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  1. If you have a look at my avatar to the left you will see that I have extra protection for the keys and us.😁
  2. I don't think there will be any problems as far as power goes that's for sure. It will just be nice to get the van on the back to ease my mind on its towing characteristics. I managed to put a small v shaped ding in the bumper the other day. The Galaxy reversing aid gave you the last warning way in front of whatever you were potentially going to career into, but with the BMW it says what it means. I had looked over my shoulder and could see that the car behind was way off so I kept going and hit a wooden post. B & Q are not happy to just put in a post they have to have it at 45 degrees so it digs in deep to your bumper. I must admit I felt sick doing this to a newly acquired car and am still beating myself up about it. Later that day someone slammed their door into the side of it in Homebase. What does annoy me with the car is that I now have to have a steering lock on it as it has the button start and there has been a lot of thefts of keyless entry cars around my way I thought it was a good idea to have the extra security. Its like going back to the '70's though. We also put the keys in a couple of tins so that radio waves cant be magically extracted and used to open and drive the thing away. I never even considered that with the Galaxy ha!
  3. Tow bar being fitted today on the 530d and I'm a little excited to get the van out on a weekend away as I so need it. Weve had an expensive couple of months now with the car, the tow bar, a new kitchen, oh! and the fridge freezer decided that it liked to be warm rather than cold so that got replaced too.
  4. I got done by fixed camera in Suffolk with the van on the back but ||I was only doing a smidge over the limit but apparently all cameras in Suffolk and Norfolk are operational. I had to go and do the course just so I didn't get the points. It cost me £90. I did get to spend some time with Essex's finest boy racers though.
  5. I have just changed from a Galaxy and it was because when towing our twin axle Bologna it was a little lacking in oomph when joining a motorway or dual carriageway. Perhaps a 2.2 would fair better but I think your setup would be a step too far for my liking.
  6. No I havent used them but I will get some winter wheels and tyres if a bargain comes along.
  7. If my last BMW was anything to go by you just had to be sensible and sometimes start off in second gear. Apart from snow I don't see any problems. Mrs Cockney has yet to drive it but she has settled on a cushion already in anticipation.
  8. So after a lot of looking, poking and prodding I settled on getting a 530D Touring, the F11 model, but most were around the 106k to 166k mileage but I have managed to secure a 57000 mile m-sport and boy its a cracker. Its a stark difference between this and the 520D's response even though that is still a good car. The downside is that it is rear wheel drive as opposed to my first thoughts on the All Road. I dont go off grid or indeed much into a field at all in soggy weather so im hoping for the best on that score. Most of my miles are without the caravan on the back so better suited. An upside is that it is cheaper to tax than the Galaxy and mpg is suggested to be close to the Ford, I will find out as we progress through the year. The wife will sit on a cushion if needed but I think she will be fine. All in all i Love my new car.
  9. Gas running low, or thermostat playing up maybe. Are all of the gas taps on fully?
  10. Underpowered May have been the wrong term. The throttle Responce was odd in that the peddle had to be half way down before a good Responce was had. She struggled to get out tbh but not so the 520. The 530 is the one I want to drive to compare. It was a bit of a sad car so perhaps the seats were passed their best.
  11. Ok so we went and had a look at an A6 over the weekend and it was in a bit of a state ie a few dings and scratches that you don't see on a photo. Good news though as we discovered that Mrs Cockney couldn't get out of the thing once she had flopped into it. There was a BMW 520d at the showroom so we had a drive of that but it was a bit under powered I thought for the task in hand but at least she sat comfortably in it and showed more interest. So onwards to look at some 530d's soon and see how they are. Anyone tow with one of those?
  12. Your insurance company should arrange this, and pay for it.
  13. Yes paying £550 tax for a RR would hurt a lot so tax is in my mind. I thought that the Allroad was a good compromise and the tax bracket is also good. Any car of this class including RR, Toureg etc are going to be expensive to repair. Thank you for recommending the car. I have looked at the Q5 but boot space is a problem for the dog. I did like it though. I have said that my Galaxy sometimes struggles but it doesn't struggle much. Its really an excuse to get something a little less boring. It is a great car and I would recommend them all day. Plenty of room for the dog , luggage, food, and lots of people too but I've had it for 4 years now and so that is why I'm thinking of treating myself. Thats brillant mpg for a 4.4 isnt it. A Toureg puts me into the high tax bracket as well so that's out.
  14. My old Discovery 2 's air bag went down and it had a split in it which terrified my wallet. I went and bought one and I don't remember it being too expensive and it too about 15 mins to fit as well. What about general reliability of this car anyone.
  15. I am contemplating changing my Galaxy over to something that has a little more power to tow our twin axle Bologna. It does a good job but I feel that it struggles from time to time. My first thought was a range rover sport but taking into consideration the road tax per year and the fact that I know it will become a night mare being repaired most of the time, and leak and and and., I thought a more car like Allroad would fit the bill. It must be able to fit the German Shepherd and some luggage in the back but I can sort out the suitability for that as I look into these cars more fully. What I require is information with regard to reliability especially the air suspension and engine and quartro transmission. Do they tow well? It will be a 2012-2013 model if I go ahead so with this in mind I look forward to your comments.
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