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  1. cymro123


    Caravan is an Orion 430/4
  2. cymro123


    Thanks, no alarm, only mover required. on a bit of a slope so I'll take your advise and charge it monthly.
  3. cymro123


    Just a question from a newbie. Bought a new van with a new battery I think you call iut a 110a. I keep my van on the drive but will need to move it with a mover once a week to get the wheelie bins through, then move it back up. My question, how long will the battery hold it's charge. How often will i need to recharge it. Thanks.
  4. Just bought a new Dorema awning. ANy tips for putting it up. This will be the first time i have tried to put one up, Read the instructions and it seems straighforward, but thought I'd just ask if anyone had any tips. . Thanks
  5. Does the caravan have to be completely level in order for the fridge to cool properly. All electrical appliances work in the van. It is getting a gas feed as the indicator shows. But does not cool. My van is on a sloping drive. I just thought that this might be hampering the fridge from cooling. Thanks.
  6. Looked at it this morning still the same. So I sat down tries to think logically and noticed that the master switch on the control panel was off. I take it that this has to be on to cool the fridge on either elec or gas. I read in the manual that the fuses need the control switch on. Is this correct. Trying again now, if this works please accept my apologies for being so silly, but as i said new to all this and so much to take in before we go away. John
  7. letting it run overnight now, see how it is in the morning ~Thanks
  8. Sorry sorry sorry, you are right Whatever it is a Thetford. So much going in my head must have read something somewhere. the temp switch has large spots clockwiase and small spots anti clockwise(sorry for the technical terms) I have been told by dealer to start it up with the switch set vertical between them to cool it first time. Does that sound right?
  9. Looks ok now, I was turning the temp switch clockwise as it stated in the manual, should be anti clockwise. Running it on gas now and seems to be cooling. thanks for all the advice.
  10. Checked everything I can, plugged in a radion itno the socket and it worked. Will have to call the dealer today to get it sorted, it is a dometic fridge.
  11. Yes I have set it on mains and left it overnight. I think I may have set the temp too high by turning the switch to the wrong side i. e right instead of left. Set it on gas which is indicated by the red line on the green background on the meter, and set the temp switch to the lowest setting ( I hope)
  12. Picked up our new Orion last week, and testing everything before we go off in it. Did have a talk thru by the salesman but so much to take in. .. Only problem I have found is the fridge and I suspect it is something I am doing incorrectly. It is working on the gas, but when I try and connect to the mains at home does not seem to cool. I have tried various things. Checked the tv and that works off the mains. Switched the rcd and mains switch on the control panel off. Switched them back on but still fridge would not cool. When i open the fridge the light comes on so I suspect something silly I have forgotten, Any ideas please. One question, do I have to have the mains power switched on on the dc control panel?? Thanks
  13. Going on our first trip sson with and as I have not towed for many years some possibly silly questions where do you store the aqua roll and wastemaster when towing Is it ok to have water in the toilet when towing Will keep the awing and anything other heavy item on the floor over the axle. Will not be able to keep much in the car as the dog is in the back. Thanks.
  14. cymro123

    Got It

    weel we picked up our Orion yesterday and had a 130 mile tow back home. As this was the first time i had towed for many years it went very well after getting over the initial nervous feelings. One of the few observations was how bad a lot of the drivers are on the road today, alsohow good some are. Was cut up a ccouple of times but eventually took it in my stride. Was surprised that on doing 60 in the M6 I was being passed by other towing caravans, which seemed a bit dangerous to me. Any way each to his own. Lokking forward now to familiarising ourselevs with the van, and enjoying caravanning once again.
  15. Thanks for all the replies. think I'll take th M8 route.
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