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  1. Thanks for that Stevan - very informative. That's probably why I always salt my food! Vin Blanc
  2. Think yourself lucky RobertB. I have been unable to smell or taste anything for years (due to the tablets I am obliged to take). I can't even taste the difference between tea and coffee. Strangely though, I know straight away if it has no sugar! Vin Blanc
  3. Not Uranus surely? And I always thought them to be so tasty! OK, – sorry for that one Mr Moderator, couldn’t resist! Let’s just end it here shall we? Vin Blanc
  4. 83rd birthday this month and in all this time I never realised that tea was grown in Yorkshire! I always thought it came from India.........................Ya certainly live and learn! Vin Blanc
  5. No, the other way round! Switch a few things off then reset it! Vin Blanc
  6. In my training days, we referred to it as "Ohms Law" Vin Blanc
  7. "The Falklands" would have been about 25 years after I was demobbed! PS. Have never bought or drunk beer, - don't like it! Vin Blanc (but prefer Vin Rouge)
  8. During my time in the RAF, beer was sold in bottles, only baked beans came in cans! Vin Blanc
  9. Sorry Leeds Lad, I’m not criticizing Lady Bird’s spelling, (notice that I inadvertently misspelt the name “Kronenbourg” myself), but by using American and/Australian slang, I (amongst others) completely failed to understand her post. In my naivety, I assumed that “Krone berg” must be a different company to “Kronenbourg” As someone who was brought up and schooled to speak and write English, I have little understanding of American and/or Australian slang. – Nor do I want to have! Vin Blanc
  10. Please excuse my ignorance, I often enjoy slabs of chocolate and sometimes a slab of toffee, but how would one drink a slab of beer? I've also heard of "Kronenberg" beer but never Krone berg! Vin Blanc
  11. As I recall from my GPO days, the pipe worked on a vacuum system which sucked the money container through the tube when operated. I think some Post Offices must have had them which would be why I (as a technician) was sent to replace the failed electric motor that powered the vacuum, it all worked rather like like a powerful Hoover. Vin Blanc
  12. I remember going with my Mum to the "International Stores" in Worcester as a kid back in the late 1940's (maybe 1950) and seeing them in use. Vin Blanc
  13. British TV programmes in France, Italy, Spain etc., ??? Vin Blanc Could be, but I needed a twin for the recorder which allowed us to watch one channel whilst recording another! Or sometimes recording two separate channels whilst out e.g. tennis at Wimbledon and a Formula 1 Grand Prix. Vin Blanc
  14. Why pay for Sky? Go for Freesat at 28.2 deg east of south mounted on a tri-pod with about 20metres of cable (or twin cable if you are using a PVR). Vin Blanc
  15. Our local carpet shop sells it (not specific to Bailey), cut to any length from a roll which is about 75 cm wide. We use it in our showers at home and simply hang it over a rail to drip dry after each use. Vin Blanc
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