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  1. Hi anton88 It was a all round question as did think this, down south we seem to just have the one day and over where as Edinburgh it is a really big celebration. and as for spelling sorry iPad auto correction done this for some reason sorry, did try again and spelling was correct so sorry. Cheers Alan
  2. Thank you Dougiew39 and Alexbee for your replies we can't wait have done London the last two years and fancy something a bit different. While Vicki spoke to the lady who owns the site she said especially New Years to leave the car and go on the bus which is 20 yards from the campsite could not believe this runs throughout the night and within half hr should be in The centre. We looked at getting the tickets but there is an age restriction getting into the street party and because our Ethan is only 19 months have been told and on trip advisor that there are other places to view the fireworks so should be a great night. We are also very keep to go on the torchlight procession, Vicki is as we speak still doing her research on our trip. Thermals you bet I love mine as I work outside usually have mine on before the end of October, So will be doing my usual yearly trip to M&S to stock up. On original post forgot to ask if any others on here going to Edinbourgh sorry. Cheers Alan
  3. We have a twin wheel and when we pull on site out comes the spirit level and if the caravan needs levelling I Jack up the side which needs levelling with our Alko jack and put the required amounts of decking required under the wheels and within 10 minutes van is level, when we pack up literally pop in gear and drive off if not to high or just get Alko jack out and remove. Hope this helps Alan
  4. Hi all We have really fancied a trip to Scotland for quite some time so thought what better time then during the Christmas / New Years holiday period their Hogmanay. We tried for one of the caravan club sites but all fully booked so Vicki was browsing the Internet and found and spoke to a really helpful lady at Drummohr holiday park just outside Edinbourgh, and this is where we will be staying. Have any members from CT done any trips to Scotland during the Hogmanay? What did you think? Cheers Aan
  5. Hi all update on our van. Dealer has sent tyres which were fitted Friday and it is going back to dealer tomorrow (Tuesday) to have wall looked at and repaired by a Somerset swift main dealer so hopefully all being well we will get our baby back good as new. For the record swift have been really poor, as much use as a chocolate fire guard they did not want to know, we called serval times for advise and the dealer we brought our van from called and got no where. Will keep the forum posted, thanks for all the messages I have received from members. Cheers Alan
  6. Our van is going back to dealer to have wall repaired.

  7. Got back today from 4 nights in the beautiful area of Suffolk stayed in a lovely site for the second time in Rattlesden called Henry's Lake. Onsite lake with some good fish caught, lovely family own the site, Steve and Kate are the owners. Going for our second visit this year to the isle of wight at Appuldercombe near Ventnor hopfully if van gets sorted with the red funnel 5 day deal this is good value. Cheers Alan & Vicki
  8. Hi Paul We found this out by calling the C/Club could not believe it as they don't seem to advertise this, big perk for joining. Alan
  9. Know this may be a little bit delayed Kevin but do feel for you and your family. You just don't know who the sharks are, recommendation would be to buy from a dealer which we thought but still we have been ripped off so you never truly know who is out to shaft you, will give you a avoid lrecommendation by PM if you want. The worst thing is the disappointment when you have your heart set on something and all along that person wants to break it in two. Good luck mate Alan
  10. Hi belly neck That's interesting did not know that either Al
  11. Hi Gravon42 I can't name as apparently against policy of the forum, but the dealer is miles away from us over Bristol way around 3 odd hours or so. Hopefully all will be sorted in the next few weeks and we can start a new season next year. Just wait and see Alan
  12. Hi, neither did we it is only when the citizen advise said about getting a report from a recognised association, when we call CC that they said we'd be better talking to their legal side, was amazed myself, as did not know. This should be one of their new years marketing adds. Thanks Alan
  13. Good link Standy We use the mothercare version http://www. mothercare. com/Mothercare-Soft-Folding-Bed-Guard/422492,default,pd. html?cm_sp=ProductFeatures-_-Category%2520landing-_-Mothercare%2520Soft%2520Folding%2520Bed%2520Guard&q=Bed%20guards&q=Bed%20guards Know little one is only 17 months but saves packing the travel cot and clogging the caravan up. Cheers Alan
  14. H everyone. Would just like to put a thank you plug on here please. Been having a few issues with a van I brought from a dealer, someone said to call the caravan club, so I did and they said with my membership I get free legal help and gave me the number. When I called left our details with a receptionist and within 10 min had a call from a solicitor named John who gave around 45 min - 1 hr of his time thoroughly talking about all angles of my case. At the end of our conversation he gave me two reference numbers and said I could call back at any time to readdress any other issues. To sum this post up a big thank you to the Caravan Club and John the solicitor. Anyone else ever had to use their legal advise line. Cheers Alan
  15. Hi Gravon42 I am so sorry and showed everyone what an idiot I am, I am still getting used to this forum, and only saw Three Stars as was not scrolled down enough to see your profile name. Lol. Sorry again. Alan
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