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  1. BFM

    New to Caravans.

    Er, depends. Can be anything up to 4 on the first layer http://www.ferno.com.au/products/emergency-and-rescue/patient-handling/patient-restraint-systems/ferno-417-adult-harness and another 5 on the second: http://www.ferno.com.au/products/emergency-and-rescue/immobilisation/restraint-systems/ferno-faststrap-restraint-system
  2. BFM

    New to Caravans.

    You need complex restraints as in ambulances to lie down in a moving vehicle. As to animals in trailers: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/8766054/racehorse-dead-trainers-arms-crash/
  3. BFM

    New to Caravans.

    I have quickly made a clip of a journey on the A8, just outside Roquebrune. The banging noises are the cooker lid which is right next to the camera, but the van really is quite smooth generally. https://www.dropbox.com/s/aysdk19ck4x70f1/towing_01.mp4?dl=0
  4. BFM

    New to Caravans.

    This was a very cheap knock off type a few years ago. GoPro only implemented stabilisation in the Hero5 range and later.
  5. I have posted many times about damp, but it's the equivalent of Death Watch beetle for caravans. I doubt that the rest of the van is dry, so a careful assessment is essential. The repair work is expensive and I'd be very inclined to start thinking about replacement. Sorry.
  6. Unfortunately the lights are a single moulded fitting and cannot be repaired. I presume they are so expensive because they are bespoke items and not easy to manufacture, as the components are pennies. I had to change one many years ago on a Peugeot as it had a couple of LEDs not working and failed its MOT. That too was a ridiculous price.
  7. BFM

    New to Caravans.

    You'd be surprised how good the ride is in a caravan on a reasonable road. How do I know? I mounted a small GoPro type camera in the van and drove off with it running.
  8. Only thing stolen was a Camping Gaz stove from outside my tent at the Dunlop Curves at Le Mans ion 1981. However, a word of caution. We often stay at Coin Tranquille in Les Abrets. This year, on about day 3 of the holiday I went to the Carrefour to get some shopping, got a trolley, flicked out the child seat and put my bags, phone sunnies and wallet on top. Cheerfully pushed the trolley (see picture) inside and almost immediately thought - odd - where's my wallet? Long and short of it - it had obviously slid off in the car park. Searched high and low. No sign. EHIC card, driving licence, and a really painful €400 vanished. It also had some business cards with my mobile number in, so I could have easily been rung had it got to the flics. Someone had a good day that day. Not me when I got back to the wife though. The only saving grace was it didn't have any bank cards in, and we always divide holiday cash between us for that very reason so we still had some money.
  9. Please take care with dichoromethane (methylene chloride) as it metabolises to carbon monoxide in the body, and there have been several fatalities. Preferably use it in the open and make every effort not to inhale the vapour. Don't think a mask will potect you either - it's a tiny molecule!
  10. For that sort of usage I would strongly advise tethering to your phone. Review your data plan with your provider and change your data allowance to 10Gb, go SIM only at the earliest opportunity and you should find a decent deal for under £20 a month.
  11. If you have an Aquaroll their ballcock that fits where the side lid goes is perfectly satisfactory. It's quite expensive for what it is in my view. https://www.aquaroll.com/mains-adaptor.html
  12. I suspect that is something of a sales pitch to reassure motorhomers that they have bought the right thing. By and large it will be a leisure battery with the thicker plates.
  13. See my reply in your other topic. I'd love to see a dual purpose battery, incidentally. I'd start by looking behind the rocking horse poo!
  14. I should stop doing all this testing and bung the thing back to the dealer for a refund. Then go elsewhere to find someone who will be helpful, not sell you something that isn't suitable (by his own admission!) and not help you solve the problem.
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