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  1. Hi BOAC; long time no see. This sounds like EMI - electromagnetic interference, and it is caused by electric motors. It used to be really quite common with VHF and UHF TV systems and neighbours' electric drills, microwaves, fridges and so on that could throw EMI huge distances. It's rare now as motors have to be suppressed to prevent it. Has this been a problem forever in this van and you are just asking now, or has something changed recently?
  2. Dunno, but if it's brand-new throw it back at the dealer to sort.
  3. I suspect that a box spanner won't work as the pipes get in the way! if you have two small nuts either side that may work, but most van taps have a large central nut with the pipes running through them. Try by hand, first. Then if you have a good grip on it with your hand turn the tap a bit with the other hand (or if too difficult to reach both enlist a friend) and then gently turn back both so you gradually tighten the tap. You won't need much, and if you overdo it you'll over-compress the sealing washer so that it squashes and stops sealing.
  4. There are two different apps. This what you need. https://www.nhs.uk/nhs-services/online-services/nhs-app/
  5. BFM


    I missed the event myself, but someone towing a very expensive double axle van with a big shiny Volvo XC was going over one of several 'sleeping policemen' (road humps) on his exit from the site when there was a loud bang behind him. He stopped to find caravan separated from car and the 13pin socket (which in Volvo original fits is incorporated into the tow hitch) completely smashed. I looked at the hump afterwards, while he was still stranded in a spare area of grass nearby, and there was a big stripe from a jockey wheel. It looked to me as though he had made two rookie errors; firstly not hitching fully, and secondly leaving the jockey wheel down so that it thumped into the hump and knocked the van off the hitch. He was lucky twice, though; firstly he could have been travelling at significant speed and secondly, leaving the jockey wheel down protected his van coupling from crashing onto the road. He finally left, after prolonged attention from a mobile repair van, about 6 hours after he should have. Take care out there - it's so crucial to get the whole coupling right and so easy to be distracted while doing it. I practice a final walk round to be sure - and despite that I once forgot to connect the electrics at all, and didn't realise until I wondered why at dusk the van lights had failed.
  6. Good shout AND DON'T FORGET TO PUT YOUR NAME ON THE TOP! We still have no evidence that these will be acceptable proof, although I gather Greece is suggesting that they may accept them.
  7. Yes. Stop fiddling and get it looked at by an engineer. Gas really isn't for the amateur. This may be a fun few demonstrations, but the effect is obvious.
  8. Interesting. I haven't had any trouble getting my head round this, but it's far from the only thing dissuading me from travelling to the EU for a while yet. As a matter of interest, if you DO overstay, what do they do to you? Arrest you (and keep you longer...!), fine you, ban you from returning? Anyone know?
  9. Thank you both; I haven't been on CT for a bit and missed that. What a shame; Geoff was always very gentlemanly and seemed the sort you'd like to meet in the pub.
  10. Oh my goodness! Nothing like finding an old thread. I was trying to find what had happened to Geoff (shipbroker) and found this. Did you ever go to Criques? It's a wonderful site provided you pick the right pitch. It is terraced, and some of the terraces are very small and very tight. The views over the Western Med to Perpignan are sensational. The restaurant is nice enough if very unadventurous but otherwise highly recommended.
  11. I think an inboard tank is essential and now wouldn't have a van without it. It allows terrific flexibility when wilder camping and allows me to trim the noseweight very easily towing with it with about 10-15 litres in. What's the objection?
  12. Check the 12v fuses on your charger module/fusebox. By this I don't mean look at them, but physically remove them, look at them to check the fuse is not vblown or ideally check then with a meter or a battery and lamp, and plug them back in again. They are called blade fuses because they are simply two metal blades that fit into rolled metal connectors and with the slightest corrosion they will stop working. 12volts is very low and easily stopped or reduced to unusable levels by this. In fact, I'd recommend it as part of everyone's annual checks before setting off for the first stay of the season. If you are feeling particularly ambitious, coat the blades with connector protector https://agscompany.com/product/connector-protector-dielectric-grease-pouch-4-g-100/ and that will greatly reduce the problem. I can't guarantee that's your issue, but it removes one potential problem.
  13. It's actually more than that. There is a recently discovered flavour called umami that features in Asian food and is increasingly used over here to replace salt, as we are all supposed to eat less salt too. I haven't put salt on my food since the 1980s, but now find much is too bland for even my taste.
  14. Thank you, jaydug, that was what I was alluding to. My original question was about processing, essentially. The regulations are made to protect EU flora and fauna from imported diseases, but in some jurisdictions preserving by canning and dehydration is considered enough to render the products safe. It looks as though the EU don't take that view but I was hoping someone had chapter and verse.
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