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  1. Which is what I have been doing all during lockdown here, the furthest I have been from home is Super U 6 kms away. and our figures in Haute Vienne / Nouvelle-Aquitaine. are very good. I have also been living by myself since returning to France on the 22nd March after my wife's funeral in England. I had the funeral there to make it easier for family, and am really glad I was able to come home to France afterwards.
  2. Home is France for me, I am a French resident , the only reason I come to England is to visit Family, there is no way I call England Home!
  3. Has anyone any idea when the UK will be open for those of us who live in France want to visit?
  4. That sounds like good news I have 8 crossings left still. But at the end of the day if I had lost them so what. As long as I and all of my family get to the end of this Covid 19 fit and well that's all I care about at the moment. to many people have died to worry about a few hundred quid!!!
  5. https://www.chemindefer-baiedesomme.fr/fr/bienvenue-sur-le-reseau-des-bains-de-mer
  6. As well as Seafood the local salt marsh Lamb is great. you can also watch the farmers turning there sheep on to the marshes as the tide goes out, and returning them to higher ground,(the other side of the road) as the tide comes in.
  7. Weald view is a great site, with a fantastic view. and if you walk down to the station there is the Dering Arms, very good food and is dog friendly. also on the 2nd Sunday of each month the is a Classic car show at lunchtime.
  8. Thought it might be tomorrow the way its dropping.
  9. Also as you walk towards the station from Herculaneum, there used to be a small Pizza place on the left hand side, best Pizza's we had in Italy.
  10. Check out the Campania Arte Card, we used it and found it very good value. https://www.european-traveler.com/italy/save-with-the-campania-arte-card-at-pompeii-herculaneum-and-naples/
  11. No I do not just camp in fields. We go to sites we like and pitches we want. I am a stubborn lazy old git years of driving HGV's have made me like that. Sadly due to my wife illness we have had to give up caravanning, but am looking to buy a camper van which will be suitable for her disability, will also tow a trailer for the car, I have found nothing under 7 mtrs that will be suitable though. still looking though. Really interesting comments on this post, enjoyed it.
  12. No must admit would not put it on there. do not like pitching under trees! if I had to it would be at 90 degrees for one night only. I like bigger pitches
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