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  1. I use Autoglym Super resin Polish, with a spray on wax on top of that. Easy to apply and gives good results.
  2. If I was in your position towing a horse box I would buy a Discovery 2 TD5, that will tow anything safely and you could pick up a fair one for that money. They do go wrong on occasion but they are very fixable by a competent diy'er
  3. I bought a steering lock for the 530 touring under sufferance, it just seems that we are going back to the seventies. Id rather have a key and a steering lock. I keep my keys in a tin over night as well....ridiculous.
  4. I changed recently and had set my heart on an Audi Allroad but once I had seen it I changed my mind. In the end I bought a BMW 530d m-sport touring which fits the bill with towing the twin axle. It does 28 whilst towing so not so very bad. But when your not towing its a hell of a lot of fun with lots of gadgets and gizmos to satisfy anyone that has an interest in cars. Before we had a Galaxy which did the job but needed a bit more go in it when entering motorways and dual carriageways to join already fast traffic. This the BMW does without a sweat, I thoroughly recommend them.
  5. I've got a 6 year old Bologna twin axle and it is a great van. Conventional seating design so no problems there. There is one problem though, I dont get out in it enough.
  6. And the OP thought it was such a simple question..........not on here mate!
  7. Yes Deers mead definitely do storage, I was there in August and back again in October. Deersglade is open all year as opposed to Deers mead that shuts at the end of October. One that you may want to go and have a look at is Walnut Farm in Waxham, they do outdoor and indoor storage and run a system that meets your requirements. Showers are so so but adequate. It has recently been taken over and they cant do enough for you. I hope that helps.
  8. Ok so we finally got to go away up to Norfolk for our two week break and was the first time that I have towed with the BMW 5 series touring. It towed really well and returned 28.4 mpg towing which isn't that far behind the Galaxy to be honest. I reset the mpg after I took the van off and running around whilst on holiday it returned 42 mpg which is also just under what the Galaxy gave me. All taken from the dash I might add, working it out to the nearest nano litre is a bit too*****for me. All in all the car is great for towing, cruising, and the odd teenage blast when overtaking solo. It is also considerably cheaper on tax than the Galaxy 2.0 tdci 140hp showing that the emissions of the 3 ltr 258hp is considerably lower. I'm really chuffed with this car and when we got back from holiday I washed, polished, and waxed it and it came up a treat. Would I recommend this car to tow and use for an everyday driver, oh yes!
  9. Just buy an adaptor and all should be well. Available at good caravan stores near you.
  10. Go outdoors have them in the sale at the moment but I can't remember the make though.
  11. I have just read a post on a BMW site where a guys discs kept warping. He had several sets of pads and discs fitted the first he paid for the subsequent ones were fitted under warranty. Long story short he had recently had his wheels powder coated and they had not left the mating faces of the wheel/hub unpainted so the heat from the discs could not dissipate adequately. A new set of wheels did the trick but I thought just removing the paint from the mating face would be ok. A simple refresh of the wheel paint was all it took to wreck several sets of discs.
  12. I have towed a Bailey Bretagne 6 berth single axle with a BMW 320i and although it had the power to pull it ok it was easily put into unstable snaking effects which helped me to make the decision not to tow with it anymore after a near disastrous snake after a lorry passed me going downhill. I hope this helps with your decision.
  13. Tenho certeza de que haverá alguém para ajudá-lo em breve. Se você usar o Google Tradutor, poderá recortar e colar sua solicitação em inglês.
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