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  1. Hi Mark I have a 2019 XC60 D4 AWD , I test drove a D5 before purchase and although powerful I felt the D4 matched towing requirements better. I pull a Coachman VIP 575 MTPLM 1635kg with no problems whatsoever and average 29mpg towing. Hope this helps stay safe - Pete PS Take no notice of my old car shown on signature Just changed signature
  2. My 2016 VIP 575 had the over door light replaced under warranty at my 3 year service. Pete
  3. Protec can make you a tailored roof cover . Hoe this helps - Pete
  4. Is it the Thetford loo header tank drain, on my 2016 VIP 575 it is located inside the cassette housing, perhaps the latest loo has it located externally to make it easier to drain when you lay up the van for the winter. Pete
  5. We changed a VIP 545 for a brand new Elegance 580 after 1 trip in the Swift we swopped back to a Coachman, the Swift was so badly screwed together it fell apart and almost killed us when the mains hook up connection failed because of poor electrical connections. Once bitten twice shy!!!!! Pete
  6. We also use a Kampa Rally Air Pro 390 on our 2016 VIP 575, yes it does foul the front nearside window due to the very narrow gap between door and window. We just live with this inconvenience and do not use a retaining pole on this end.
  7. Had a 2007 2.7d S type , it towed ok but was a bit down on the rear due to soft rear suspension. You would have to be very careful with the weights of your proposed caravan. Also the towing electrics can be a nightmare as the S Type has a unique electrical system that does not like being tampered with. It was a car that I was pleased to part with although it looked good and was comfortable it was in the garage for repairs many times and JLR were hopeless with their warranty. Sorry for being a bit negative but my experience of this car as an experienced (35 years) caravanner was not good. Especially as a newbie caravanner I would suggest you look at a different car. Pete
  8. Happy Daze Simple solution to your jockey wheel problem. Wind down one of the front caravan steadies to take the weight off the jockey wheel then adjust the height of the jockey wheel by loosening the clamp, raise it up a bit then clamp it tight and wind down the jockey wheel the take the weight again then do not forget to wind up the steady. It sound very complex when you write this but simple in practice. Might be worth getting somebody to help next time or have a few practice goes. Hope this helps Pete
  9. I tow a Coachman VIP 575 @ 1630kg MPTLM with a 2019 XC60 D4 Inscription with Volvo Towbar, hardly know it is on the back and on average 31mpg towing at 55 - 58 mph. An excellent towcar. Off to France end of next month so will enjoy the smooth roads and less traffic.
  10. I had this happen when it was not stowed properly and it fell out in transit. It is simple to replace if you go back to the end of the track where the track gap is slightly wider and re feed the screen into the track. There was a previous thread about this about a year ago. Pete
  11. I had the same problem with my new Volvo XC60 purchased in April, having established that the incorrect data was originally supplied by Volvo I contacted them and they issued a letter confirming the error and requesting DVLA to change the V5C. All correspondence was sent to DVLA recorded next day delivery including the incorrect V5C (photo copy retained) after 5 weeks I started chasing them and firstly checked that they had got the documents, it took a further 3 weeks including chasing on a weekly basis before I eventually got a new V5C with the correct data on it !!!! Pete
  12. CJ1149 - The black cable above the VP2 is the radio aerial which by passes the TV amplifier. Pete
  13. We use the shower area with a bath mat to carry our empty Aquaroll, have done for years with no problems at all, we also use a smaller Fiamma waste container instead of a Wastemaster, ok for the 2 of us when we do not get a serviced pitch.
  14. Thanks for the feedback guy's . As a result of a couple of test drives and some hard bargaining I have ordered an XC60 Momentum Pro D4 AWD with several extras. The C&MH Club deal was the basis of the final pricing but managed to squeeze a bit more. I found the D5 Power Pulse a bit too much for every day use so plumped for the D4 as the bulk of my use will not involve towing. Anyway bye bye MB GLC in a couple of months time, just giving it back as it is in negative equity. Roll on late April - Pete
  15. Hi Guys My 2016 MB GLC 250 Sport finance deal is coming to an end in next few months. Looking at alternatives and the new XC60 D4 looks a good proposition has anybody got any feedback on this car, I have read that the fuel consumption is a bit on the low side. I will be towing 1615 MPTLM. My GLC had a recall recently to modify the engine management and subsequently the fuel consumption has dropped by at least 5 - 8 mpg. Thanks in anticipation. Pete
  16. Hi Durbanite Have you got the 13 pin plug properly aligned, they can easily be twisted out of sync with the car socket. There is a special green plastic alignment tool that also doubles up as a plug protector available that cures this problem. They are readily available very cheaply from dealers and ebay. I believe all new caravans should have this supplied. Hope this helps Happy caravanning new year. Pete
  17. Are you sure the switch you have is not a dimmer switch, we have a single switch on our 2016 VIP that turns on the overhead lighting but hold it down and it dims all the lights above the lockers. Pete
  18. Pneumatic for me as I have to park on grass and the solid jockey wheel digs in. Pete
  19. Hi SuperRed I have had a GLC 250d Sport from June 2016 and towed my Coachman VIP MPTLM 1630kg with absolutely no problems, had the factory fit towbar/electrics and no issues at all (not like my previous BMW's) I can concur with Grand Pa Steve regarding MPG figures with the caravan unloaded I got 35mpg on a 200 mile journey. Normally 29/30mpg towing and normal use 40 around town and 50+ on long motorway journeys especially if you use Shell rather than Tesco fuel. Very comfortable car and the 9 speed auto gearbox is sublime. The only gripe I have is with the very clunky sat nav I only have the Garmin system. If you can afford the Premium package I would go for it. Pete
  20. I believe the sockets are manufactured by Westfalia, they used to be able to supply additional pins. Worth a phone call as they were very helpful a few years ago. Best of luck Pete
  21. Thanks Simple Life it was a bit of a fiddle but in the end a 5 minute job to fix. All sorted Thanks again Pete
  22. Hi Guys Just returned from a fab holiday in Cornwall, even though it was cloudy for the 1st few days. Anyway on the return haul back to Berkshire the concertina screen between the bedroom and kitchen came out of the top track, just the main support end that slides . Difficult to see if anything has broken or it has just fallen out. Has anybody else had this problem and is it an easy fix. A photo of one as it should be would help. Thanks Pete
  23. Used to regularly visit family stationed near the Dutch / German border, many of the autoroutes / motorways from Calais / Dunkirk are two track roads, they can be very busy with heavy goods traffic heading east. Queues can be several miles long moving at 50 - 60 kph with minimal separation. Services are a bit basic and often full. Major cities like Brussels, Antwerp and Liege can also be tricky especially if they have roadworks on their ring roads. Have a good trip, Pete
  24. I had a 2. 7 S Type and towed for 3 years from 2007 with it, powerful comfortable car but a bit saggy on the back end due to long overhang and soft suspension. Re towbar got a Brink towbar that was a pig to fit and my mobile fitter vowed never again, I had to get welding kit out to reinforce some of the captive nuts on the brackets and lining up the holes you have to drill in the boot (although they are marked) was a nightmare, it took two of us a whole day just to get the bracket on. The electrics I managed to get a Jaguar wiring kit one of the last available, it was straightforward plug in, however I had to fit an extra relay for the fridge as for some reason the box of electronics in the kit would not work on this function. You MUST be aware that the electrics on the S Type are unique and different to almost any other car, in what respect I am not sure but I had many warnings about this which was the reason for searching out a genuine Jaguar kit. I got my towbar from PF Jones. Hope this helps Pete PS this car was great for longer distance driving but hopeless on a short stop start journey's as the pdf was for ever clogging and the car going into limp home mode.
  25. Hi Robf1234 La Baie closes on Sunday 16th for the winter, we are leaving on that day. However you might be able to stay the night of the 16th just give the site a ring, several of our friends often stay a couple of nights beyond official closing. Restaurant and shop will be closed but it is not far into Trinite. Pete
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