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  1. cheers for that, but its an old 2nd hand ventura awning with a mix of poles - so all i know is the INNER part of the telescoping pole is 26mm. The outer part is 30.5mm. So it is really not clear to me what the correct size of clamp is? But it is a roof pole, and IIRC (caravan in storage) the leg poles did look smaller.
  2. Needing to buy some new clamps but not sure of the size! The INNER pole is 26mm - so do i need 26mm clamps or 30.5mm clamps which is the OUTSIDE pole size???
  3. and how did you calculate the weight of van you can tow?
  4. bit of a thread resurrection - we have an 866 and do have to limit the mass in the front locker and counter balance the weight at the back (e. g. awning). that said, we now now the routine. ........
  5. thanks mat - but it was deffo on the fully shut part. i've given up onthis van now - just not worth the risk.
  6. Just been to look at one of these vans (2005) and you could see daylight between the door and the seal at various locations. strangely there was no evidence of water ingres. suspect this is enough of a reason to stay clear, but thought i would ask whether this was an easy fix. .......?
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