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  1. Ditto that Durbanite! That's where we stopped and also asked in their reception about dog friendly beaches. I think it was the site manager we spoke to? Lovely site though? and the beach!
  2. Looking forward to a new season, we're interested in a trip to France. We did this in 2018, with our two dogs but we were told at the time that there are no "Dog friendly" beaches over there. With this in mind, does anyone know the rules regarding dogs and beaches please? I've looked at Plages.tv but I feel sure there must be more than the few that are shown.
  3. Here we are again! The housing that receives the pistol has failed again! Always lube' the pistol and there is no scuffing inside the housing. It's not until the housing is removed from the side of the 'van that water can be seen spraying through splits when the pump is in use. Looks like I can ask for a replacement under Truma's 2 year warranty? This must be a weak design with a very thin wall plastic? Not too happy as I'm not sure how long the water has been getting into the caravan?
  4. Last throw of the dice I suppose? but the battery has had a full health check, by a Top man in his field. It checks out 100% even under a heavy load, I'm calling it a day for now, the next trip away, probably the last this year, are THS with EHU. After the first one the return home will determine if a 110 or 115Amp battery will be required for off-grid sites.
  5. First off, my apologies to Cookster. I hijacked his post and I realise I should have started a new topic. I'm sorry. Well now having had my handset back from Powrtouch repaired, I still couldn't use the mover to get the 'van back up our drive. This was after 5 days off-grid with the 60w solar panel back up. I measured voltage at the battery 5 minutes after the control box 11.5v cut-out and 12.5v showed. Battery is now being fully tested but at 100Amps is this battery never going to the job after being off-grid? It's 2 years old. Do others that go off-grid, experience the same?
  6. Thank you for that. With Calorlites getting difficult to find now, I'm considering either two 6kg steels or one 13kg steel? Either way do i have to change the regulator? A heavier tow car now means I'm not so bothered about weight. Same with us but we now tend to go off-grid more now. Some sites charging £5 pn just for EHU!
  7. How long would anyone expect one to last off-grid? Cooking, Fridge, Water heater and occasional heating. Just had one full one last 7 days.
  8. As posted elsewhere, it's the hand set that turns out faulty, thanks to all for the help.
  9. All our mover woes were due to a faulty handset. I've sent it to Powrtouch for repair/replacement. Anyone done the same and how long did they take to diagnose the fault and repair please?
  10. Our mover is a 2012 model. Looks like it's always been well greased but I've found quite a bit of looseness or movement where the grease points are? Is this normal?
  11. Well before we left the THS on Friday, I tried again without success to get the boiler working on gas. Time to give in. Out of desperation I went out and just blew as hard as I could up the boiler flue, several times. Returned to the panel, flicked the gas control up and waited for the Red "failure" light to come on. It didn't. Now at home and it has now worked three or four times? So what now? Carry on I suppose? NB. I'm tempted to gently fire some air into the flue using my air line? Without removing the boiler in order to service it, is this a normal thing to do?
  12. Yeah most probably the car? New tow bar and electrics. It goes back to dealers Tuesday for a small fault so I'll point that out as well.
  13. A very old post and you answered my question. On our new car, daytime whilst towing, should the caravan lights come on also? Ours don't? Also noticed that the van's lights did come on when the cars brakes are applied? Can't be right can it?
  14. Thank you John. Yes, all taps double checked now. Odd thing is it worked yesterday? 12v off battery and when I looked for fuse on the board all was OK. By the PCB there is another glass type fuse but I can't get to it down past the PCB?
  15. Yeah, all other checks done, even a new gas bottle. Oven, fridge all working OK. I had assumed PCB but we'll just have to go without the boiler? Very difficult to reach as the boiler is well tucked away up front corner.
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