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  1. Don't let the bar stewards grind you down Woody!

    I would be very sorry if you left.

    1. shipbroker


      But change your avatar again if you are stopping,please.



  2. I do quite a bit on our cars, but i like to leave brakes to the professionals these days!! In the last couple of weeks I've patched up the exhaust on the shogun to keep it going a couple of times - its totally shot to be honest, but I'm waiting on my tax rebate to get a new one as I want a stainless one which believe it or not is way cheaper than getting it done at the usual exhaust centres - I've been quoted prices ranging from £1600 to just over £2000!! Found a complete new exhaust on line for £650, but that means doing it myself. Found out a few days ago that Mrs W's step dads ne
  3. Surely then if the worst happened & your detachable tow bar becomes detached - as has happened to a couple of members on here - with the breakaway attached to it as well you've lost your van?
  4. Jockey wheels are mounted so that when locked up into the travel position the wheel should point forward - or straight backwards depending on your point of view and thus the caravan will 'steer' in a straight line & not off to one side or the other.
  5. We want to do the same. Friend of ours has just driven to the Black sea. He loves just getting in his car and going off on his own in europe. We plan to buy something to go in, probably left hand drive sprinter van, convert it to a living space & then just go until we want to stop & then i suppose come back a different way. Mrs W has definitely got the travel bug. She's on her way back from Cyprus as i type this & has already planned her next trip to Rome. She gets a weekend away from the kids etc - though this weekend she has had to put up with her mother who can Talk
  6. Just browsing through as you do & noticed that in the ad for this one it says it comes complete with tow pack https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2018-Tesla-Model-x-100D-450kw-SUV-5dr/273835014231?hash=item3fc1d6b857:g:oCcAAOSw2m9ct0KA
  7. i'd be checking a few others out to see how premiums compared.................
  8. My brother had one in the mid 90's. Spent most of its life sat in a garage as he was living in Hong Kong. He sold it to a friend of my sisters at 5 or 6 years old with less than 10,000 miles on the clock & yes, she was a hairdresser!!
  9. Just googled it. I'm glad i have a shogun............................. It's like why the Toyota MR2 never sold very well in France. My mate was banging on a couple of years ago about buying a Maseratti quattroporte. He kept saying the name with a silly fake Italian accent, until I pointed out that quattroporte just means 4 door. He at first disputed this until his partner confirmed it. He bought an Insignia.
  10. it will be the same people that name paint colours......................
  11. Depends on which one you mean............
  12. I thought you were ok if your licence was pre 1998?
  13. Have you tried snow socks? they work remarkably well for such a simple idea. I've used them on a couple of cars & never got stuck.
  14. But then we'd all have to declare our love of dodgy german football teams...................
  15. Just like the man himself. I've paid the over inflated prices for his products in the past but wouldn't again. Every Dyson vacuum we've had has had at least one fault in the first couple of months with one just having to be replaced when their engineer dismantled it & just shook his head before quickly taking it out to his van & arranging for a replacement to be delivered. He wouldn't tell me what the issue was only that it was something he couldn't fix. They are by no means the only shonky vacuums for sale, but you don't expect that from a premium priced product.
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