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  1. Hi Anorak, I’ve been very happy with my SWIFT 2019 Challenger 480.. A few niggles but all sorted in first service and nothing to spoil what’s been a great van. That being said, I have considered a dealer special Sprite Alpine 4, purely because I miss a fixed bed and challenger doesn’t do French bed layouts (bring them back). Hope you enjoy your van!
  2. Elddis and Coachman still rely on sticky tape on the wallboard but you won’t find it on Bailey or Swift vans due to different construction technique and printed wallboards. It’s the same with the exposed small brown plastic joints that Elddis and coachman have to use to hold up their furniture, again not required on Swift or Bailey vans. In this day and age, when your spending 20-30k on a new caravan, those two construction limitations are totally unacceptable. So despite Elddis having arguably some of the best layouts on the market and Coachman constantly praised for their quality and build,
  3. Have the Thule bike rack on the back of challenger 480 and no problems whatsoever. Pack the van carefully and you should be fine.
  4. I had the complete opposite on my swift. The magnets were so strong, I really had to tug hard to separate them. In the end I had to put some black masking tape onto the magnet to make it a little easier
  5. It frustrates me that Coachman continue to construct caravans that require wallboard tape. It doesn’t reflect the quality you would expect with their name. You also see similar with Elddis vans along with both marquees still relying on the need for small (exposed) exposed brown plastic furniture joints to connect the furniture to the walls. You don’t see these in Swift or Bailey vans! Always puts me off Coachman and Elddis although I love their interiors and layouts.
  6. In terms of quality, Elddis have seemed to have been on the end of some bad press over the years but I for one would be very interested to know if that has improved since Hymer’s takeover. Have they changed any of their manufacturing methods since that takeover and do we think quality has improved as a result? I love the Elddis layouts and want to love the vans, but I’m always put off by the (peeling) Strips of sticky tape on the wallboard and the exposed plastic joints used to hold up the furniture. That’s no different to Coachman who use exactly the same methods but you don’t se
  7. Here’s hoping they re-introduce the French Bed rear bathroom Challenger 570 model. I think the Bailey equivalent is the Unicorn and it’s one of their best selling layouts. I’m not keen on the island or transverse bed models so every year it’s fingers crossed.
  8. Phew good news indeed. Always a worry
  9. Went to the NEC on Sunday and viewed the Adria vans. Very nice for the most part but let down in other areas. Some of the cupboard doors on the Alteas just have a small thin Christmas tree shaped Piece of plastic that pushes into a similar recess. Very cheap and not ver6 effective
  10. If it is indeed a screw rather than a floor stud then open the oven door and check for missing screws holding the oven frame. I had exactly the same in my Challenger 480
  11. After 10 years of caravanning, also seriously thinking about changing to a Motorhome. Like you John, I’m towing with an S Max which to be fair has never let me down but it can be hard work to drive and do worry about burning the clutch (it does smell when in uphill traffic or reversing up gradients). It won’t happen for a while but Mrs C does like the rear U shaped center washroom models. I look the look of the Bailey Autograph 69-2 and will check it out at the NEC in a few weeks. Like you John, I don’t want to make an expensive mistake and am cautious as to whether I would miss the freedom of
  12. +1 for the Bose. Incredible sound and my go to speaker for the van
  13. Thanks to all. Really useful and positive advice
  14. Hi all, my wife and I have taken the caravan and kids to the Loire and Dordogne twice when they were younger and had a wonderful time. Now they’re all grown up we’re thinking of returning , but just the two of us. This time we’re considering the West Coast, possibly La Rochelle or there abouts and have checked out both clubs site options. We’re looking at possibly two weeks and don’t need an all singing and all dancing site with entertainment. But we are looking for a quiet well maintained site (possibly adults only) with a decent bar, restaurant and pool in an attractive area wit
  15. Really nice looking van and it looks as if they have corrected all the details that used to personally put me off. Gone are the naff thin external graphics, the flat white/cream lockers, the unusual domestic seat backs, cream splashbacks and the square sink complete with screws on show. Looks really smart with black alloys
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