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    Bike lugging

    Thanks for all your comments, certainly some 'food for thought'!
  2. gjd

    Bike lugging

    Axle load is what I was concerned about, not easy to go to a weighbridge!
  3. gjd

    Bike lugging

    Hi all, recently bought 2X electric bikes, think best way to carry is a bike rack on rear of car (Ford Kuga) but a little concerned at all that weight right at the back combined with 80kg nose weight on towbar. Reassurance please!
  4. Help please. Tried to drain water heater today (Bailey Ranger), I have set taps open and raised yellow drain down lever as per instructions but not even a trickle from below. Fearing heater may already be frozen I connected water pump and tested by opening hot tap, all ok! I know tank is full of water, I have wiggled and operated drain tap but to no avail. I am thinking that I will have to remove drain tap for closer inspection but I will then face the task of collecting 10 litres of water from the end of removed pipe! Any ideas?
  5. Thanks Honk, 1999 Avondale Dart 510/5, I don't have a manual!
  6. Hi, can anyone tell me how to replace no. plate light bulb? cover has a small black plastic 'tang' sticking out of the left hand side but I cannot see how to remove cover. Many thanks in advance!
  7. I think they all leak at this age, buy a cover!
  8. Thanks Trainspotter, not sure how to do that, it is a brown plastic channel, U shaped 23mm wide (internal), flaring to 35mm at one end. 80mm long with sidewalls that are 15mm deep. Hoping you can help with my description, regards Gary.
  9. Can anyone suggest who may be able to supply me with 2 new 'lower sliding door guides' for my 1999 Avondale Dart, they have the makers name 'HAFELE' moulded into them but a search of their extensive parts list has proven fruitless! Many thanks in advance, Gary.
  10. I live on the Isle of Wight and have to use Wightlink or Red Funnel whenever I wish to travel more than 15 miles from my home. Both are extremely expensive, I prefer Wightlink as their crossings are far more frequent, if you arrive at a Wightlink terminal early you can usually get an earlier crossing although this is not true at peak periods!
  11. gjd

    Spongy Floor.

    Hi all, if I fail to do anything about suspected de-lamination in kitchen area, what will happen? Many thanks in advance.
  12. I bet someone taped a 'number plate' in the rear window, try methylated spirit or nail varnish remover but test gently first, in a corner in case it melts the window.
  13. Thanks re comments about 'on-site' camping, call me a snob but not really my cup of tea!
  14. Thanks for comments, spent 1 day at revival a couple of years ago and although expensive was absolutely fantastic. Far too much to see in one day and the racing was superb. Had considered Lakeside but was put off by poor reviews, maybe I'll re-consider.
  15. Can anyone suggest a site close (within 10 miles) to the Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit in West Sussex. Wife and I intend to visit the revival in September. We stayed at Graffham last time which was superb but a little out of the way. I have read reviews and a lot of sites in the area seem to be on noisy main roads. Many thanks, Gary.
  16. We use 'shop bought' water for drinking including boiling for hot drinks, not that expensive if bought in large bottles and hot drinks taste the same wherever you are! We clean our teeth with caravan tap water (system flushed with Miltons at least once at the start of the season), I am sure caravan water would be fine to drink, but why take the chance?
  17. I think your battery has had it. Safest thing to do is disconnect it until someone a little cleverer than I can confirm!
  18. Hi all, I bought a nose weight gauge today, simple plastic affair that goes between towball and tow-hitch with markings to indicate nose-weight as spring is 'squashed'. Should be easy to use i thought but after first use and an indicated 70 kg I lowered jockey wheel, removed gauge to find spring to be permanantly squashed and indicating a nose-weight of 25 kg with no load whatsoever! Not cheap at £17. 00 and totally useless. Top marks to Aztec Leisure near St. Agnes for an immediate no quibble refund.
  19. Thanks all, managed to pull wiring out through 'tiny gap' (it was easier to work in the dark with a torch to direct the light), removed 2 inches of cable either side of chocolate block and remade connections. All is now fine!
  20. Hi all. My Thetford toilet flush has stopped working in my 1993 Avondale Kingfisher. I have decent voltage supply as far as cassette locker, (cassette removed, wiring plug to 'safety' switch and flush switch bridged) however this voltage is lost as soon as I plug in the wire to the flush pump. I suspect a dodgy connection earlier in the supply. Looking through a tiny gap into a void 'behind' cassette locker I can see some wires and a chocolate block connector, it is here that I am certain my problem is. At the moment I think that the easiest way to get into this void is to cut a hole in t
  21. Be careful, wardobe wall may be 'hollow', I fitted my bracket at the front edge, with nuts and bolts, through solid timber and spread the load inside wardrobe with repair washers.
  22. Hi all. I am carrying out some repairs to the rear of my Avondale. Can anyone suggest where I can buy plastic trim to finish the interior corners after replacing wall boarding? I have been trying to save the old mouldings with a view to cutting them down and sticking in place with silicone. This is rather tedious and I am hoping someone may help with a better idea!
  23. Have you checked tow-hitch to damper bolts are tight?
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