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  1. I believe you can get the train down but cannot book the tickets and its first come first served, so could be standing around for a while waiting so might be quicker to walk back down lol
  2. Theres a great program on the ITV hub called "the mountain" which just shows how busy it can get. When we did old man coniston it wasn't to busy. I initially thought about walking up and training it back but for a family of 4 it will cost over £80 to get the train down. I'm to tight to pay that lol so it looks like we are walking back down lol. I was thinking of taking the miners track
  3. Hoping to go to snowdon in the next few months and after any advice on best walking routes up snowdon and tips/advice to keep us all safe. Doesn't have to just be walking routes up snowdon, but also nice walks around the area thanks
  4. We ended up with the Bailey Segovia, fantastic layout for us and the kids. The middle bathroom is an amazing idea.
  5. thanks to everyone for the information on the show and EP systems. I certainly dont feel that i've missed out on anything this year. Now do i go to crufts lol
  6. I was hoping to go but i've not long had surgery and think it will be too much for me. If anyone reads this and happens to be passing the E&P Hydraulics Levelsystem stand could you find out if there is any show offers on please and let me know - thanks
  7. I'm only 42 and had key hole on both knees, hopefully it will keep me going a bit longer. Just struggling getting the swelling down on my right knee, the left seems fine. I'm just bored of sitting around as i'm not someone that likes to sit still. My wife would be only to happy to help put the legs down but i like the idea of the compact version to help with putting the Alko locks on and for the added stabilisation
  8. Might wait and see if there is any offers at the NEC caravan show next month
  9. HI Lee, Can i ask where you had this done and a rough price ? - thanks
  10. V8Vmarkie .. thats the main reason i was considering getting them. I've got T/A segovia and it a pain in the backside jacking it up. I've tried carrying a trolley jack, but thats starting to twist, i've now brought a bottle jack that only just fits and lifts it high enough
  11. Mr Plodd, now you're just spoiling my bed rest lol
  12. So while recovering from knee operations, i've been looking into self leveling leg systems for caravan and was wondering if anyone has had them fitted ? If so, who did you use and would you recommend having a system fitted ? thanks bored of bed rest lol
  13. Thinking about visiting snowdonia this year (2020) and am looking for campsite and things to do recommendation - thanks
  14. well after stopping at warwick where everyone was parked in the caravan bays, we got the last space. Open the door and the outside truck toilet smell was terrible. Telford services was very nice, just a shame theres not many spaces for caravans. Warwick service on the way home was much better and no trucks in the caravan spaces Hope this helps anyone else ever thinking of using these services
  15. Think i'll chance Warwick and Telford - thanks
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