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  1. Just a final update to my original review and updates on this thread; I don't seem to be able to add another post, maybe it's been archived? Anyway, I've now traded it in, at 5 years old and 70,000 miles. It was 100% reliable during that time, transporting me and my family in comfort, averaging between 55 - 60mpg up and down the hilly A55 in north Wales. Tyre life was excellent, I changed the fronts at 45k and the rears at 60k, so 4 tyres over 70,000 miles, maybe due to the straightforward routes I drove, very little start/ stop traffic and tight turns. Other than that, all I bought were wiper blades. My new car is an Insignia SRi nav, with the 170hp diesel engine, which I have fancied for a while. Yes, it's faster, more powerful, quieter and has a plusher interior, but actually not by as much as I expected. I love the new car, but it's made me realise just how good the Citroen was, not that far behind on these things (except perhaps the interior). Towing wise - only really suitable for the lightest of vans or a trailer. Day to day use - highly recommeded. As an aside, at the time of writing, the last few 'old model' Insignias are being sold off, pre-registered. Pentagon have a batch of 1. 6 and 2. 0 diesels, and there is a dealership in the east Midlands (sorry I forget which one, but they are on Network Q) with a batch of 1. 4 petrol turbos. I paid 15k for a 17 reg with delivery mileage, they now have 67s for the same price. List price (with the fitted extras) was over 25k. Regards, Darren.
  2. rockpile

    Review: C3 Picasso 90 Vtr+

    Further update to the review. The car has covered 38000 miles now, and the fuel consumption has improved further, so I often achieve 60mpg from tankful to tankful. I checked this arithmetically, and it agreed with the onboard display. The car has never missed a beat, and been 100% reliable. The 'economy mode', which switches off the radio after 20 minutes without the engine running, is a daily irritant for me, as I tend to spend my 30 minute lunch break sitting in the car. I would love to meet the person who decided this was a good idea, and give him a piece of my mind! Another weakness which appeared during last autumn's windy weather, is the inside door handle. It is just too small. Instead of the old 'through style' handle, where you would hold the handle in your fist, these cars have a small recess in the door card, into which you can insert your fingertips. Normally no problem, but one day I opened my door and the wind instantly whipped it away. I couldn't hold it in time, whereas with the through style handle, it would have had to pull me out of the car to have gotten away from my grip. The upshot was, the door flew too far forward. Now, when I open the door, it often catches the trailing edge of the front wing, and releases with a loudish bang as the plastic wing gives way. Oddly, if I run my finger down the front edge of the door before I open it, this does not happen, so the overlap must be a millimeter or less, the thickness of any road film build up. I shall have a fiddle with the door hinges, to see whether I can adjust this out. I have not yet towed this year, but judging by the improvement in fuel consumption, I would expect the car to be a bit better again this year, as the engine appears to have continued freeing up. Hi Hopscot, I hope you are enjoying your Qashquai, my dad swears by his!
  3. rockpile

    Review: C3 Picasso 90 Vtr+

    Just an update to my review of a year ago. The car now has 24,000 miles on the clock. It has been fault free, comfortable and reliable. The average mpg is now 58, and for towing (exact same journey, 80 miles to Hafan y Mor) now gives 30 mpg. This C3 Picasso is now less weedy, with the extra mileage on the clock, but will still struggle to maintain 60 on steep inclines, such as Rhuallt Hill on the A55. I gave the car 3 stars for towing, because it was stable and reliable, and to be honest, there are few places in the UK where it wouldn't cope towing a lightish van. I would be interested to know which of the 1. 6HDi engines Hopscot has got. I should think the 110 bhp version would have no problems at all. Of my 15,000 annual mileage, less than 500 is typically towing, so unladen mpg and comfort are far the most important factors to me. The fact that a £10k car can tow a caravan is a real bonus.
  4. rockpile

    C3 Picasso 90 VTR+

    Unique styling - I think it looks great. Looks bigger than it is (it's basically a C3/Peugeot 207 with an MPV styled body.) Relatively high driving position. Very practical for passengers or goods.
  5. Unique styling - I think it looks great. Looks bigger than it is (it's basically a C3/Peugeot 207 with an MPV styled body.) Relatively high driving position. Very practical for passengers or goods. Click here to view the towcar review
  6. rockpile


    Comfortable, powerful, reliable. Cheap to buy second hand.
  7. rockpile

    Review: Megane

    Comfortable, powerful, reliable. Cheap to buy second hand. Click here to view the towcar review