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  1. I passed my driving test back in 1956 at the age of 18. Apart from the introduction of “Disc” brakes and perhaps “Power Steering” many years ago, I for one, don’t want or need any other technical mechanical/electronic gadgets to help me drive safely. If ever I found myself forced to brake very hard in an emergency, I would want (and expect) the rear wheels to lock up and the rear end of the car to start sliding sideways, that way, I have a chance of avoiding the obstruction immediately in front of me. As soon as I feel that I have skidded far enough off my p
  2. Agree with you 100% Andy. Back in the 60s I spent a lot of my weekends thrashing through the forests of Wales & Scotland in fast rally cars. If asked whether the best tyres should be on the front or the rear, all of them would opt for the front. The theory being that providing a driver could get the front of his rally car around a bend, then surely the back would somehow have to follow? I have to admit that on the odd occasion, both tyres on the same side of my car would get round the corner first, but that was rare. One dark night in Wa
  3. As I recall, my first trip with a sat dish would have been back in 2007. I can remember setting up on a site in France just near the newly opened autoroute viaduct across the Tarn gorge. The A75 near Millau. Using my then newly acquired Satellite Signal Finder I was able to aim the dish accurately and pull in all available English channels using my Humax Freesat recorder. Not long after this, the Astra 2 footprint was drastically reduced and a much larger dish required. Vin Blanc
  4. Think back to what you were probably sitting on whilst googling "Raer". Vin Blanc
  5. Mine is, - Arcon 57cm Cassegrain type dish! Vin Blanc
  6. We always tuned in to the following radio channel as soon as we hit France and headed south. It is regional so you have to re-tune occasionally. – Try it, no chat, just good music! Vin Blanc "Nostalgie" is a popular French radio station broadcasting on FM, mostly playing pre-2000s songs with 76% of them coming from the 1980s. Nostalgie is part of the NRJ Group. Slogan: Les plus grandes chansons; (The bigg... Format: Oldies AC Frequency: 90.4 MHz (Paris); 99.7 MHz (Mars...
  7. Only if you plan to sleep in them! Vin blanc
  8. It's an old expression used initially by the boating fraternity. A "Berth" being somewhere to park (or berth) one's boat. A wide berth would mean that the boat would have plenty of water around it thus keeping it far away from anyone (or anything). Vin Blanc
  9. I remember as a child during WW2 being taken there by my father (working for Post Office Telephones). At that time it was a hospital for injured american aircrew. In latter years, I used to drink at Hanley Swan and the British Camp Hotel. Those were the days, wonderful memories! Vin Blanc
  10. In addition to Mr Plodd's post, my guess would be a badly balanced caravan i.e. more weight behind the caravan axle than in front. A well balanced van would normally straighten itself back into line Even a stabiliser (if fitted) can only do so much! - Expensive lesson! Vin Blanc
  11. Stayed there some years ago. Our van was about the same size as yours which I towed with a Frontera 4 x 4 Special Edition V6. Caravan was a Compass Magnum Classic 540. Yes, the approach was quite tight as I recall but nothing serious. We went back the next year, nice site as I remember! Vin Blanc
  12. 20 years ago I would have said excessive brake dust in the drums, these days with modern brake shoe materials it's anyone's guess but I would be inclined to follow Mr Plodds advice for starters! Vin Blanc
  13. Skew, what the hell is skew.doc Just in case anyone is wondering about Skew, herefollows another of my articles from a few years ago> Vin Blanc https://www.caravantalk.co.uk/community/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=51477
  14. Thanks Andy, as you have said. Just a cheap signal meter is all that is required and one should try to achieve a Signal Quality reading in excess of 60%. I seem to recall GLThomson describing his method of pressing firmly at the top or bottom or either side of the dish, (and holding for a few seconds) to hear if the meter screeched a bit louder or softer. I realised that this was a better system than my method of actually unclamping and slightly moving the damned thing each time. It should be remembered that at 24000 miles distant, just one degree of erro
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