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  1. Is there not a commercial site nearby that you could book & turn up when ever you wanted to?
  2. Can I ask the question - was the parking rule cleary explained to the person who put the caravan there before he/she put it there?
  3. Insurance up for renewal on our Golf with Hastings direct & came in at nearly £100 cheaper than last year, so not going to bother looking elsewhere. Also our daughter is buying a KA+ and got some insurance quotes, but if she adds me to her policy as a named driver it brings her premium down by nigh on £400.
  4. If as you say there is so much room available, why is it an issue?
  5. Get an electrician to run an armoured cable from your house dis board - assuming there's a spare place on the board, if not all they can put in a small dedicated board. Obviously there is a cost involved.
  6. Stick to your guns & ask for your money back. It's their problem not yours. I wouldn't be accepting repairs 'as a gesture of good will' They are taking the mickey with that offer & I'd be telling them they could poke that were the sun doesn't shine! I know it's easy for us lot to say & harder when it's you dealing with them, but please stand your ground & say NO, I want my money back.
  7. Is there not a time limit? I thought they had to notify you within 28 days. I've got off of two where they just took too long to get back ince i admitted i was the driver.
  8. At the moment I'm working at bumps.asking.local.
  9. If you are going to several locations can you not just enter each one as you head for it
  10. Does make me smile when people who were born well past the end of WW2 bemoan what's happened since then when they couldnt have actually experienced it at the time. Was listening lbc the other day & this woman caller was recounting all sorts of things that happened during the war until the presenter asked her how old she was and she said she was in her 60's which means she was born at the earliest in the late 40's or more probably the 50's. Just my thought for the day.
  11. Not all of them are bad jobs you know. If you can get on the McDonald's management scheme and pass, you will get a job anywhere in retail and many other sectors as its recognised as being one of the best. One of my kids works for Nandos. She earns above minimum wage & gets bonuses and other perks. They are consistently in the lists of top companies to work for.
  12. Oil workers retrain as do car mechanics. There will always be the exception to every rule. Also remember that what the government has said is that there will be a ban on internal combustion engined only cars. That doesn't mean a ban on hybrids or self generation. Battery technology can & will get better, as will the infrastructure to support it. How many petrol stations were there a hundred or so years ago when motoring really started? Those vehicles that are scrapped will be turned in to the vehicles of the future the same as happens now. I have no doubt my shogun won't be on the road much past my ownership of it although I gave no intention of selling any time soon, but when I do it may well be worth my while going for a scrapage scheme as the residual on it may well be less. It's called progress and some of us are looking to a future not to a past.
  13. Another one for b&q!! No I don't work for them! They have a section in their timber bit that does all sorts of profile shapes. Used it many a time to match up bits in our house. It'll be on the end of one of wood/ doors aisles.
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