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  1. I now have it listed in Market place and the fb Bailey buying and selling site just to gauge interest and I have had half a dozen people offer me silly money without asking one question like has it got a roof. Needless to say i've seen those people off and have now advertised in Caravanfinder at what I think is a very reasonable price. There are a whole host of things I can add in, paid for or not, if somebody is new to vanning but I see this more of a second caravan being a twin axle, although its exceptionally easy to tow and reverse.
  2. Yes they don't hang around for long. I'll try to get a price from a dealer I think. Thanks for all of your help.
  3. Thanks lads that's helpful I have just had a look on caravan finder and there are none
  4. I am thinking of selling my Bailey GT65 Bologna 2013 but I’m stumped as to what price to ask. I would normally have a look at what others are going for in the market and price from there but Bologna’s are few and far between with owners so happy with them that they don’t come up that often. Is there a price book for caravans that may help me or perhaps you guys can give a guide price. The van is great I couldn’t wish for better but the wife has gone right off of the idea of caravanning. I can’t blame her as we only ever got to go away around 3 times a year, my job isn’t really conducive to wee
  5. I tow with a 530 and the oil change period is for 20000 miles or two years......no no no.....I do it every 10000 or 1 year. It could be that the oil temperature transmitter is getting a bit fussy as my oil temp goes to 100 and stays there. If it is back to normal under normal driving conditions then I wouldn't be so concerned but regular than instructed oil and filter changes are a must imo.
  6. I have a couple of lifelong friends that I only see perhaps once every couple of years. One gets out with us even less than that. So I made a whatsapp group just for us and it has been really successful. Its brought one right out of his shell and its so refreshing. I am going to do a group facetime through whatsapp this weekend so that will be interesting.
  7. I also have a steering lock just to slow them down and I am amazed that car companies didn't think of the thieves being able to overide the system. Plus its like going back to the seventies having to put that big yellow contraption on. I keep both sets of keys in a tin in the hope that that might do something. In my immediate area in just one week we had 4 BMW's taken and one Mercedes, guess what I have , so I'm a bit twitchy about it.
  8. Duly noted Wunny, thank you.
  9. I do see your point BG, I wouldn't put cheap tyres on the car for love nor money but the caravan doing maybe 1500 miles tops during any year at 60 mph at most is swaying me a bit. (no pun intended)
  10. Yes cheap but a brand I recognise I think. My logic is saying that I can maybe buy another set of cheapies, ie 2 sets, for the price of a half decent ones. I will have to make sure that the manufacture date is as new as possible though.
  11. I need to change the tyres on my twin axle Bologna because of the cracks developing on the sidewalls and the fact that they are the original tyres from new. This van hasn't done many miles in its life so the tread in as new condition. As ordinary car tyres are fitted to the Bologna do I buy what it came with, Michelin Energy, or shall I just plump for some real cheap tyres. I can get Kumo tyres for around £38 plus fitting so cheap as chips, I don't do a lot of miles with the van and they would become out of date before much tread was worn off of them. As you can tell I'm thinking of the chea
  12. Sorry to hear you are unhinged. You could probably pick up some spares the same as that in B&Q or Wickes. They may well be a bit stronger.
  13. I am fortunate to have my twin axle at the end of the row so I can move to the periphery of my plot and not interfere with anyone else's space. The only trouble with that is that it gets some dirt thrown over it by the odd persons who do not drive slowly enough. There are two wash bays, and an airline so its easy to clean up.
  14. We have a 2013-2014 GT65 Bologna and it has been brilliant. Its a twin axle and tows very well. As far as the whale heating goes, just be patient and it will heat the whole van. You can also put the heating on a timer so that the van is toasty when you get back to it. I managed to rip the marker light off of the front when putting up the awning but that was because of my heavy handedness in pulling it through the rail. All in all this has been my best van and I cant wait to take it out again.
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