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  1. Didn't we always know them simply as "spade connectors?) Installing equipment in GPO telephone exchanges for a living, I always soldered the wires into spade connectors. That way, I was never plunged into sudden darkness whilst hurtling through the forests of Wales in my rally cars in the middle of the night! Once bitten, twice shy! (as my dad used to warn me). Vin Blanc
  2. Only problem we had with our Frontera was later found to be caused by the “professional” tow bar supply and fitting company in Christchurch who, (it was later found by the nephew of ‘er indoors) to have wired the trailer electrics incorrectly causing a cable in the car to become overloaded, thus melting and fusing with other cables next to it. Unfortunately, the mistake took about 10 years to materialise and several more before “other half’s” nephew (who has a builders business in Weymouth Andy), finally found the fault for us and fixed it. Vauxhall dealership service centre couldn’t find it on both the occasions that the car was taken in to them! Vin Blanc
  3. 'Course I recognise them but never realised they were called "Lucar" terminals. VB
  4. Never heard of Lucar terminals but just about every wire in my day was connected with bullet connectors. Used Cibie Oscar spotlamps (pencil beams) on most of my rally cars 1960s/70s (instant daylight for about half a mile!) Think I still have a pair of Oscars in my loft (removed from my Trooper 4x4 back in 2002. Vin Blanc And I've just remembered that they probably still have the "Iodine Quartz bulbs in them Andy.
  5. Mine was the 'Limited Edition' with the 3.2litre V6 ISUZU engine and rear Limited slip Differential, not exactly the standard Frontera. Vin Blanc
  6. The following story is true but I won’t name the Vauxhall dealership location. Approaching 50,000 miles our Frontera ‘Limited Edition’ V6 was due for its routine Cam belt change which would mean booking it in to a Vauxhall dealership workshop. As our local one was always pretty busy we decided to try one in another town further west. We were soon sat down with a Service representative (a man around 30 years old), who seemed quite polite and who went on to explain just what would be involved and an estimate of the final cost at that time (in excess of £1000) - yuk! Being slightly surprised at the cost I turned to my other half (who owned half the car with me) and asked “Well, what do you think Madame?” (a term of endearment often used by me during our many long caravan trips through France). Before she could reply, the Service Rep suddenly said out loud to me and I quote; “If I were to say that to my girl friend, she would probably slap my face.” I was somewhat shocked thinking perhaps I had misheard him, so I asked him to repeat himself. “If I said that to my girlfriend, she would slap my face” Me: Why on earth would she do that? Rep: Because of what you just called her. Me: What did I call her? Rep: Madame. Me: Madame is the normal polite way to address a woman in France, Madam in English, Madame in France. Rep: Of course it’s not, a Madam is someone who organises prostitutes in a brothel. Me: Where on earth did you learn that? Madame or “Ma Dame” in French, literally translates as “My Lady” He simply refused to believe me, insisting that he was right. We couldn’t decide whether to laugh, cry or report him to the manager. Realising he was dead serious, we made our excuses and left! The Frontera never got its new cam belt while we owned it. No longer being physically capable of caravanning, we sold the caravan to my daughter at a bargain price. The car went on to develop its ABS warning light fault which we were on the verge of getting fixed when suddenly the power steering started to leak fluid from a corroded pipe. Quoted Vauxhall repair charges would have exceeded the current value of the car so reluctantly, we decided it had to go and we traded it in with a local car dealer against a very low mileage Hyundai xi20. We still dream about our Frontera days and the wonderful European caravan holidays that we had with it! Vin Blanc
  7. Will tell you a story (perhaps tomorrow) about our Frontera and a visit to a Vauxhall dealership when I have a bit more time! Vin Blanc
  8. Best tow car we ever owned was our 2003 Vauxhall Frontera 4x4 powered by an ISUZU 3.2 litre V6 petrol engine. Bought new and fitted with the optional “Limited slip” rear differential, it towed like a dream and would go anywhere I asked of it. Although a somewhat thirsty beast (18 mpg towing) its performance justified the cost. On one occasion I recall following a very large and long lorry for miles on a motorway somewhere in southern France. Every time I tried to overtake, a car would start overtaking me and I would have to stay in line. Finally, we all started to climb a long, long hill and the lorry started to lose speed. I had already cogged down to 4th gear so I swiftly dropped it into 3rd gear and hit the loud pedal! Car and caravan took off like a rocket as I pulled out into the next lane and was soon approaching the drivers cab of the long lorry. As our car pulled ahead of the lorry I glanced down at our speedo to find it was just passing 80 mph! Wow! 80 mph with the van on the back and rock steady! I eased off and moved gently back to the inside lane ASAP, slowing carefully back to the legal limit. We kept the Frontera for 16 years without ever putting a dent in it. Finally, the ASB warning light started to stay on which, although not serious, would prevent the car passing its MOT. Having completed around 50,000 miles and no longer having a caravan we (very reluctantly) decided to sell it. Now driving a Hyundai ix20 – economical, but nowhere near as exciting! I’m told that the Frontera is still being driven around the New Forest area! Vin Blanc Photo was taken half way over the Simplon pass into Italy - a bit steep!
  9. Sorry Chris76, I have just come across your post and saw my name mentioned. Unfortunately, now being into my 80’s and out of touch with advances in today’s technology I find myself unable to comment. But don’t lose faith, there are some very knowledgeable people on this forum (some of the best have already posted on this topic). Keep truckin’, You’ll get there eventually! Vin Blanc
  10. Even if they did Andy, I don’t believe even the well endowed porn “studs” could cope with 1 metre social distancing! Vin Blanc
  11. For anyone intersted, I found this photo. My TV and PVR set up in caravan "L" shape lounge. (Van door is just to the left). Note; in transit, the TV is moved and placed face down on the cushioned seat adjacent. The PVR stays in position retained securely by the velcro strap shown. Vin Blanc
  12. Are you telling me now that both Humax Freeview and Freesat recorders are still in production? Not that I need one as both mine are still working 100% after all these years. (The Humax remote controls can sometimes be a pain in the a.. though!). At home I have two Humax recorders, one for Freeview and one for Freesat. Both recorders provide both live and recorded programs to the lounge and master bedroom and both can be controlled from either room. Back in our caravanning days, most of the recordings stored on the Freesat Humax were recorded at home via the dish fitted permanently on the gable wall of the house and aimed at the Astra 2 Satellite. Come the day of travel, I simply had to unplug and transfer the Freesat recorder from the house into the caravan and connect it into the TV system already fitted in the van. On our first overnight halt (usually in northern France) we would have dozens of pre-recorded programmes to choose from without having to set up and aim the dish. Once settled on sites for more extended stays I would set up the dish in order to receive british news programs and other events such as the tennis from Wimbledon and Formula One of course! This is where the recorder earned its keep as we could still spend our days sightseeing and watch all the day’s action after dinner in the evening. Vin Blanc
  13. Tks for the compliment Hort2074. As Humax seem to have dropped out of the game recently it's my guess that you are now in possession of a rather valuable little package. I'm somewhat disappointed that you chose to opt out so quickly. Vin Blanc
  14. Simply Google "The art of aiming a satellite dish" by - guess who? Bear in mind that I wrote it several years ago. Some details may have changed slightly. The PVR quoted by Hort2074 is identical to the model I have always used and find 320GB to be more than adequate. Vin Blanc
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