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  1. Also as you walk towards the station from Herculaneum, there used to be a small Pizza place on the left hand side, best Pizza's we had in Italy.
  2. Check out the Campania Arte Card, we used it and found it very good value. https://www.european-traveler.com/italy/save-with-the-campania-arte-card-at-pompeii-herculaneum-and-naples/
  3. No I do not just camp in fields. We go to sites we like and pitches we want. I am a stubborn lazy old git years of driving HGV's have made me like that. Sadly due to my wife illness we have had to give up caravanning, but am looking to buy a camper van which will be suitable for her disability, will also tow a trailer for the car, I have found nothing under 7 mtrs that will be suitable though. still looking though. Really interesting comments on this post, enjoyed it.
  4. No must admit would not put it on there. do not like pitching under trees! if I had to it would be at 90 degrees for one night only. I like bigger pitches
  5. I stand by what I said, as a retired HGV driver I have been in some very tight spots during my driving career. I have never had a motor mover, don't want one. I have never yet been unable to place my caravan with the car.
  6. When you get into a situation where the only way out is backwards. and as you know it can happen.
  7. If you are worried about reversing a caravan you should not be towing it in the first place. its about time that anyone who tows a trailer should take a test!
  8. I'm here in France but VERY limited internet access and a very slow connection. I'd be very grateful if someone could post on this and other forums (any caravanning/camping/hiking/ motor cycling/motorhomes) that an Archies update has been available (from early September) and include a link.to Achies and a mention of the App. Normal contributions will resume asap.
  9. I live in France, I took my RHD Vauxhall Insignia for it's first CT (mot) I had the headlights set as if towing and it sailed through no problems. I also took my LHD car to UK last week, when driving at night did not get "flashed" once for dazzle. both cars are built in the EU the headlights do not dip to left or right.
  10. Looking at Meteo France from Dordogne south shouldn't be to bad for the next week. But please do not complain about the rain too much, for some of us over here this is the first proper rain since mid July. and local farmers are having to feed precious hay to the livestock because the grass has just not grown.
  11. And the French will be getting a good income out of it going by the amount of UK drivers that came flying by me when I was sitting on the limit going to UK Wednesday and on my return Thursday / Friday. I do not use cruise control I just set the limiter to 3kph over the limit
  12. It is now down to the departments to set there speed limits on single carriageway roads,. some departments have or are going to revert back to 90 and some are not. Creuse are changing to 90 but Haut Vienne are going to make a decision next year. So advice is if you are not sure 80kph it is.
  13. I don't think people realize the problems shutting the motorway causes for the people of Ashford, when I worked at Lenham trying to get home was a nightmare even using the back roads. You have my sympathy Doosan.
  14. I see they are also resurfacing (about time) Southbound at night between jcns 10 and 11 with only lane restrictions.
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