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  1. Most certainly would! Vin Blanc
  2. Your earlier post Mr Mod! Sorry, I've confused Val with the OP - Sorry Wisp Man. Vin Blanc
  3. All the way from West Yorkshire by road??? - please enlarge further. Vin Blanc
  4. Or even a £475 one for that matter. Would be nice to see some comment from the OP (Original Poster). Vin Blanc
  5. Can't imagine anyone providing a £500 TV in a rented out caravan! Vin Blanc
  6. If he takes you to court, I would imagine that the court would insist on seeing “proof of purchase” for the replacement TV. I would be inclined to send him only the amount you deem to be the reasonable cost of a replacement (same age and size) TV and ensure to have proof that he has cashed it. With luck, common sense might overcome his greed and he will simply cut his losses and forget about taking you to court which, for him, could be a long and difficult process with no guaranteed outcome! I’m no solicitor but legally I don’t think he has a leg to stand on in a court case! You have tried to be fair with this moron who appears to be trying to take advantage of your misfortune. I wish you the best of luck and do please keep us posted on the outcome. Vin Blanc
  7. Assume you're looking for Freesat at 28.2deg East of South? Take a look at my article for caravan satellite written a few years ago. Just Google "The art of aiming a satellite dish" - it might help. Vin Blanc
  8. Have you tried www.dishpointer.com It might help. Also take a look at "The art of aiming a satellite dish" and remember that at 20,000 miles distant, just one degree of error means missing the required satellite by about 400 odd miles! Vin Blanc
  9. Ensure you pay for a roll of matting and not an acting role in some film or other! Vin Blanc
  10. Have a look in your local carpet shop. Most of them sell a sponge type matting off the roll. Usually one metre wide and cut off the roll to any required length. Can be cut at home with scissors. Vin Blanc
  11. As I remember, Blackmore was divided into two sites. Caravan club to the west and Caravan and Camping club to the east. We only ever stayed on the CC (west half) site and don’t remember any old pub or wooden buildings. We usually walked to a pub (the “Swan?”) at Hanley Swan for dinner. In those days it had an excellent restaurant, happily “staggering” back much later to the caravan! Vin Blanc
  12. Ahhh Blackmore, I can remember when it was an army camp with an armed sentry standing at the entrance. Later on, my Motor Club organised driving contests on the old parade ground (later, to become a car park). Very handy for the Malvern Hills. Vin Blanc
  13. Back in my rally days, I fitted a “Lucas” (I think) roof mounted spotlight to my (then) Mini Cooper “S”. It could be controlled and aimed by a handle through the roof located between the heads of the driver and co-driver. Through the forests at night, the co-driver could aim the lamp's beam around the bends in the track thus allowing the driver to take the corners at greater speed. The main disadvantage of the lamp was, that when in use, it also illuminated the top of the front spot lamps and the bonnet of the car which, (although painted matt black), I found to be distracting and effected my concentration at speed. Based on those memories and experience, there is no way I would ever fit a car (with front engine and bonnet) with overhead road lights of any description. Strange how driving the same car in daylight had no effect whatsoever! Vin Blanc
  14. As I said in one of my earlier posts! - and rightly so I think. Vin Blanc
  15. Back in the 1960’s, I used to spend my weekend nights thrashing rally cars through the roads and forests of Wales and Scotland. As with all rally cars, mine were always equipped with extra driving lights. In my case, a pair of Cibie “Oscar” long range (pencil beam) spot lamps equipped with 55 Watt “Iodine Quartz” bulbs. (Instant daylight! ) Even in those days, there were rules governing the use of such lamps whilst on the public road sections of a rally. They had to be wired so that they could only be used with the headlight main beams. Dipping the headlights automatically switched off the spot lamps. In addition, their use on public roads was illegal if mounted below a certain height above road level. In more recent years my towcars were also fitted with a pair of “Oscars” and I think I still have a pair packed away somewhere in my loft! – Ahhh, those were the days! Vin Blanc
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