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  1. The difference between car batteries and leisure batteries boils down, essentially, to the thickness of the plates standing in the electrolyte (ignoring for now the posh gel types and so on). A car battery has to deliver a lot of current for a brief period of time and rarely gets discharged much so won't heat up much and buckle its plates, although plates touching is a the usual mode of death of a battery. A leisure battery has to withstand deeper discharge and prolonged low current use as well as the occasional high current burst, and so the plates are thicker. I have used ordinary car batte
  2. There are tens of thousands of caravans and motorhomes on the Continent and so leisure batteries are widely available. I don't recall ever seeing them in supermarkets, and I'd go to a dealer.
  3. Thanks - I agree, the magnets are powerful - presumably that's a result of the Belgian pavé testing! ...and a complete replacement is a thought, thank you, jaydug. Ebay or Leisurecamping a good place to start?
  4. Ah; I only use Firefox or Chrome - won't touch Edge or IE. I hadn't thought about a browser issue (although you are right; lots of websites won't work with one or other browser properly or sometimes at all) so thanks for the tip.
  5. Hi Thanks - there is nothing wrong with the metal runners, it is the plastic connector to the drawer that fails.
  6. I'm of course talking about the slide-in drawers inside your caravan. Mine's made by Swift, but I gather they are all the same. I have had problems with them not sliding back very well, and in France this year one came right out as I pulled it and fell on the floor. On investigation, I found that the drawers sit on metal rails, that slide in and out just as your kitchen ones do if you have a reasonably recent 'fitted' kitchen. Where the caravan design differs from a kitchen drawer is that the metal rail engages with a plastic flange that sticks out from the underneath of the drawer. This is c
  7. BFM

    Flappy Fairing

    Don't delay doing it, though. I glued one down half-heartedly while away meaning to clean it off and do it properly later and when I got home the sticker had broken in half so I had to order a new one. Lots of things fall off; if they haven't yet, the screw covers on the maneuvering handles come off very easily too.
  8. Is it just me, or is the CMC discussion group (featuring quite a few familiar faces ) completely unusable? I wanted to leave a review of Coin Tranquille, a wonderful site in Rhone-Alpes so registered with some weird screen name as someone else had taken BFM (Really?). I can read others' reviews but I don't get shown the option to leave one. If I then go to the discussion board and either try to comment on another topic or start a new one it asks me to log in again. I log in again. Return to where I was. Try to leave a comment on another topic or start a new one and it asks me to log in again.
  9. While I am delighted that this is sorted out, I do think that the topic title, which was always a bit provocative, is now pretty unfair to Alko and could be seen as libellous. I think a moderator should review this.
  10. I'd be sharpening my pencil and reviewing the Consumer Rights Act of 2015. Three failures of the same item suggests it isn't fit for purpose. My wife's car leaked 3 times (and took out some expensive piece of electronics on one of them) but was repaired under warranty each time. However, I deposited a letter with the dealer that should it happen again within 6 years (and the car is 5 years old now, so he's probably in the clear) the car would be rejected as unfit for purpose. It sharpened up their thinking and they did a lot of work - the idea of a potential £50,000 refund tends to do that.
  11. https://www.lowe-and-fletcher.co.uk/66_630_634/locks-and-locking-systems/technical-information/key-series 3/4 of the way down.
  12. Our van is now 5 years old (where did that go?) and we activated the tracker when it was new. Tracker have just sent a letter inviting us to renew the subscription. I'm pretty certain that the type fitted to caravans is battery powered from an internal battery, not the van's supply. That suggests to me that it's not just renewing the subscription but replacing the whole thing that is required. I was in two minds. The van is, as I say, now 5 years old, and either on our drive boxed in by at least one car and stout electric gates or we are out in it, so it's not terribly easy to steal. The Trac
  13. Joanie, it's a shorthand for "I agree with this comment above, or I do this too." Back to the original point: we store ours in a front locker between two soft rolled up picnic mats. There is a general point that is being made here; caravans have pretty primitive suspension, (even those with dampers) and are basically just a very large box trailer with a lot of movement possible in all three axes. As a general rule, if something CAN come loose or fall off or out of somewhere it almost certainly will - even weird things like toilet rolls unreeling into a heap on the floor. Vinegar and alcohol b
  14. Common on vans sold into the European market. See Eriba, for example.
  15. Er, depends. Can be anything up to 4 on the first layer http://www.ferno.com.au/products/emergency-and-rescue/patient-handling/patient-restraint-systems/ferno-417-adult-harness and another 5 on the second: http://www.ferno.com.au/products/emergency-and-rescue/immobilisation/restraint-systems/ferno-faststrap-restraint-system
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