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  1. Johnaldo

    Electric shock

    My annual service includes RCD & MCB checks, earth bonding examination and socket polarity tests - all fairly basic, but at least I know it's been done by a competent person. John
  2. Johnaldo

    Caravan insurance

    I can confirm that Dave. I've been with C&CC's ClubCare for 30-odd years, and every couple of years I check round and CaMC is always the dearest and C&CC is the cheapest for comparitive cover. John
  3. Another fault in the CaSSOA system is that they give prior notice to the site owner of any inspection they intend to make … so you get the same scenario as schools who prepare weeks ahead for an upcoming Ofsted inspection … complete waste of time! John
  4. Apparently the initial application by a site owner for CaSSOA registration can be made by self-assessment, and they may not send out an inspector for 3 years! So I don't set great store (sorry!) by CaSSOA registration, and also would be very surprised if they offered the OP any help in this matter. John
  5. Johnaldo

    Parcelled Pitch?

    Thanks both, you learn something new every day John
  6. Johnaldo

    Parcelled Pitch?

    Nor on yours, Sam? And has an extra 'e' crept in - stellplätze ? Keyboard shortcut Alt 132 gives ä. John
  7. Johnaldo

    At Last Mirrors That Fit

    Thanks Mark, but having just checked the price I think I'll pass. John
  8. Johnaldo

    Newbie - What's a CL site ?

    Mellor, CI was a typo for CL … Certificated Location as discussed above. I think CMC Ltd is probably Bessacarr's little dig at how far from being a club the Caravan and Motorhome Club has become. And Geoff's reference to CT further back is … Caravan Talk. John
  9. Johnaldo

    Batteries for mover handset

    I note the word 'former' in that sentence John
  10. Johnaldo

    At Last Mirrors That Fit

    Very smart Mark - what make/type are they please? And are they universal or mirror-specific? John
  11. Johnaldo

    Batteries for mover handset

    … and if you don't hear an alarm you know you're getting salad (someone will no doubt reply saying that their spouse can burn a salad!) John
  12. Try this Andy - tap and hold the zero key on your virtual keyboard, and you should get a little pop-up, so slide up and across to the degree symbol and let go. John
  13. Johnaldo

    Ebay 15% Offer

    This is similar to the problem I had recently in B&Q … you only get "Old Farts" discount on gardening items now, and apparently "Garden Shed Roofing Felt" doesn't qualify despite the name printed on it, as it's a building product !! John
  14. Andy, now I see what 90* meant in your post title … you intended 90° (use Alt + 0176). John
  15. No probs Andy. John