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  1. mdbs

    Fridge Problems

    Yes, but how can we engineers be fleeced of more money unless they make up some rule that says we have to belong to some organisation to work with gas. .Being qualified is not enough for HMG
  2. I use Wurth Dry Chain Lube, as the name suggests its "dry" and so does not attract any deposits. It works really well on my guns too.
  3. Your first line is correct, however a VIC test requires the following. Valid MOT. Tricky with a caravan Insurance. Not needed with a caravan as the tow car should be insured for road use. Be roadworthy. OK I agree this could apply to a caravan Driven under its own power. Tricky with a caravan Have front and rear number plates. I must get some for my caravan as it doesn't have number plates. And perhaps more importantly a VIC test is to check what? The vehicles IDENTITY. Vehicle Identity Test. ... Further, vehicles that are "Written Off" are not necessarily considered unroadworthy, they have very simply been written off the insurance companies books as a financial lost. As there is NO LEGAL REQUIREMENT to register with CRiS your comments in this regard are also wrong. For example, a caravan is stopped by the Police, it has been damaged and subsequently sold on by the insurance company, repaired and no test has been done to it. But at the time of the accident it was not registered with CRiS, the new owner also did not register it with CRiS. The Police may well check the CRiS database, and find what? Nothing. So, they impound the caravan? No. They do nothing. Assuming the caravan is in roadworthy condition they can not do anything because no law has been broken.
  4. Agreed, If for example this caravan was bought and the vendor made no mention of the cat b state, the buyer would most probably tow it around for years and then sell it on in complete ignorance. ONLY, if it needs a registration number as cars etc do and a log book does the vehicle's cat become a legal hurdle. I can remember when the system was first started many salvage dealers simply applied for log books for cat b cars and were given them. And they were then sold on with MOT's etc. I started putting a pick axe through the roof panel several times to make putting the car back on the road very hard simply because of my contract with the insurance company not because the car was necessarily unfit for the road. I have insured caravans in the past and they have not even asked for the chassis number. There is also the very valid point that the very people (insurance companies) who sell these categorised vehicles, be they cars, vans or caravans do so knowing full well in the case of cat C and D that they are sold with every intention of going back on the road, and then they get funny if then then subsequently have to pay on another claim. But that's exactly the use for which they were sold!. Having their cake and eating it, comes to mind.
  5. mdbs

    What Is This

    Yes, but why if not caused by damp/moisture?
  6. I think, zzr1400, that we are wasting our time. I agree with you. But some people "need" to get all dramatic and apply laws that are irrelevant.
  7. As I said. Sometimes there is no damage. Logic, common sense and insurance companies often do not go together.
  8. As usual there is a lot of guessing going on here by people who have no idea what they are talking about and should probably keep their wild guesses to themselves. , and some who do know what they are saying, Trevor Marron to name one, Some of you assume that to be a cat B there has to be something substantial wrong with it, or has happened to it. Wrong, insurance companies seem to have no consistency when it comes to assigning categories. I have seen cars with the roof ripped off listed as cat d, and I have bought cars that I have driven round the yard and everything worked and had NO DAMAGE that were cat b. I used to deal in salvage, the term used for damaged vehicles, and have bought many cars, listed as cat b that simply had nothing wrong with them. Flood damage does not mean a cat a, simple. You forget, insurance companies are only interested in money, and a cat a is worth very little where as a cat b is worth much more. AS far as I know, and I agree with some others here who are talking sense, caravans have no logbooks, the chassis number is used for identification only, and I am guessing but apart from the contract that the insurance company has with the company that bought the caravan there is no legal reason it cant be used again. It is not a car/van/bus/lorry where obtaining a new log book would be needed to use it. I do think the OP should probably walk away but that is another question apart form the legal side etc. ...
  9. Agreed, mostly, the optional diff is an "E" diff controlled by an ecu.
  10. Did Lee say it did? Must have missed it It would appear I can now rest my case? Enough said.
  11. I had a 140bhp golf mapped to a claimed 170bhp, it was very different and pulled like a train. And more top the point you could leave it in a high gear more often and still get decent acceleration. The clutch slipped on max power but then the car had done 90k + miles so was near its end anyway So I probably used some of the extra power only occasionally on most journeys but almost never most of the extra power available, MPG rose by about 2-3mpg if I remember right. When I felt like it the car was really quite fast (for a diesel hatchback).. And as I thought we are not talking about the OP going racing. ...well maybe caravan demolition derby's???? (joke) But he is looking for a bit extra pull and a god map will give this with very little risk at all. IMHO
  12. I think two people who have posted here re tuning and fhe pitfalls are missing the point. I am fairly sure the op is not going to race about and put extra load on suspension etc. But also I think you are both behind the times. Sensible remapping esp of diesels is not only cheap but very effective and does not necessarily mean the engine will wear out faster. Afterall who can use all of almost any cars performance on the roads today let alone want to. And mpg does not need to suffer most od the time. And the confines on an undersquare engine are effectively done away with by modern turbos.
  13. Its all relative of course. I know little and am aware of this. You know nothing and yet think you know lots. Your post proves you have no idea. As I said. Look it up. I could write pages on the differences but "you can lead a horse to water but you cant make it drink" so there is point. People like you are dangerous. If someone mistakenly assumes you know what you are saying and acts upon it what damage could be caused. This topic is fairly safe but what about the next fool who gives poor "advice"?
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