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  1. Oops, correct, forgot leap years John
  2. Really? Surely that's 366 people? John PS - I googled it and for 30 people it's only a 71% chance
  3. Johnaldo

    Caravan price increases

    I was at a Bailey agent today and the salesman told me that prices are going up 3% on next Monday morning (25th Feb) … so if you're thinking of signing on the dotted line, then do so pretty sharpish (unless you don't mind spending an extra £600 on an average van!). I have a feeling that other manufacturers may be doing the same, to time with the end of the caravan show. John
  4. Johnaldo

    Should I leave electric on?

    My battery overheated a couple of years ago, and had we not decided to stay on-site for the day there could well have been a fire judging by the amount of heat generated. It was caused by a dead cell, which made the charger think there was only about 10 volts in the battery and therefore pumped excess charge into it. The warden came over to see where the smoke and fumes were coming from, and I asked his opinion about leaving the charger switched on and he said that his had now been on for over 3½ years continually since he'd moved to the site, and he'd not had a problem. Despite that, I now turn the charger off each time we leave the van and have installed a CO alarm to pick up on any fumes. John
  5. Johnaldo

    NEC Caravan Show

    David, I've heard of a second car and a second home, but never a second caravan John
  6. Rothers, have you looked on CT's own storage finder? ( >Home >Finder Tools >Caravan Storage Finder). Or the CaSSOA website? (https://www.cassoa.co.uk/find-a-cassoa-site/)? John
  7. Johnaldo


    to Caravan Talk 78nb, Sorry that this has to be your first posting - dreadful for you. Perhaps Admin could move this to the 'stolen' forum? John
  8. Johnaldo

    Updating a built in Satnav?

    Durbanite, it's probably for the same reason that I got half a dozen replies to my thread about smart TVs from a couple of members who said they didn't have them and had no advice to offer . John
  9. Johnaldo

    Truma fire , 07 elddis odyssey 543

    Oops, apologies. John
  10. Johnaldo

    Updating a built in Satnav?

    You can get as many updates as you want - all for free - from Volvo. Pick what you want on their website, copy it onto a memory stick, put that in the car and wait about half an hour and it's done, easy-peasy. Said Jeep Grand Cherokee when I looked John
  11. Johnaldo

    Truma fire , 07 elddis odyssey 543

    This may be a hint as to what may be going wrong. I'm not sure if all Trumas are the same, but mine had a battery pack at the bottom behind the cover which provided the spark to ignite the fire - it may be that this has become disconneced or that the batteries need replacing. John
  12. Johnaldo

    Truma fire , 07 elddis odyssey 543

    Hi Ladydode, could you give us a bit more information about the problem, and in particular what you have checked out so far? For instance, are other 240v items working okay, have you checked fuses and trips, are all the appropriate switches turned on, and did the fire work okay recently? John
  13. Johnaldo

    Tyre Choice. The tyre topic again.

    I used TotD last year and they did my Tyrons no probelem, even had the allen key. It was £10 extra per tyre because of the extra time taken. John
  14. Hi Ericmark, nice part of the world to move to. Have you looked on CT's own storage finder? ( >Home >Finder Tools >Caravan Storage Finder). Or the CaSSOA website? (https://www.cassoa.co.uk/) John
  15. Johnaldo

    gas switch location

    Steve, The switches you might be looking for are known as the manifold, and will look something like this (only with 6 copper pipes attached) … or this … There will be taps for the cooker, fridge, water heater and fire, but may not be labelled as to which is which! Good luck, John.