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  1. Have damaged hook up cable - have done a repair to get home, can anyone confirm my wiring is correct as some of the colour wires have changed, Thanks
  2. All gas tight, it happens every time we go away
  3. Fridge in van lights on gas but I have to hold gas knob in for a very long time before it stays on, any ideas
  4. maull

    Fridge Problem

    I had the same thought so will renew. - One other query, Gas flows well when left knob is pushed in - but it flows when it is pushed whether the left hand control knob is on electric or gas or 12v Cheers
  5. My 8 year old fridge has been playing up. The "going out when releasing the control knob" problem. Pulled fridge out cleaned everything - I have noticed a gas hiss when pressing the control knob - is this normal. The hiss is there whether the main switch is on gas mode or lecy mode. Cheers Mike
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