupid people” have been barbecuing on Winter Hill causing a massive fire … https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/winter-hill-fire-bolton-live-17995272 John
  4. Ern, get one of these ‘dusting wands’ - works a treat ! John
  5. Thanks for the advice you two. I wouldn’t have thought of doing that as it goes against the grain because normally I’m very careful about the route of the breakaway cable. But as you say, it will just break the ties and still do it’s job. I’ll sort it the next time I get to see the van, whenever that turns out to be! John
  6. Johnaldo


    How can they be under current restrictions ? Bailey Swift Elddis John
  7. Our offy never shut due to the clever trick of selling tea bags and milk to qualify as a food shop. John
  8. Hi, OP here, Well, guessing that Boris was about to put us all into quarantine, I shot over to storage first thing on Monday morning, mainly to bring home the battery for charging, but also to collect any spare toilet rolls, soap and anti-bac wipes that were stored there! And whilst there I decided to spend half an hour checking the items on the list above. I didn’t have time for a full tow, but just did a stationary check. Towball is free of paint and degreased ✅ Towball and hitch physically connect correctly, and hitch-pads are okay ✅ Location point for the breakaway cable on towbar is suitable Location point ok, but is directly below ball (not on towbar as on previous car) so cable is at least 9” too long! 13-pin plug and socket make a good connection. ✅ Correct amount of play in the electric cable. As with breakaway cable above Van’s road lights - ie tail, marker, high level, number-plate, brakes, fog, reversing & indicators ✅ ATC works correctly ✅ Indication in car of caravan bulb failure and indicators Not checked The car charges the van’s battery when the engine is running. Not checked Fridge only works when engine is running ✅ Car’s parking sensors disconnect or can be turned off. ✅ (Auto turn-off) Car reversing lights and foglights disconnect ✅ Car Stop/Start and BLIS/CTA systems disconnect. ✅ Extension mirrors fit on car mirrors ✅ So, I need to do something about the breakaway and main wiring cables. The latter is easy enough as I can pull it back along the A-frame and cable-tie it. However, what to do about the breakaway is a puzzle - I can’t re-route it or put a loop in it - so are there different lengths available? John PS I mentioned to the yard owner that I’d noticed that quite a few vans were missing, and he said that people had been to collect them to store at home to use as home-workers offices, isolation areas or play rooms.
  9. Forty foot, this video isn’t working, at least not on my computer ☹️ John
  10. Not in a million years, Bubble ! I don’t think any caravan designer has ever stayed one single night in a caravan 😯 John
  11. Squash, apparently cycling is the most popular way of keeping fit whilst socially distancing yourself. And of course it’s used for transport to work or shops. I listed the shops allowed to open in another thread - and it’s a long list - so there’s no way that 99% of shops are closed. Our local Bargain Booze is open, based on the fact that they sell a few tea bags! John
  12. ... and petrol stations, bicycle shops, home shops, hardware shops, garages, car rentals, pet shops, corner shops, newsagents, post offices, banks, laundrettes and dry cleaners ! John
  13. If it’s anything like what’s happening in our area, then you won’t have a problem - all and sundry are turning up at the dedicated “oldies hour” and the staff are not checking or challenging anyone. And then when you get inside there’s no guarantee that you’ll get what you want anyway! And if there are items available, they’re not policing the so-called restrictions. All these letters were getting from Sainsbury’s, ASDA, etc, are just “fluff” trying to make themselves look good whilst they're making mahoosive profits - there’s apparently one billion pounds of extra groceries sitting in people’s store cupboards at the moment ! John
  14. Trek, if you use a ladder that leans on your van, cushion it at the top where it touches the awning rail so as not to cause any damage … large diameter foam pipe insulation does the job excellently. John
  15. Just tried to login to Ocado website - but it won’t let you unless you have a delivery booked for the next 2 days. It says … “If you have a delivery booked next week, or want to book a new delivery, there’s no need to wait in the queue. Close your window and we will be in touch to let you know when you can access the website”. As I was unable to login, how does it know to get back to me? John
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