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  1. I have a Post office Credit Card that I use in Europe without charges, I also have my motorway toll tag linked to it. I believe it is administered by The Bank of Ireland, the call centres are certainly in Ireland.
  2. I use a Bulldog Max as I too could see that whilst the Alko is a good product it is more difficult to fit. With the Bulldog Max the position of the wheel with relation to the receiver is not so critical but they not so easy to obtain as they can only be purchased second hand. You could try ebay or I have seen them in caravan accessory shops where they have a used section.
  3. I find a Bulldog max much easier to use,it fits into the receiver in the same way as the Alko one, but they are only available secondhand. I have seen them on ebay and at caravan dealers who sellused bits and pieces that have been left in caravans they have bought in.
  4. Could anyone advise me what is the correct width of Tyron Band for the 14inch 5&1/2 J wheels fitted to the current Elddis/Compass caravans. Specifically the 482 Affinity, Rallye or Omega models.
  5. I have a 163BHP all wheel drive Kuga manual, which I find is an excellent tow car, and the fuel consumption is about the same.
  6. The way you describe the fitting on the Honda is what I would have thought was 'best practice'. I did not mention earlier but I was 150 or so miles south of Calais when the fun started eight weeks ago, since sorting it I have towed for around 3,000 miles with no further problems. The fuse is 20 amp and although I have not measured the wire I have checked if there is voltage drop with a good digital meter and there is none, so I think it must be adequate, but I will check it. The fridge will take around 8 amps so there is spare capacity and I think a 20 amp fuse is the norm although I did note that the smart relay was maximum 30 amps.
  7. ATC takes its power from pin 9 in a 13 pin socket which is connected to the unswitched terminal (4) on the smart relay if the feed to the relay is faulty this has a knock on effect. Since having this problem I cannot understand why with something as important as the stability control a clean fused supply is not used direct to the pin where soldered connections could be used. Perhaps someone knows the answer.
  8. I recently had a similar intermittent problem, after checking the fuse and the supply connection on the battery I decided to take a look at the smart relay behind the boot trim. The equipment was fitted about nine months ago and had worked perfectly until recently. I was there when it was fitted and felt that the job was done with care and not rushed. The fitter had tucked the relay behind the trim panel but it was resting on the floor. The supply wire was loose and charred for the last inch or so and the screws were not as tight as they could be on the other connections. After stripping the wire back to where it was sound refitting it and tightening all the connections I cable tied the relay to part of the loom where it was not in contact with the floor of the vehicle as I feel that vibration had probably caused the screws to loosen. Since then I have had no problems with at all.
  9. Whilst browsing that well known auction site yesterday I came across a kit for refurbishing grit coated mover rollers. Having just replaced the ones on my Carver mover it crossed my mind that I could refurbish the ones I took off. Has anyone any experience of doing this, it would appear that there is a considerable saving to be made.
  10. Heron

    Mazda 6 Estate

    I have a Mazda 6 hatch TS2 2. 0 diesel 147bhp towing a Lunar Quasar 462 it is excellent, solo the car is quick and comfortable all in all I am very pleased with it. Two points to consider, to reset the computer after an oil change is a dealers job as apparantly independant garages cannot do it, but I woul wecome anyones input on this. The towbar is not an easy fit as the back bumper has to come off, the crash beam removed then the rear panel has to be cut.
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