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  1. The old Swift shower sealant issue! Effected my van and many others who have posted. I also had to get my dealer to reseal under warranty and the issue was satisfactory sorted. Good luck with your efforts and hope it gets resolved.
  2. When winterising, I would always remove cushions and stand them up in the aisle (or remove them if you have room in the house) allowing air to circulate under the seats. I would also leave all cupboard doors open. As mentioned, diluted bleach may be suitable for cleaning wooden slats
  3. Happened to my 2019 Swift Challenger 480 a couple of times. It’s a well known issue across all swift models and down to poor sealant application between the shower walls and basin. It’s not a one piece enclosure as swift uses the vans natural GRP inner rear and side wall as part of the cubicle. Just needs re sealing
  4. If you can get hold of a ford SMax, that will be make a great tow car
  5. Up bright and early after our first night in our rental van. It’s an Atlas. Simple but new and very clean. Love the site and due to view our new van on pitch tomorrow. It’s an ABI Ashcroft 2015. Fingers crossed all ok. We had a great drive up yesterday. Made a detour to Southwold in East Sussex for some after sun on the beach, before heading over to the park. Very well organised and was great just to sit outside the bar in the sun and to have a pint. Like normal times
  6. We’re off for a week to our potential park. Have put down a holding deposit and have plenty of time to check the van out in person (had various video tours) and check out the pitch options. Allgoing well will sign the paperwork this week. Very exciting
  7. If your thinking of being away four weeks at a time but moving on to new sites/areas every 3 or 4 days, I (as a caravanner of 15 years) would think seriously about a small motorhome or panel van conversion. I wouldn’t personally want to tow on my own (there will always be occasions when you will need to reverse for example) and definitely wouldn’t want to be towing a huge twin axle for just myself. pvc’s are great for your choice of touring but obviously are more limited for space. it’s exciting nonetheless, so best of luck with your search.
  8. Welcome both, I’m in the process of purchasing an ABI Ashcroft and have found a great site in Norfolk. Hopefully tying the knot in 2 weeks, so exciting times ahead.
  9. Done the same to mine. Taped the magnet to reduce the magnetism. Worked a great
  10. Cheers Vaguely, I find Suffolk and Norfolk wonderful counties and many areas feel untouched.
  11. Last night we made the decision to buy our first static caravan and placed our deposit on a 2014 ABI Ashcroft on a site in Norfolk. We’re both very excited after touring for 14 years and can’t wait for the chance to return to normality.
  12. I was surprised to see a Bailey advertisement on Facebook suggesting that they were the only manufacturer ‘not’ to use Casual Staff. Not sure how correct that statement is but it was advertised as one of their USPs.
  13. As am I. Owned 3 Swift vans (one from new) and all have been fantastic. Looking for my 4th Swift at October NEC (hopefully-if they let me out to play)
  14. Really enjoyed it and included a good factory tour video
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