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  1. Woodie106

    Small petrol SUV recommendations

    How about selling your house and investing it all in a merc G Wagon!
  2. Woodie106

    Small petrol SUV recommendations

    She's the one with taste then. .......
  3. Woodie106

    Small petrol SUV recommendations

    Volvo xc40
  4. Woodie106

    Fuel consumption

    I was in a work mates xjs v12 many years ago and it topped out at 168 mph - on a track i might add. Fastest I've done myself is 130mph - not telling where that was but if I'd been spotted I'm sure someone in blue would have been a bit cross
  5. Woodie106

    Fuel consumption

    You don't buy a shogun for its fuel economy!! I struggle to get high 20's solo with mine. I don't tow a van at the moment but with my bigger trailer -about 700kgs - i don't get much more than 20. As has been said - its a big car with a big engine & transfer boxes etc to compensate for. I was aware what the fuel economy was before I bought mine, but as i don't do that many miles - under 10000 in the two years ive owned it - for us its not an issue.
  6. Woodie106

    Don't Disrespect The Green Oval

    I assume you meant a Q5? Anyway - the bloke who started this thread - apparently a land rover nut - ditched his disco & bought an X5. Friends who've had JLR products have all had trouble. My next door neighbour had a jag as his company car & he said that even routine servicing was a pain at our local dealer. He now drives a golf. I'm not saying all other brand dealers are great by any means, our local kia/ Mitsubishi/ citreon dealer - perhaps as they have too many brands under one roof - certainly aren't great. But it does seem a common comment throughout this thread that the JLR dealers have a poor attitude.
  7. Woodie106

    Don't Disrespect The Green Oval

    Exactly what happened to my mates Range Rover 3. 0 diesel. Total engine failure as you describe above on a 2013 vehicle with only 35,000 on the clock & a full dealer service history. JLR's attitude -nothing to do with them & if you want a new engine that'll be the best part of 10k please. He's got the same attitude as me now - it has to be jap or german.
  8. Britain is the windiest country in Europe - must be what we make in all those wind farms
  9. Woodie106

    Car battery replacement?

    Needed a new battery for the Shogun last month. I knew it was on its way as I'd had to jump it twice when it stood for a while. Got brand new like for like from ebay for £55 & thats a fair chunk of battery to turn over a 3. 2 litre diesel. Ordered late sunday evening & turned up first thing Tuesday morning. Fitting was easy. Best deal i could get locally was £144 from europarts using friends discount. If you don't need it there & then have a look online.
  10. Woodie106

    New Smoke regs for MOT killed my car :(

    I change my air intake filter every 6 months. Its cheap as chips & even after 6 months you can see the dirt on it starting to block it, so it gets a fresh new clean unblocked one.
  11. Woodie106

    New Smoke regs for MOT killed my car :(

    My shogun was MOT'd a few weeks ago & it sailed through the emissions test although its 10 years old. It never smokes even under hard acceleration. Its done 128,000. Needed 2 new tyres for MOT but i was happy to settle for that. Was behind a transit today & when he pulled away from a junction we were left trying navigate our way through the black fog he left in his wake. Not very pleasant.
  12. Woodie106

    Nissan Navara tow bar electrics

    Typo its supposed to say 7
  13. Woodie106

    Nissan Navara tow bar electrics

    Anyone have a fairly new Navara or Pathfinder who can shed some light on swapping the standard single 9 pin towing socket for a 13 pin or adding the grey socket to make it a double? Mate has a 67 plate navara that only has a standard 9pin but he wants to tow his his caravan that has a 13 pin. Any idea of how hard it is to wire in? Is the wiring there ready to use or will he have to go back to Nissan, or would he be better off getting a local mobile service? Any suggestions appreciated Thanks Woodie.
  14. Seriously? Do you really understand that little?
  15. Woodie106

    Insurance and remapped car

    If youre talking about your Shogun then i wouldn't worry as they have the same engine with a slightly different map for the range of outputs. As Geoff said, how would they know? I was looking in to having mine done when i replace the exhaust for a stainless system. Is having a stainless exhaust a modification? Its still the same thing just made out of a different material.