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  1. As posted elsewhere, it's the hand set that turns out faulty, thanks to all for the help.
  2. All our mover woes were due to a faulty handset. I've sent it to Powrtouch for repair/replacement. Anyone done the same and how long did they take to diagnose the fault and repair please?
  3. Our mover is a 2012 model. Looks like it's always been well greased but I've found quite a bit of looseness or movement where the grease points are? Is this normal?
  4. Well before we left the THS on Friday, I tried again without success to get the boiler working on gas. Time to give in. Out of desperation I went out and just blew as hard as I could up the boiler flue, several times. Returned to the panel, flicked the gas control up and waited for the Red "failure" light to come on. It didn't. Now at home and it has now worked three or four times? So what now? Carry on I suppose? NB. I'm tempted to gently fire some air into the flue using my air line? Without removing the boiler in order to service it, is this a normal thing to do?
  5. Yeah most probably the car? New tow bar and electrics. It goes back to dealers Tuesday for a small fault so I'll point that out as well.
  6. A very old post and you answered my question. On our new car, daytime whilst towing, should the caravan lights come on also? Ours don't? Also noticed that the van's lights did come on when the cars brakes are applied? Can't be right can it?
  7. Thank you John. Yes, all taps double checked now. Odd thing is it worked yesterday? 12v off battery and when I looked for fuse on the board all was OK. By the PCB there is another glass type fuse but I can't get to it down past the PCB?
  8. Yeah, all other checks done, even a new gas bottle. Oven, fridge all working OK. I had assumed PCB but we'll just have to go without the boiler? Very difficult to reach as the boiler is well tucked away up front corner.
  9. It lit when we arrived off grid yesterday. Igniter is heard to click but red light comes on after about a minute. Any help or advices please?
  10. The panel measures 1.65x1.0 mtr and rated at 280w. The Inverter is a Phoenix 12/800w As you can tell we are new to this so please, be gentle?
  11. Thank you AJ. The panel and Inverter was bought as a package from a reputable solar and battery provider and installed yesterday. I will provide the specs for the set up later. After setting up just to charge the 110 amp battery, it very quickly restored 13.5v. I was surprised at the size and weight of the inverter, this isn't one of the small type bought from say Amazon. We were then thinking of the best way to using the one three pin socket from the inverter. First off, because of it's size, it will have to live under the seating close to the battery box, we thought just surface mount either a single, or double socket? Then, knowing that there are already 3 original flush mounted sockets, why not wire them up to the inverter? After which, it was suggested that going from the single outlet of the inverter to go directly into the the caravan hook up? I understand using more than one socket couldn't be done, but using what's already there seems the best option? My friend has the caravan away out from all, this is a place of solace for him as his work is extremely demanding and it's his bolt hole for maybe a week on his own every 5 to 6 weeks or so, I must add, it's a late 90's caravan that is at end of life as a towing caravan.
  12. Okay, I'm open to your views. So if the inverter that has one 240v outlet, would that support safely, one 3 pin socket only at a time.?
  13. If a large solar panel was employed with a substantial inverter, could the 240v out of the inverter go via the hook up plug and provide 240v power to the original 3 pin sockets in the caravan. A friend lives off-grid occaisionally and wants to use a set-up like this rather than use a generator.
  14. I feel there's a lot of assumptions going on here? Those that say they wouldn't buy a Golf with a tow bar fitted, sorry, your entitled to your view but how would you know what size and weight caravan it had towed?, how many times? how far? There are too many variables. There's many cars belonging to posters on these forums I would not be interested in buying. It's all very well taking the high ground saying or even thinking my cars better than your car for towing. When we buy any car, second hand or even new, there's no telling how it's been treated before we do that? The truth is that we all take a chance, a gamble don't we? Better the Devil and all that eh? I do believe a little while back that the Golf and then the Passat has been tow car of the year.......for a particular class/weight of caravan. My Golf has been a brilliant car, had some minor problems but in the main, yes, a very capable tow car, and could easily carry on in that role. We've just bought a 2015 Tiguan, 29k miles on it, full VW service history. A tow bar (detachable) has been put on as part of the deal. I won't ever know how it's been driven before. What I do know is that it's engine and drive train is pretty much like the Golf, same size etc and it will hopefully serve us well solo and towing for the foreseeable. Sorry I drifted a little and I did ask for folks views, thank you. We are all caravanners, so do we all condemn our tow cars when we buy another soon to be destined tow car? I don't think so! That's where I am right now, one Tiguan and one Golf and I'm too honest to describe the Golf to any prospective buyer as anything other than that I have towed our caravan with it, and enjoyed doing it!
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