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  1. When I drove along the D979 in Haute Vienne this morning, the new signage is there , at the end of village limits with reminders every 3 to 5 kilometers, I have to go to Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne this afternoon so will see what their limits are. I cannot yet find a list of which departments have changed, but like I said it is well marked.
  2. The French government decreed that Departments could raise the Departmental speed limit to 90kph. The new signage is very good with reminders of the limit of the road you are on, so if the "poor" motorist gets caught speeding it is there own fault.
  3. £1 with car on the Seacat out of Folkestone, very often the did not collect the voucher so you could use it again.
  4. I think it may look like that, just depends on how certain governments cook the books. enjoy the bottle, or two.
  5. I would like to thank everybody that has contributed to this post, some interesting reading. I will be touring France as normal (unless Macron decides different) But when I will be able to go to the UK to see my family and new granddaughter (who is nearly a year old ) I do not know. Safe travels all where ever you may go.
  6. If you Make St Germain Les Belles, give me a shout, I live just up the road from there (15 Minutes)
  7. Things have gone a bit quiet on here so. Who's planning to come to France this year? (if possible) What are your destinations? I would prefer that it is not a discussion on what you can or cannot bring with you. John
  8. Hence the research, I am 69, my motor home has been parked in the drive since mid August, I go to the local shops and keep away from cities, sometimes do not see anybody for 4 or 5 days, I have lived alone since losing my wife in February. so I feel the need to see people but I don't.
  9. Must admit I have done a bit of research on covid 19, it is difficult to get accurate figures (UK being one of the worst) but I do try to get an update every couple of days. I have now decided to put off any thoughts of travel to the UK until perhaps sometime next year if things are looking better there.
  10. Even friends and family are saying stay in France, Just had a few nights at Le Porge Ocean, very quiet and relaxing.
  11. Well that's my mind made up, I will not leave my home in France to visit the UK until I know it is safe there
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