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  1. Thanks for the responses. Very helpful
  2. Haven't bought the caravan yet, just doing research. Planning on a twin axle which will be part of year in storage and part on a UK site. Which is the most important security item in deterring theft or making it difficult? Is it the hitch lock, or the wheel clamps or what? And is it better to fit one, two, or more wheel clamps? Is there a model that fits after removing the wheel and would this be better (as any theif would have to provide a wheel before driving off)?
  3. I'm new to caravans, previously used a self-built motorhome. I'm thinking of getting a new Eterniti. Is there a standard way of comparing thermal insulation on caravans? How can I check that floor insulation is adequate? What about heat escape around the slideouts? I'd really like to be sure I'll be warm in winter before buying.
  4. Thanks, but I really don't like what I've seen of statics. ...too big for one person, too cold, not cosy like caravans and motorcaravans. If anyone can answer my points, I'd be grateful. I'm a bit concerned by the comment that sites might not offer a three month stay. I was under the impression that you could stay when you like. Certainly there seem to be many sites where statics can be lived in all year. Isn't it the same for tourers?
  5. I sold my house and left the UK to do charity work abroad but now need to have somewhere to stay for periods when I come back to the UK each year. I have lived fulltime in a mtorcaravan but never used a caravan. I have a lot of research to do and would appreciate some help. ... 1. I am considering a caravan with a slideout. Are Eterniti and The Fifth Wheeler company the only UK made options and does anyone have comments on their build quality? Is there a thermal insulating standard? 2. I will occupy the van for a continuous three months of the year and store it for the rest. Does anyone have recommendations for a secure site that will tow out to a pleasant adjoining area (preferably by the coast and preferably in the South West)? 3. Do I have to have insurance? The caravan will not go out on the road so presumably I only need cover for theft(?) 4. Is there a compulsory safety test necessary for caravans equivalent to the MOT? 5. Can I make the caravan very secure for living (eg basic grilles on the windows)? 6. Is there anything else I should research before buying? Thank you.
  6. Thanks. Can you say if there's anything wrong with the Thetford oven itself?
  7. Yes, that's where I was, but there's no click on the ovens to get any info. And all the contact info relates to the USA. When I go to the UK website, the contact email address doesn't exist. Amazing for a professional company like this!
  8. Thanks for this. I thought Thetford ovens are made by the Spinflo part of Thetford (?) When I go onto their website, I can't get to the information. When I email them, it gets returned as "address doesn't exist"!
  9. I'm looking to buy a caravan gas grill and oven for building in under a worktop. I understand that the UK made ones are better because they give faster grilling. I'd like domestic cooking quality although the size doesn't necessarilly need to be as big as domestic. Durability and reliabilty are important Can anyone suggest good manufacturers or models and tell me what I should look out for? Many thanks.
  10. Can anyone tell us what the definitive position is regarding how many passengers can legally be carried in the back of a motorhome? My understanding (which may be wrong) is that seat belts can only be fitted to forward and rearward facing seats and that seat belts must be used if fitted. But what about side facing seats, sometimes the only seating available? Can we legally carry passengers in these seats?
  11. I'd like to chat to anyone who has an Elddis Aspire to know what they think of it. It looks great online. I sent a couple of queries about a week ago about the models to customer services but have not received an acknowledgement or a reply. If the Customer care is not good, that would be a deciding factor. Any comments welcome.
  12. I have lived long term in a motor-home with my family. I built the van myself and security was excellent including discreet but effective window bars and door bolts. We were sometimes in areas of conflict in Asia and felt tremendously safe. I have been wooed by the Aspire and wonder if this lends itself to more secure door and window systems. I may want to long-term it again,and need to build in security which works. Not alarms and trackers, but physically visible security. Can anyone tell me if there are frames around the windows or doors that I could use to fix security items? Is there an Elddis contact point/customer service email address as I can't find anything on the Elddis website? Many thanks.
  13. I am looking at the Elddis Aspire 255 with the front lounge. Is it at all possible that with a bit of d-i-y one could make up that front lounge into another bed? Travelling with a female colleague I would need 2 separate beds. I am a carpenter and have made my own motor-home from scratch before, so have no qualms about the work itself. I just wonder, having not seen the van physically, whether it's feasible.
  14. Yes, I definitely intend to insure it. But it seems expensive to take a normal policy when I'm only using it for one month and it's in very secure storage for eleven months. Does anyone know of a company that can give a custom policy that's cheaper?
  15. Can anyone recommend an insurance policy for my particular needs? I will store a new Unicorn on a Gold award CaSSOA site for 11 months a year and have it pulled out to the same site for leisure use for 1 month a year. I don't have a car and will not be towing it. Therefore the normal insurance quotes of 300 pounds seem high for one month's actual use. Do you know of any suitable policies? If I were to get it professionally towed by a company to a more picturesque site- does the towing company's insurance then take over?
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