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    Smarty marty pants!

  2. Certainly used to have to play a few tunes on the gearbox to get it all rolling!
  3. My first 'van, a Monza 1000T, was towed by my then 957cc Fiesta for three years. Did thousands of miles with that combo in the UK over that period. Happy Days
  4. It's about two weeks later than first thought. Takes time to build the best, son! It's down to the mods and extras - it's being badged 'SE', as the boys are making so many mods for me - even having different upholstery than the two standard options - that's my boys!!

  5. It's taken it's time getting here . .. hope you like it bruv!

  6. It's being born on 7th March, delivery to Dealer 14th March, collection 29th March and off out for a few days. Picking up our new Citroen 2nd car this Tuesday. ....11 plated, of course!

  7. Hasn't that new Swifty thing arrived yet bruv?

  8. As you say and as I just said to Bas. , it is Piggy to blame for all this education stuff. I only tell them wot they already know. ..lol.

  9. Hi Ian I have just bought two of the Riviera relaxers from Riversway. Sadly, no use yet of course, but they seem well made and after trying them indoors, very comfoftable. I was looking at Lafumas et al, and to be honest, the Rivieras at half the price do all we want them to do. Martin
  10. Exactly the same thing happened at my previous house. The neighbours and I decided it was an ideal anti theft device!
  11. Hi Martin, I see we've got a new games section, must trying to corral the posse. ..lol.

  12. I've had Bradcots, Isabella and another make, Dorema, in the past. I'm currently shopping around for a large porch type awning for my new Conqueror. I'd say that Bradcot and Dorema are pretty much on a par, both price and quality wise. Both are good awnings. There are some very keen deals on Dorema at the moment, in particular. Isabella, are without doubt, the king of awnings - but at a cost of nearly a third more, they should be! Ventura seem to be a good awning too, and a bit more reasonable. Trouble is, I'm rather taken with the Isabella Concept which would match my new 'v
  13. Eh up Bas. Nice to see ya. to msee ya nice. ....lol

  14. Martin63

    Yes Or No ?

    I'd go for it, at 90%. The Sportage is a great car - I towed with one from 2005 to 2008, albeit a petrol version. I towed at the same ratio all over UK and Europe with no problems at all.
  15. How do Cap'n? Didn't know you frequented here too?!


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