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  1. Very few Sat navs update automatically, the speed limit went down to 80 km/h on non dual carriageways in July, so I would think your sat nav was telling you wrong.
  2. In France and from the UK you pay online.
  3. It was stated that they knew they flashed the camera.
  4. Be warned, The French authorities are sending out fines to people living in the UK who get caught speeding in France. people who got caught in September are receiving the notifications now. the fine is about 45 pounds which has to be payed within a certain time or the fine goes up.
  5. I have a 2015 Insignia no problems with hill starts with a caravan, It's just learning to get used to it.
  6. When I went over car only, someone walked into my towbar and made the car rock. didn't damage the towbar though.
  7. Sorry read the title of this post, first thing that came to mind was. Who would put a caravan site in an Italian lake?
  8. Trouble is with that Shipbroker is that people have got so used to the internet & sat navs, they don't know what maps are or how to use them!
  9. No why bother. you have an an EU licence . even after the b word if it ever happens it will take time. I live in France to get a French licence will take over 12 months so just sitting tight. France & Spain want the revenue from tourists & expats alike, they will not turn down income.
  10. Have you not traveled in France, Holland Belgium, anywhere there is heavy HGV traffic has tramlines!
  11. Don't know. Haven't even looked into it yet, to much else on my plate at the moment.
  12. No we don't have dual citizenship, we have only lived here 5 months.
  13. Not read this article yet, but how will it effect us Brits living in France wanting to go to the UK for a holiday?
  14. See post above! Mirrors are part of width in France!
  15. taken off French website Panneau de signalisation routière B13 (France). Accès interdit aux véhicules, véhicules articulés, trains doubles ou ensemble de véhicules dont le poids total autorisé en charge ou le poids total roulant autorisé excède le nombre indiqu Translation Road sign B13 (France). No access to vehicles, articulated vehicles, double trains or combinations of vehicles whose total permissible gross weight or permissible total weight exceeds the indicated number
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